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  1. scumm games on cell phones, that is absurd, but it sounds like something LA might consider because of the billing that will be involved, then again, cell phone games are targeted towards another generation of suckers, not our generation of SCUMM suckers (haha; get it, scumm suckers) therefore the idea is still insane. ScummVm was smart enough to let us play SCUMM on palm pilots and pocket pcs' ,that is as small as it should get.
  2. I'm a heavy supporter of scumm type games in flash. I think the idea of recreating old scumm games in flash is ingenius. Especially if they can become multiplayer enabled, with flash that makes things a whole lot easier. For example: imagine maniac mansion as a mutiplayer game, Each player (3 players) would get to be the character of their choice, nuff said! Of course the gameplay might have to change slightly but I think it is possible. With Implemented chat (as if the characters had walky talkies) would be cool. I actually have a desire to create a flash game that is similar to scumm games. But i need to get crackin on some macromedia studies. But here are links with examples of what is possible with the creation of Scumm-like flash games. http://justadventure.com/IndependentDevs/PinheadGames/index.html Pinhead games - scumm-like adventure games in flash! Case of the crabs and brain hotel! http://www.face-engine.com face engine is a site that offers a flash program that creates scumm-like games for flash, however, the site hasn't been working properly lately, I don't know why, and the site is in german (just look for the british flag to get the site in english). P.S. Hopefully after revenge of the sith is released in theaters and its following merchandising, lucasarts will get crackin on their SCUMM games! Just a dream, not a reality, sort of like the matrix! I will be unplugged. I'm beggining to feel like the rebel alliance with all this anti-lucasarts crap.
  3. I'm sorry, but I never felt the need to humiliate anyone on Lucasforums, but this telltaled crap is just absurd. I don't even know where to begin. If I wanted to find out whats going on with telltale then I would go to Telltale games, or mixnmojo!!! nuff said!
  4. The storytelling on the cd version of loom stinks!!! However, the graphics are cool, and the voice and music are cool too. I decided to compare the two versions of loom one day and found out that the floppy version of loom includes more of the storyline and cutscenes. Unfortunately, the CD version of loom lacks in the story and animated cutscenes, but has better graphics and sound. It would be cool if both versions were somehow combined to provide all the positives in both versions. Also, you are lucky if you have the floppy version of loom, cause "home of the underdogs" has a patch system to turn the floppy version into the cd version, its kind of a pain in the butt, but I bet looking for a copy of this game is too. Go to this link and follow the pain in th butt directions the underdogs have to offer. Last, I'll let you know that this version stinks! http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?id=655
  5. thank you tomas for bringing back lucashacks! I like how you kept the graphic of bernard on his a$$.
  6. WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN !!!!!!!!, NOW NOW NOW NOW PLEASE. I'm really sick of seeing bernard on his tushi for everytime that I check to see if lucashacks is back in action. The word "SOON" isn't a good enough explanation for me anyways. Do you mean soon as in a couple of days, soon as in a couple of weeks, soon as in 3 months, soon as in a year, soon as in NEVER - I'M JUST BULL**ITING YOU FOR SH!TS AND GIGGLES!... Really, I deserve a full detailed explanation.
  7. if there is an emi debug mode could someone post the codes here, thanks.
  8. Chron-O-John


    Thats really good to hear, I thought there was no hope for Lucashacks, I visit it everyday to see if the site has been updated with more material than just bernard on his @ss and those links.
  9. i am so pissed that sleeping is the only alternative for this. kind of pathetic, im taking a video game too seriously. But I was reallly looking foward to Sam and Max freelance police.
  10. I had a dream that Sam & Max was released for sale this june. I was so happy that I woke up immediately after that.
  11. hmmm, take a look at this, an adventure game made in flash, Hint, Hint... http://www.otterarchives.com/bountygame.html
  12. How come I am unable to post attachments and the rest of you are allowed to do so? This is unfair!
  13. Hey guys, I have a graphic of Max's head, I made it in adobe Illustrator. thought it would be great if I can get your opinions of it. Unfortunately, I don't know how to attach a file to this forum, or maybe its cause there is no possible way to attach files to this forum. If there is than let me know. But email me to see what it looks like, i think you guys would like this as an example for what the graphics of the fangame should look like.
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