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  1. UGH MY EYES! Why do people think typing in caps makes themselves more important? PASTE GOOD CUZ IT GREAT~! Ahhh...
  2. Err...due to copyright issues I highly doubt you can try and sell it.
  3. I feel like we're at war here. I'll get the tanks; let's take these suckers down! Any who, you'd think you'd check if the office was there first. Gathering rabid fans in a residential area would've been a disaster. Think about the children!
  4. Never believed in fan games, because most of the time they are horrible and aren't in the game's "style". Even your best efforts will only make a subpar game. But do what you want, no one is stopping you... *grabs machine gun*
  5. How do we know FT2 would have sucked? I mean there was no demo or anything. Basically just a piece of crap beta shot at E3. Half Life didn't look so hot either back in the day. When released it made more waves than a 500lb woman being dropped into a kiddie pool. I guess that made a point...
  6. I remember something about the cancelation, not an direct interview, but commenting on how they couldn't do it without the leading actor(forgive me I forget his name). Oh well, I hope that something will happen that I can play this damn game
  7. This might be wishful thinking, but meh... Let's just say Lucas Arts has cancelled the game so that media coverage will wane, having less pressure on the creators of the game. You might ask "But then they'll lose all their fan base!" If they were smart, they'd know that at the snap of a finger any lost fan base would come crawling back. We all know this is true, despite some belief. In theory when the game is finished they will announce an uncancellation, making a moderate profit. Full Throttle 2 demise was because of poor planning, but also it was the negative response that the media was giving it. This in my opinion is what really killed the project. To prevent this, they'd pretend to cancel the game so that if it were "uncancelled" fans would buy into it no matter what. There are of course flaws to this, making Lucas Arts look bad in the whole situation. Thus sent all of Lucas Arts fans in disarray. Threats of picket line protests, anti websites, and hate mail are just some of the things fans have been doing. Would this make Lucas Arts seemed like the good guys if they turned their decision? Could this generate more sales to the game? Who knows? One thing is certain; this theory explains why the S&M2 team hasn't said a word. Nor are the preorders for the game cancelled. Again this is just wishful thinking...
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