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  1. (I thought I'd fix up your post alittle, so read over it and compare it to the irgional OK? And also, I see taht you're violating your own rules... You say no god modeing, but killing chars/controlling what happens to them violates that rule. Just thought I'd say that before you violate your rules, even the thread master can't violate the rules, or in the road to twilight you WOULD be knocked out by chains, that's his RPG too right? Just an example of the thread master doesn't controll all. Plus, isn't 17 alittle young to be controlling the whole evil side? Maybe 20 or so, but 17? HE CAN'T EVEN SMOKE!)
  2. ((Maybe there's something wrong with the froums, because back in Derthag Quest guyver did the same thing.)) "Hello Meliana." Segolas said "It's been a long time. I haven't seen you in years!"
  3. ((WOAH! QUADROUPLE POST! You mind deleteing 3 of them?))
  4. ((Ok arguement over. Still, I don't see how me holding him down and chains hitting him is god modeing. )) "No way!" Cloud dodged it easily, and attempted to konk matt out with his sword.
  5. ((It's Kashyyk, not Kashiik. )) CHris was still on the planet below where Matt's ship was. He was heading where his ship was hidden on the planet. He was almost there, it was only a fighter, and he took off with it. Only to in orbit, dock with a large war-ship, it was all his. The gaint ship launched into hyperspace, and he returned back to the cantina ((What the RPG is supposed to be about... How come everyone forgot about the cantina?))
  6. Heero was stunned, then he noticed the Freedom and the Justice with their METEORs ((sp?)) blasting away the nukes. "If you want me to fight them, I won't."
  7. ((Just a question, how could you really counter if I grabbed you? That is a famous scenerio, someone grabs someone and someone does have time to hit that someone, the thing is it'd be hard fo chains to knock you out without a weapon, but this is less god modeing and more char controlling.))
  8. "Alright." Cloud's wings flapped. "Grab me, and hold on TIGHT!" He said exerciseing his wings alittle "Oh yeah and if you get AIr Sick, I mgiht just have to knock out out, just in case."
  9. Name: Luke Katarn Faction: Imp Rank: Commander of Interceptor squadren 459 Ship Specs: A heavily modified Tie Interceptor equipped with proton bombs and homeing cluster missiles. It has an advanced shield system, hyperspace capabilities, and advanced lasers.
  10. Segolas climbed a tree and went from tree to tree to find the source of the scream, he just happened to find some male elves. ((Meliana's brothers.)) "Well I never thought I'd see you guys again."
  11. ((You can't really use a star map to find someones location, only say a planets.))
  12. "Oh no you don't!" Cloud said as he grabbed Matt from behind. "Don't think you'll be breaking free of this. Gus, hurry up and deliver a finishing move while I have him pinned!"
  13. "NO! It can't end now!" The Peace started rushing towards the nukes. "RRRRRRRARGH!" He screamed blowing the head off a Strike Dagger on his way to the Nukes, he was almost in fireing range, untill he was surrounded by Strike Daggers. "You're not getting in my way!" Heero's eyes transformed, the Peace as well. His beam saber swung around, chopping off the closest group of Strike Daggers around him, but another group came in surrounding him. The Peace's beam cannon fired a continous powerufull laser blast, that destroyed each Strike Dagger around him, he was out of tricks now, as another group swarmed in. So instead of figthing, he used a different Caliber of tricks, the now activated wings of the Peace wrapped around the main body,and it fired off towards the nukes, a few Strike Daggers blew up as the Peace rammed them to get to the nukes. The Peace's wings flew into a glide position as he incresed speed in the dash towards the nukes.
  14. They are both AWSOME games. The only bad thing about RotS is that it doesn't have grip. :'( Some cool thing you can do with the force are use force hold ((Lift an enemy in the air)) and use lightning on them, then send them flying back to a near by wall.
  15. "Have you forgotten light can also put out darkness?" A flash of light flew from CLoud's sword stright at the portal of darkness. "Be more careful, retreating will do no good, he'll just chase us. We need a better plan!"
  16. The Peace's beam saber flew right into the bridge of an Earth Alliance warship, Heero pulled it out and quickly flew away from it as it exploded. "Well that's one down..." He mumbled.
  17. Heero flew in, double beam saber activated in the Peace's left hand, he assaulted the ship with a few mortar blasts, and flew under the ship, he fired a few shots from down there and lfew up back towards the bridge.
  18. Well if you ask my sister, Desciple duh. She abosolutely loved his accent. I think she liked Atton more though... I voted Hand Maiden, I just wish her hair was... a bit longer... One more thing... ((Spoiler about Hand Maiden next))
  19. Well if you ask my sister, Desciple duh. She abosolutely loved his accent. I think she liked Atton more though... I voted Hand Maiden, I just wish her hair was... a bit longer...
  20. Cloud took out his sword and swung it at Matt "A Dark Swordsman, I'm sending you stright to the heavens for redemption!" CLoud's Holy Sword activated, and he held it in a battle ready stance.
  21. "Scanners detect a rogue robot." KH said "It's something in his programming, atleast he's a household robot, he shouldn't be much of a threat."
  22. ((Not a good idea there...)) Chris easily made it out of the cruiser, the security being no match for him. He escaped in an escape pod amd launched to the planet below.
  23. Laser cannon blazeing, Heero was approaching an Earth Forces warship. "This is Heero Zela, requesting permission to assault Earth Forces war Ship." He said over a ZAFT channel.
  24. "What the heck was that?" KH said in surprise. He followed the signal and found 62.
  25. "My name is not look Cyborgninja. It's CHris, not Luke Matt. You've broken the code several times, and I don't care what the "Fur ball" has on him. I just thought I'd warn you, and that in the future we may end up as enemies. Oh yeah and another warning, if you end up in a fight with me you can be sure unless I spare you you won't survive." Chris took out a smoke grenade and threw it on the ground, while everyone was blinded by the smoke he disappeared.
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