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  1. I think either Bacta is better than Kolto, or Manaan has run dry, since we've never seen even a hint of Kolto during the movies, or the EU that takes place around that time. at least, I think. Though I'm not an EU expert.
  2. First one is just called star trekkin'. Dunno the other one. Holy crap, I just realized I've spent more than a year with you people!
  3. Nive pic, Grooves. Happy easter Y'all.
  4. That's the Republic symbol. You can tell because it has eight arms instead of six Man that felt geeky....
  5. Ugh. Even if you post warnings, isn't that against the forum rules?
  6. What's so special about it? I don't get it.
  7. So, from what i understand of it, it's basically first person Diablo with guns? Sounds good.
  8. I remember seeing the orange 'boss' skin in the introduction flash movie at the official site (the one that plays when you enter it), so it could be somewhere in the game. Perhaps a modder can unlock it for us or something.
  9. Eventhough it's nice and random, what's the whole point of the thread?
  10. I think you had to either crawl or jump, can't exactly remember wich one. Think it was jump.
  11. I got half way before getting sick... wtf?
  12. I'm just gonna go and post on the topic of bullies here... Most of the bullies don't know what they are doing, but when they do, they mostly change. The victims themselves can't make this clear to them, as they'll laugh at anything s/he will say, but when a teacher tells them, they might listen. This week, i recognized two groups of bullies, got a teacher, she talked to them, and they apologised and even defended me from others. This is the way we can fight back. Those who have been bullied know how hard it is to stand up to them, but when someone else does it for you, it's a lot easier and has a lot more impact. Ofcourse, if they still won't listen, expell them. Let's face it: if you can't talk sense into them, what can the school do? It's unclear to me how you got unto the subject of Iraq. Did someone compare Bullies to terrorrists? EDIT: oh, wait, I have something else to say on the subject of terrorrists: They are, like bullies, pathetic people with nothing better to do than to destroy people's lives becuas they differ from you in some way or another. Screw that. It's like saying their precious God (who they are probably 'defending' or something) made a mistake in creating different beliefs. If they (Bullies AND terrorrists) would use their brains for a change, they'd realize they are causing pain and suffering for no real reason at all, and stop.
  13. People don't realize how serious that is. Multiple people pick on me at school, without any reason, for almost two years now. There were times I wished I could've stabbed them in the head or something. If people are a bit screwed already, that could push them over the edge...
  14. Doomie


    No, he means the toast with Mary's image on it, that was on Ebay a while ago. I think.
  15. Dude, that DOES indeed suck. My condolences.
  16. The 'Y-wing predeccessor' (sp?) Is Grievous' ship. I recognize it from Republic Commando.
  17. Whatever. If this turns out bad, we'll still have the DVD's, and the original OT, and the special edition... Soon, there will be enough OT's to fill a star destroyer!
  18. I wasn't too far off. Happy st. Patricks day to all who celebrate it!
  19. What is it exactly? An Irish beer-drinking holiday on wich you wear green?
  20. I say, name him Scorch! Y'know, from Republic Commando. He's cool.
  21. That sounds awesome. I'm probably gonna play it. Let's see how long the eco-system survives when you put Hutts in it...
  22. I'd like to see more levels (single- and multiplayer) and also some more interactivity in MP. Like Oidar said, It'd be cool to be able to place a charge next to a door, and when someone comes trough, you press the button and wham! Great for ambushes and repelling full-scale attacks. EDIT: oh, and drivable vehicles would be nifty too. Since this used to be seen as a sort of 'Star Wars Halo', I was kinda expecting it...
  23. I personally liked the ending. Delta is going back into the action, and Scorch is probably gonna convince 38 to search for Sev. It's enough material for an add-on, a sequel, or a mod. I'd like to see them in Episode three, but although GL had some influence on the game, i don't think the game will have influence on GL. EDIT: GL did mention he wanted to have the commando's color-coded in the game (The were totally white before) because of something he was going to do with Episode three. So who knows? Perhaps Kashyyyk isn't the only movie tie-in...
  24. WEll, the beginning of the singleplayer campaign was cool. Haven't really had much special multiplayer experiences. Except or the time i grapped an ACP gun and gunned down the opposing team in three or four shots. To quote Sev: 'They're just lining up to die!'
  25. Heh, cool. I once saw one where you drawed with a bloody finger stump. ... I'll not post it here >_>
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