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  1. ((Ah, I see. Whoopsie, I screwed up. Whoopsie. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... OK, time to make a character. )) Name: Aeto Grunbga Age: 35 SIde: O'c ((Orc. )) Race: Orc Appearence: ((Errrrr, I forgot his name so I can;t get a picture, but like the lead Orc in the War Craft three prologue... Like I said I forgot his name.)) Weapons(s): Two small hatchets which he uses to be nimble and things, that which he keeps in special pockets at his sides, and a large Gaint Ware Ax, that which he has mounted on his back. Bio: Aeto grew up in the Orc army, his father was a Colonel in it, and Aeto his ranked up to captain. He leads a squad of elite troops, but like all the other orcs, they're running.
  2. ((Yeah yeah yeah... OF COURSE THEY ARE DELETED! Look at the announcements please... That should explain things. Ummmmmmmmm, I think all my ships have landed now?)) ALl the ships were finished landing, and soon after they established tarps over the ships to prevent them from rusting when rain comes and things. After that they started constructing a command centrer, it was only temporary, so there weren't very many things in there.
  3. ((Sorry, in KotOR I suck with attributes, I just let the computer choose those for me. I'm only good with skills... I forgot what constitution does... Here are my new skills... Str.: 7 Dex.: 7 Int.: 7 Cons.: 4 ))
  4. (('Ey? Why would you think that. It's a whole different RPG. Oh yeah CUrt, one question, ELVES AREN'T STUPID! How are they the equivilent of Ogres? You'd think they'd be the equivelint of Minor Demons or a whole new class... ELves are supposed to be the smartast creatures, that's in every telling of medevil sort of demons with elves, the only elves that aren't smart work for Santa... So ummmmmmmmmmmm, can I be a smart Elf?))
  5. Name: Nathan Stryker Operating number: 552-7890-009 ((009 is what he's called by other sith soldiers. Read Star Wars a New Hope choose your own adventure to figure out the operating number thing. WHen you have to choose for han to blast it or you take over, choose to take over.)) Age: 27 Sex: Male Species:Human Appearence: Caucasian male, with golden hair in the style of Cloud Strife, green eyes, exept he's usually in Sith Armor. Equipment: Standard Sith blaster carbine, dual sith pistols, and a belt of grenades. ((No melee weapon.)) Alliegence: Sith ALignment: Dark ((Not very dark, he just works for the sith, he's almost really nuetural.)) CLass: Soldier Rank: Sgt. STrength: 9 Dexterity: 7 INtelligence: 9
  6. Yes. I mean Citidel Station was annoying enough in Knights 2, but it'll be the exact same thing in Knights Three... It'll be like that... Knights two all over again... Let'sd just hope Telos isn't in Knights 3.
  7. ((Did everyone forget Cyborg and CHain's names? Chains: Gus Cyborg: Matt Now that that's settled...)) Chris popped up behind Jacen in the cock-pit of the RUby. "Don't shoot, I'm not here for a fight. I know who killed your brother, I trained him, and I'm not too proud of him. His name is Matt ((Input Last Name here)). He was my student, but his Bounty Hunting skills are nothing. He has a lot to learn, and it's sad to say his fate will not be pretty. In the end, I know he'll be dead, but it might be the death of us all. Anyway, your brother was a good man. ANd if you want to know how I got in I snuck aboard on the cantina. I think that's where this'll all end. I'm looking for Matt, and if you have any clues on his where abouts please inform me. I need to stop him, and next time we encounter eachother I won't let him get away!"
  8. ((I'm pretty sure you mean Alpha squad, because if I'm not correct Gamma failed on their first mission. Also, if we're limited to Delta Squad or your squad, that means only 8 people can be in it counting you. Just a little tip that only 8 people can be in.)) Name: Gamma-26 ((Yes yes, 26 backwards is 62, but hey, I like Scorch.)) to his Squad Mates known as Sevver((As in Severred limb.)) Specialization: BOOM! ((Explosives.)) Weapons: DC-17, door breech charges, mines, every kind of grenade, explosive charges ((For getting past RUbble and stuff.)), and a DC-17 AA attachment Armor Color: Orange ((Like Boss' in Republic Commando on the cover.)) Bio: Is a part of Gamma Squad. SEvver is the Explosives Expert and can help the team out when they're trapped between two walls of rocks. They just better hope they don't end like Scorch.
  9. This isn't the right board, this is for RPing, this has nothing to do with your problem. You should visit the technical supoourt ((Or something)) board. Anyway to get that weapon hit "g" and then right click on your mouse. "G" switches your secondary weapon. You use right click to use the secondary weapon. Pretty much every class has two secondary weapons, exept for I belive the Droideka, Jet Trooper, and the Dark Trooper. (Not sure about Wookie.)
  10. You might want to use Manquasa's ((sp?)) Jedi Star Fighters.
  11. You might want to use Manquasa's ((sp?)) Jedi Star Fighters and this ARC-170.
  12. Luke and his squad hopped into their Interceptors and launched to space. "Alright men, we need to cover those transports at ALL costs! I want no mistakes, if any of those transports get shot down that's one mark on our flight records, and for all the transports that may go dwon that can really add up. Comence Gamma manuever A-One-Oh-Five."
  13. Actually it's pretty easy period. Beat the game at level 25 and I only died once in the Trayus Academy, and the only reason I died was because at one part I just ran though doors and didn't botherk illing some dudes, and I eneded up trapped at a wall with them surrounding me.
  14. 8/10. SPOILERS BELOW! Pros: Humerous droids, "The DUel", Yoda knocking back the ROyal Guards, and R2-D2 kicking droids butts in the beggining, not to mention the truely real CG graphics. COns: The droids voices, THEY RUINED THEM! COmpare the BDs to episode one and two. I also hated Mace gonna kill Palpy, and Obi just leaveing Annie there.
  15. Yes, I mean maybe rare jedi for certian missions like in SWGB, but on every planet'd be pathetic. Oh yeah, and this thread might be better off in the SW Empire at War forum.
  16. HOLY FRICK! YOU REALLY OUGHTA LOOK AROUND MORE! Getting link... SW KNIGHTS FORUM! The lucasforums main page ((You can get here, and all the other forums from there.))
  17. Nope. This may be a game without it, which greatly surprises me. I TOLD YOU ALL! I was right, Link's a were wolf dude. Did you see the big Goma in one of the older trailers? Maybe King Goma?
  18. Yep. Which is odd, because on the KotOR II site it shows her holding a double green, yet before you even find one lightsaber in the game she loses her hand. I'm pretty sure she can still use double bladed stuff though, I've been able to equip her with force pikes and stuff, not sure about double bladeed sabers though.
  19. AWSOME! Just one thing, it's not Vose Komari, Komari is her first name, so it's Komari Vosa. Not to be pciky, just thought I'd say it since with all the other models you're useing the first names first.
  20. "So, where should we stop first? I know where to find Nelog and some other exiles, so I think we should stop at the near by city. The only thing is, we'll have to take a secret route in, like all the other exiles do. We can only go in one at a time, or risk being spotted."
  21. The end of the plots and stories of the movies, but George and Star Wars will never die, as for they will always remain in our hearts. I belive the movies are over, but there is more to come, we all know it.
  22. I loved that ending. Kind of makes you wish they made an alternate episode 4, 5, and 6. OMG GEORGE LUCAS DON'T READ THIS POST!
  23. Anyway, hard to see, the anwser is. It all kind of depends. I'd say haveing your mind wiped is worst. I mean dieing you still know what happened on earth, but getting your memory wiped, it's like being reborn with no memories exept your life is alot shorter and you're pretty big/old.
  24. Segolas shook Rovin and Melinana's hands "Good-bye, you can expect us to be back in two to three Elven Months." Segolas turned to Mol "We'd best get some Horses for our Journey. Unfortuneatly, mine was killed by a group of Troll bandits."
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