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  1. the DS or Wii would be great for old lucasarts games. Or better yet, LucasArts could rerelease them all in one package
  2. on the dvd when the guy shoves his cajones in the dictionary and SLAM!!! Goddamn, that was funny. This was one gayass movie.
  3. i thought max's voice in hit the road was perfect. btw, I remember back when LucasArts was making Sam and Max 2 there was discussion about having a cameo appearance by the guys who did the voices of Sam and Max on the cartoon in the game as a dark Sam and Max of sorts. Am I imagining this, it would have been friggin sweet had it happened.
  4. I got pulled over at an airport once for having a copy of Mao's red book and a dildo in my suitcase. I then met larry craig in the bathroom.
  5. No, I think everyone here agrees sam and max don't need anymore releases. they suck. I'm glad i burnt my copy of "Surfin the Highway."
  6. I'm not past wanting to lynch you, gerbil
  7. The Secret of Monkey Island definitely. It had the best atmosphere, humor, ending, etc. of all the games. Its my second favorite adventure game ever, second to Sam & Max.
  8. I'm optimistic about it, I think only three (including Mirkin whose great) writers past the original staff are working on it, so it will probably be good. And David Silverman who directed the Simpsons since the Tracy Ullman Show days is directing it so its animation will be good atleast. BTW Skinkie, you seem to be a knowledgable Simpsons fan, did you ever read John Swartzwelder's books? A hardcore fan like you sound to be would probably love them. I know I did.
  9. Its decent of him in a way to let the original films be released, but on the other hand if he never screwed with the originals in the first place we wouldn't have had this problem. I'm not going to buy the new boxset, but I can't help but feel that he's ripping off loyal fans who probably bought the SE boxset and now have to buy this to feel "complete."
  10. I heard on here that Purcell had some involvement with it, but when I check on imdb it doesnt mention anything nor does anywhere else on the internet. So what was Steve's input, if any, in the production of Cars?
  11. Its the internet we have the right to be jerks here.
  12. I bet Samnmax221 is the father of my baby.
  13. I'll try it. What ever Skinkie says must be right.
  14. http://rotharmy.com Grate (if not kinda of overzealous) Van Halen site.
  15. Here's one from Night of the Cringing Wildebeest in the Epic Collection. The Sam quote about the corndog salesman "taking the fall" made me laugh the hardest I think I ever have. I don't know why, but its prolly my favorite Sam n' Max cell ever.
  16. From 'Monkey's Violating the Heavenly Temples' in the Epic Collection.
  17. How do i attach an image? I haven't been on here in a long long time, but I have the scans
  18. I usually like the color jobs in the comics. The one in On the Road especially, it fits in with the kitschy nature of the story.
  19. I'm sure Max isn't a homosexual, but Sam, with his "you don't even like girls" lines, could be and trying to keep Max to himself. I like to consider myself a Libertarian, so I am not bothered no matter what their sexual orientation may be. The ones who do bother me are those pirates with the manatees. Relating to the pirates, what did Max mean when he said "lets mock their stumps" to them when Sam asked about a punishment for them? If it is what I think it is, its surprisingly harsh for Max, though I do love Sam's response "Um... that wouldn't be cool, Max."
  20. I think anyone can be funny. I mean, even extremist terrorists have senses of humor (you can find videos on the internet of them watch Happy Days reruns laughing at the Fonz.) p.s. Was that funny? I tried to make some observational comedy there (or something like that), but it probably didn't work.
  21. I posted too much and didn't say anything worthwhile so I decided to leave for a while. I'm not going to come back and post at the level I was before, but I will drop in when I have nothing else to do.
  22. I think those kind of things would fit in right here. Plus, there are several animals "sweeter" than a penguin, except if that penguin is Scamper.
  23. Living on the east coast with a blizzard and all I had nothing to do yesterday so I decided to read all of my Sam & Max comic books along with playing some of the game. I had always thought the comics were superior to Hit the Road, but after reading all the comics (which I did enjoy doing), I found myself enjoying the game more. I guess what I'm asking is do you (my fellow forum readers) enjoy any of the comics or Sam & Max Hit the Road more?
  24. Have the comics gone that far up in value? I bought one of those with Bad Day on the Moon for only $26.
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