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  1. Boba Rhetts right, the greatest evil is crossdressing.
  2. I would have to go with topshot, Full Throttle is tight, but a sequal would be nice too.
  3. Hey Kurgan, how did you become an Administrator?
  4. Hey, not bad. I didn't like it that much though, I don't know why.
  5. JinniX


    Hey, I think I am level 1, so come on, you pick when.
  6. Jinni walks in the bar and pulls out his sword and stabs C. Skye in the chest. C. Skye is out for 2 posts.
  7. Jinni picks up Gudon and starts chocking him in midair. Haine sees this and tries to stop it but Jinni smacks him and Haine falls to the floor. Haine and Gudon are down for 3 posts each.
  8. Jinni gets back up after a much needed nap and says "I am too powerful to be knocked out for any number of posts." Just then his mother comes in the door in her police uniform and shoots Jinni then walks out. Jinni is down for 2 posts.
  9. You wanna piece of me Doofer? Then come and get it.
  10. Jinni walks out of the restroom and sees Darth Rythe standing up. "Oh, you want more eh?" *pulls out a machette and throughs it at Darth Rythe* Darth Rythe gets pinned to the wall. Darth Rythe is down for 4 posts, again.
  11. I hate Darth Rythe because I just do. He will fall by my hands.
  12. ARe you impling that my wishful thinking sucks. CAuse I was wishing the same as him.
  13. Wow! This is all new to me. Thanks.
  14. The last option is my choice. I was trying to go to my User CP but my hand got bumped by my bro and clicked here. So... what the heck?
  15. Well I say that delays are only good if they make it better while it is delayed.
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