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  1. "I've feared as much. The elven high council always knew the Orcs would attack, but this attack is very organized, and they have perfect timeing. I think the orcs knew about the comeing war, they must have some Elven contact. I belive I know just who it is..."
  2. CLoud flew down and cought Gus. "We have to get out of here! The Jubus may only be minor demons, but this is only a minor part of the storm. We're flying directly to a holy altar from here, no stops at all! We can take sanctuary there."
  3. Heero let out a mumble as the Peace's booster pack took the Peace right under a war-ship which had a full dock of Strike Daggers. He let a few shots fly out of his cannon, which destroyed the dock. "We don't need to destroy them, all we really need to do is stop them from deploying!"
  4. Exactly BeBop. This could be a good feature, you get to be a Jedi but you won't be too over-powered.
  5. Heero couldn't stand it, he would have to attack, but it meant giveing up all they've been fighting for. "I can't do this... No... I won't do this!" He said out loud not realizeing. It could be heard on the public channel, so pretty much anyone could hear him. "Oops..." He launched into the battlefield, but he would only blow up warships and STrike Daggers, and before he blew up a war-ship, they could see that they had time to escape.
  6. "Terri, I see only one problem with our plan, I can not go with you across the barrier. Who knows what could happen to me, so I'll have to stay here."
  7. "Well after leaveing the forst I travelled to a near by city, where I happened to find Nelorg the wise. You remember Nelorg right? He was the village Mystic untill they exiled him, and I shared with him my story. He refused to tell me his story, but told me what he'd been up too. After some good byes I left and travelled to the Sanctuary, a place for all exiled beings. I did not stay there for long, only to gather infromation on some scrolls that I've been looking for. They happened to be in the most disgusting place you'll ever see, Tantoga. I purchased the scrolls, and I had to get a job at the tavern for being framed of a crime. I spent years there working, I didn't think I'd ever get away. One night, I over heard the Orc's plans, but I couldn't leave. I went on, only the next morning to find everyone in taht area of the city dead, then I headed here and here I am now."
  8. Well after reading the live stage video, I learned that it's not timed, it depends on how good you are. If you do positive things, you get that character for longer, but sya you kill a team member or something like that, the bar goes down faster. The bar is constantly going down, and all it is is basicley a timer. Once that timer goes down, the jedi character will "run from the battlefield" and can not be used by another character untill they trigger it.
  9. "If the jedi rescued you I don't see how they haven't been able to free all the people here. This is worth a try, and we can only hope it works."
  10. I just hope for rebels they bring the Bothan Spy back in...
  11. OK, I was watching an episode of EP ((Electric Playground)) that was dedicated to Star Wars, and for Batlefront II they talked to guys working on the game and they said to avoid over powered jedi, it'd be more like a reward. The person with the most kills in the match will get to be a jedi for only about a minute or so, and then must respawn as a normal grunt.
  12. "True, but there has to be a way. If not the capitol will come cumbleing. Either you guys do it, or I do it myself and get killed." Segolas let out a long sigh "Well I can tell Mol won't help me, but what about you?" Segolas said to Meliana's youngest brother "I knew you when you were just a baby."
  13. "Hello?" Lloyd said noticeing there was no response from his long speech. "That plan would never work, we'd never get a strong enough engine. If you haven't noticed when we came down our engines were shot, I've seen some other ships in Revan's armada come flying down as well. All of them had their engines shot. I don't think the way off would be that simple, but if we can find an engine then there we go."
  14. "Kira, AThrun, listen to me, you have to get out of here!" Yzak was also saying something simaler (sp?) to that. Heero put the Peace's jets at full speed and flew away from what it's target would be. "Why... Now you'll see why I regreted joining ZAFT again, you know I saw the blue prints, and I had hoped when I re-joined this day would never come." As GENESIS fired a beam, and was greatly magnafied by the reflector mirror. The beam kept on going after it was magnified, the blue and red laser destroying Earth War SHips....
  15. "As the way of the elves has always been, untill I was exiled from the Elven territory by the elven high council. That happends to alot of Elves, but unlike them I didn't stay in this forest and get my own territory, I left completely and examined the world around us. The reason for my return is quite imprtant, but I only have one problem, I can't do what I must. You see, I overheard some Orcs talk about their General's plans to take over the Elven Capital, and burn it. But since I've been exiled, I need someone to tell them for me."
  16. Well I rented it, I beat it in less then 24 hours, and I even slept dureing those 24 hours. It's very fun, but they said there'd be grip and I don't see my force choke. I see hold, but it doesn't hurt them! Oddly enough, you all say he's hard, but I beat on the first try. Was the hardest boss for me.
  17. ooc: I'ven evr played KH, but I know the game is great. Stupid fact that I don't have a PS2...)) "NO! He's comeing with me to be purified!" Cloud flew down at extremely high speeds when the bat like creatures ((That chains still hasn't named like I asked him too )) started attacking Cloud, but also Matt. Cloud slashed at them, one by one two halves of them fell to the ground. CLoud was hopeing the bats would also distract Matt, and he looked down to where the portal was to find...
  18. He heard the voice like anyone else, Lacus was doing what she always did interrupting the battle "Kira, AThrun, get out of here! Both sides want you dead!"
  19. Segolas let out a laugh "True, I always remembered you were a good hider. So how's life been? Ever since I left my home I haven't been seeing any of my old friends lately even as I wander in this forest. I saw a Troll camp moveing out, I was greatly surprised they left this territory."
  20. ((Then post in character... I was the last one to do so, exept for Cyborgninja which I asked a question about. So Chains can you post now?))
  21. ((Jaxu you don't understand, he may god mode, but in Chains RPG he comlains about Chains god modeing, that's not right. All I'm saying is he can no longer complain about the thread master god modeing since he's going throguh with this. I was actually going to make a character, untill I read those rules, and no this isn't flaming FYI. Flaming is yelling and bashing, I'm not bashing I'm saying that Cyborgninja can't complain about a thread master God Modeing in one thread and then god mode in his own. And Cyborg, now I understand about your char being leader, but if you do god mode my char in this I'll be glad he died, because I wouldn't want to be a part of an RPG where the thread master god modes/kills me. It states in the main rules to kill a player character you need that persons permission.)) Name: Luke Katarn Age: 25 Side: High House Weapon: The Legendery Galdo Sword, and a Bow with Magic Arrows. Rank: General ((Not leader, just a General)) Bio: Luke grew up in rome, he trained in ROme's army((This is the Dark AGes after all.)). It took him awhile but he became a General in that army. When the confeds seperated the Roman Catholic church made the army of the High House, and Luke was lucky enough to be a General.
  22. ((No, but if you can god mode in your RPG, then CHains has every right to in his. And Sephiroth is sort of a main character, so wouldnt you have to ask for permission? If you did then great, all I'm saying is it might not be fair to have you controlling a Main Character, and if you are Sephiroth you wouldn't be attacking Gus, you were the one that dragged him to the darkness. Now, I wait for osmeone to post IC.))
  23. ((Oh yeah just a question, did Chains say you could be Sephiroth?))
  24. ((BTW CHains, since it's your RPG Cyborgninja has no right to complain since in one of his RPGs he can god mode/char controll his head off since it's his RPG, so he can't complain. I can't god mode, but it is your RPG, and this will kind of "mold" what your story will be, you should be able to choose certian events, as for as I said, this will mold your story. Anyway, I shouldn't have brought that up so I'm gonna shut up now...)) "Darnit!" Cloud flew down to save him but he was rammed by some sort of Demon bat. "Darn, those are ((You can name them Chains, and they aren't bats, they're red and they're kind of like bats.))!" He was knock off his balance and started nose diveing.
  25. ((I'm not a know it all, I'm just stating that he's breaking his own rules and if he can "hurt" people in this then Chains could easily knock him out in the other RPG. And about the spelling, I can understand it, and I used to be like that too, but it gets very annoying after awhile, I hate to be a Darth Tepe, but it would help if he could try more. I'm not the boss of him, and I'm not flaming him either, I'm just saying that he makes no sense.))
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