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  1. My name is Daetak I am a member of the rebel allaince and aiding the jedi in finding the planet my weapon blaster with a vibroknife up my boot. I am 18 years old and already a war hero by winning alot of battels for the rebels! 'Master skywalker' 'I might have a lead on the planets location. I have heard rumors about a jedi master who had connections to the planet'! 'But he is dead now' 'whare is the location' said luke 'Bakura. he is burried in a cave about 300 clicks away from fartine colany so visit his tomb and you might find something out'. 'Thank you' said luke.
  2. I know they dont get any visitors which is my point lucasforums should have its own private server so we could just chill in that server who says we evan have to fight if it is a ffa so we can just chat now people who aren't from lucasforums would just play to chat I dont think so.
  3. Well if kurgans meatgrinder is for the public then lucasforums should make their own servea which is my point!
  4. Well I have never heard of kurgans meat grinder but maybe he could make it password protected by putting on a site that only members can visit I think this is a good idea.
  5. I think that lucasforums.com should have a jedi acadamy server I think it would be a good place for people from lucasforums.com can just chill and have fun so lucasforums please make a server. note it should password protected
  6. Yes I tottaly agree who the heck is elderon what hanger what planet please tell us and we will join your fun!
  7. Just 1 queshtin when will this be finished? I look forward to this mod
  8. Ok thx I had no idea.
  9. When will this model be finished? I am realy aexited I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. LukeKatarn

    mp coop

    I am sorry I didant get that my computer says spoiler
  11. I was playing ja then it hit me:eek: I was thinking that thayer should be a request page for mods maps and models so that some good moder (trust me it wont be me I have never created a mod in my life) might come along and make them so enjoy:D
  12. Yeah I would like that 2 but I also did it in solo mode with 1 bot to fight him in the hanger so could that be a problem 2 Thanks again:D
  13. If it looks like Saramans staff then you should call it the wight light:ewok: I just think it sounds cool in stead of Saramator or darth Cruelis:fett:
  14. When you start the level get det packs plant 1 on the window and BOOM:bdroid2:
  15. I have downloaded asteroids and when I spawned I spawned in space and instantley died:eek: does any one know what is going on?:
  16. I was just playing ffa today and I could use taunt if it is a mod i didant download it so it must not be a mod.
  17. What do you mean? jedi knight 3 and jedi Acadamy are the same thing?
  18. I realy like both games but i like the fact that in ja you cann download mods as in kotor ypu cant but i like kotor just as much cause kotor is a rpg but i do think turn based games are a littel hard since it is luck but i give both games a 9 out of 10
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