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  1. "We're on our way to some holy grounds." Cloud said with his wings moveing around. "If you want to come, you better hold on tight, and no, I'm not an Angel just so you know..."
  2. ((Don't know. But just so it won't censor and it looks right, I belive it's spell Coruscant.)) Gabriel fed off of yet another innocent family, He needed more, lots and lots more, he kept telling himself, that just made him more thirsty for the force, the weaklings would never settle it, and he hoped someone strong would come by soon, someone strong in the force.
  3. Name: Segolas Nar Age: 23 ((Even though the Elves in this only live to one hundred, can they still look young around the age of 50?)) Gender: Male Weapons: Two Legolas like Swords ((From the Lord of the Rings games, Legolas two swords, those are what mine are like)) and a bow with a quiver of arrows. Armour/clothes: A little bit of Leather Armor, and he has a few sets of clothes for when he's walking around town, they aren't Elven Robes either, they're actual clothes. Appearence: GReen eyes and pointy ears (duh) with blond hair. Segolas was in the forest hunting, and hears a very very faint echo, it sounded like a scream. He started looking around, but since it was so faint it was hard to find where it came from.
  4. ((I rest my case.)) Gabriel was lurking in the night area of Coruscant, he had just finished sttling his thirst, but it did not satisfy him. He needed more, lots more. Family after family, person after person, his thirst for Medichlorians wouldn't settle, it hurt, he could not quench it. Moveing across the night, he needed a worthy host, a Jedi or Sith.
  5. ((Oh in the game, I'm not sure, but It's pretty much confirmed they're two diffrent people, because you see them at the same time quite alot. But I'm not very far in the game, only when you go to Mount Nibel after Cosmo Canyon.)) "Do not fear me." Cloud got up "I won't harm you... unless you harm me first. This task that you ask of me, it can not be easily done. But I will do what must be done ((Sorry, I had to say it. I love that quote from episode 3 )) and help you." Cloud shook a little, his armor rattleing hard, his face had an odd expression, and from out of nowhere two wings came from out of his armor, they were real live ANgel WIngs.
  6. ((Don't flame me. I'm just saying, and this isKotOR Force Vampires so you could say I have the right to judge on it...
  7. The most annoying bugs, well for one when the game keeps locking up on me. Two 3: Well this is the second most annoying, but on Nar Shaada when I go back on the Ebon Hawk 4: On Peragus at one point the game always lags and I end up in the floor with my upper body sticking out. o_O
  8. OOC: Meh, don't ask me ask cyborgninja. He's the one in charge of the Lemmonites.
  9. OMG THERE'S Co-OP!? :eek: :eek: I didn't know that! I knew there was vs. battle 2 player but I didn't know there was co-op. ANd before you start the story do you choose a character? If so then that really makes like 32 levels since you get to do each one with a diffrent char. And when ANnie goes all evil, does Obi have diffrent missions? Unless the game is from lvl to lvl it switches for you. On the OT bonus disk it said you were allowed to choose a char.
  10. There was a flash of smoke, and a KH was gone. He had escaped into a nearby building. "Humans..." He said stareing at a family of humans pulling out his sword... ((Let's just say he gave them a very gruesome death...))
  11. ROFL! I loved it! The Darth Vader/Obi duel was kind of cheesy though...
  12. Even "Take you to him I will.." And "*laugh* Now, you must eat." :D:D:D:D:D :xD: But seriously, I gotta love "Who's the more foolish: The fool, or the fool who follows him?"
  13. "I would have killed my masters anyway, I had some things in mind for removeing my restraining device..." He chuckled with a menaceing laugh "A millitary robot?" He noticed the armnents.
  14. ((I think I'll return to this RPG, just not as Carth. I'm releaseing Carth from my grasp. It's an alternate dimension because this is Revan Light side and if you remember Rise of Revan is after DS ending.)) Name: Korth ((No not the same Korth)) Aka: None Affiliation: Sith Rank: Knight Appearance: Like Korth in Derthag Quest, yeah like Kratos AUron from Tales of Symphonia, but he has black angel robes.((Kratos' angel robes but black)) Bio: Unknown
  15. ((I'm not talking to you just you Chains, I'm makeing a thread wide announcement, just so everyone knows in the future to ditch Light Sabers soon and somehow lose force powers.))
  16. OOC: Mech Assault 1, but I did rent Mech Assault 2, and what are you talking about Cloud being Sephiroth? In that Coruscant RPG I'm useing the name Sephiroth, but Cloud is his nick name. In this one I'm just Cloud. BTW, my char isn't a young boy, I'm not sure if you meant boy just because he's male, or if he's young. Just so you know. )) *Wakes up* "Hello..." *Smells demon blood* "Have you had a run in with demons?... Oh my gosh Im sorry! I'm Cloud the Holy Swordsman. Who might you be?"
  17. ((Alright I'll edit it. Exept even though Bow Casters fire bolts it would pretty much does no damage without the energy caseing. ANd since the Vampires absorb it, it wouldn't do any damage. But since it's your thread what you say goes, just saying if someone absorbed energy a bow caster wouldn't hurt much, bow casters are still like blasters in KotOR, right? In KotOR, they don't bypass energy shields, and an energy shield is absorbing the energy, like what the Vampires do. *Goes to edit last post*))
  18. ooc: Well the only x-box live compatible games I have are Mech Assault and Crimson Skies High Road to Revenge. I mgiht be getting RC in a month or so... IC: Cloud was walking, he stumbled upon a base, unfortuneatly he couldn't get in. He walked to a near by tree and took a nap.
  19. ((*coughbowcastersareenergyweaponsnotsolidcough* So that WOULDN'T include Bowcasters can kill Vampires, they are energy, play any star wars game, they shoot a green light... ANd one question, can I be part of a special were wolf project? It's like the Vampire project exept with were wolves.)) Name: Gabriel ((Pronounced the boy way.)) Vanhellsing Species: Vampire Affiliation: Vampire Occupation: Vampire Type: Vampire Weapons: A cool cross bow and his teeth Equipment: Just clothes. Bio: Gabriel is a vampire. ((If there can't be any were wolves I'll edit this.))
  20. ((Ninja Robot, what can I say? )) KH jumped dwon from the top of a building. "Something tells me that after your owners, that's the first human you've injured..."
  21. Yes, that face is unforgettable. SOme other quotes I like are "If you only knew the power of the Dark Side!" "Impressive, most impressive, but you are not a jedi yet!" *activates saber* "I hope so commander for your sake, the Emorer is not as forgiveing as I am!" Darth Vader for all of those. "Now Young SKywalk, You... WIll.. DIE!" The Emporer. I love all theese evil quotes................
  22. This one should be everyone's favorite... It's by Leia, can you guess? Scroll down for the anwser... "Why you stuck up... half witted... scruffy looking... NERF HERDER! " By Leia ((If you didn't read above.))
  23. Although noone could hear it, Shiu laughed at the human trying to punch the robot. "Fool..." He said quietly.
  24. KH took out a smoke bomb and in the flash he vanished. He was in a city. He took two talims from his back, and put one in each hand. He saw another robot shooting a laser in a car, KH decided to reamin hidden for the time being.
  25. Sephiroth left a large building, and was walking on the lower levels, the streets, of Coruscant. He walked to an Elevator, and started the long lift up to the higher levels.
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