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  1. I think this change is for the better. Instead of having a whole bucnh of classes each with only one ability, its better that they have eliminated one and given a few others more flexibility. Like the scout. all thats left for them to do now to make it perfect is MAKE A MALE SKIN for the scout. woops, that just slipped out.
  2. It doesnt bother me that females will be in the game, or female skins as such, I just dont want to be a female. and considering sniper is my favourite class(for games like BFV) I dont want to have to play a girl if I want to be that class.
  3. now I dont want this to stat some sort of flame war on genders or what not, because that is definately not the way its intended. if we take a look at the unit profiles for the rebels at lucasarts, the sniper class is a female!! now I dont have any problems with females in the game or whatever, and this is were I want to be clear, but I just dont want to be one. I dont like wearing dresses when I go out in public, and as funny as it sounds, I dont want to play a female in the game either. this is where I hope to god that SWBF actually does have skins you can choose from like BFV. because I will be dammed If I play as a chick, and If thats the only skin for that level class, well, It will royally ruin the game. I wouldnt expect a chick to want to play as a guy, same deal here. I cant imagine any game being ignorant enough to do that, considering 95% of gamers are male, so I am worried and comforted by this. I dont have a chicks name, because im a guy, I dont wear chicks clothes, because Im a guy, and I dont want to roleplay a chick, because Im a guy!! I am worried that they might actually BE ignorant enough to do that, but I am comforted by the fact that they would have to be REALLY ignorant to do that, so theres a chance there is multiple skins. either way, without sounding sexist, which I am certainly not trying to do, the consumer in the game market(especially action) is dominated by males, and I dont want to play as a female FULL STOP. let us pray that the game has the option to change or slightly customize your player skin when its out. edit-just a side not or example, when the first 2 resident evil games came out, they were excellent. you could choose to play as the guy, or the gale, now THATS the way to make a good game, give both gender choices. when RE3 cam out though, I was disgusted by it, because the character you play is a little girl!! now Its not that the little girl is in the game, its that when you play a game, rpg or whatever, you take on the role of that person. you become that person for the game, and since I am an fully grown adult male, I had no interest whatever in taking on the role of a 10yr old little scared girl. part of the fun of the game is becoming the character you play, especially in FPS games. because they all have there role, but I cant take on and enjoy the role, If its a female, because Im not a female.
  4. its not being cruel, its being honest, and I must agree. Its pretty obvious when you see someone who is just trying to rack up a huge post count for credability. 90% of ALL topics on this page are eagle warriors, and 90% like you said are one sentence comments inside. the other day I came here and he had started 5 just on that day. maybe someone should remind him its not you post count that matters its the quality of what you post that does. that and its anoying as hell seeing the place flooded with useless spam and pointless topics just because he is trying to get a nice big post count.
  5. over at lucasarts.com, check em out, there good.
  6. what he says doesnt make sense. the first sign of a fraud is someone who has never backed up there claims with proof. for if they had proof, why would they withhold it? anyway, it is evident for many more reasons than that, that he is a fake. you can give him all the chances you want, those of us who KNOW he is fake dont need to. episode3 doesnt even need to be released for it to be obvious.
  7. your right, supershadow is indeed a fraud. a very bad fraud. I am amazed that there has not been any lawsuits from lucas over his claims. the thing is this, if you lie and decieve, which he does, bad **** will come your way, simple. One day(very very soon) he WILL be exposed for the fraud he is, and the thing he thrives on, peoples attention and there admiration of him, will be gone. its all good mate, when episode 3 is released, people like doomgiver who follow blindly in his path will see what twats they were for believing a fraud. and they will feel just as stupid as supershadow.
  8. goody goody, thanks. Headin over there now. weee!!! just a note also, it says the rebel sodier rifle can be fired on automatic. this is dissapointing and a little inaccurate. never in the SW movies were weapons carried by grunts automatic, not even imperials. only fixed heavy weapons and vehicles had them. anyway, they look kick ass, rebel soldier and sniper look very cool.
  9. scroll down. thread - where will your allegiance lie? thread - which alliance will you choose?
  10. I agree with that, one of the only really dissapointing things about this game will be not being able to pick up dead enemie or friends weapons. It was good because it allowed Infantry a 'second chance' at taking out a vehicle if they could pick up someone elses rocket kit. that or you find your class unsiutable in the present combat situation and steal a dead troopers more suitable weapon. there wasnt a huge amount of skins to choose from in BFV, but it was more than other games so it was good. but I doubt they will have either. do-oh.....I mean, d-oh.......hold on I can get this, doh!
  11. you can bet your(looks around for mods).......ass that it will be like Bttlefield1942 in regards to entering a game. As long as the server isnt full, you can jump in at any time, choose a spawn point, and start playing right away. And like he said, leave when ever you want also.
  12. I dont know If you even bothered to look, and Im not trying to be rude. But there are two threads on this page alone, asking the exact same question.
  13. oh god, please no. it is definately good way to ruin the games online experience. I shouldnt have to register and screw around with anything before I can play my god damm game online. I never use gamespy, and I dont want to start. this really pisses me off, I hate having to register with some site that takes forever with numerous pages and loading before I can play. what a joke.
  14. TKing is an incredibly bad problem on some BF42 and BFV servers. Its bad enough to ruin a gaming experience or the game itself in MP. Being able to turn friendly fire off basically screws TKers in there a$$, and they have to find another game. top idea. your right, theres no need at all for frinedly fire turned on, so it doesnt matter if its off.
  15. Yeh, the first map I played a trooper got in a jeep and just sat there the whole game. Then you get the bots who take chopers, fly them to where they want, and then just jump out instead of landing.
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