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    Omnipotent Energy Being residing in an Encounter Suit that has an upper section slightly reminicant of a 'toilet seat'!
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    Stormreach CA.
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    Ruler of the Universe
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    Full Throttle... Oh wait! XP
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  1. I had to go off and get new sharpened spikes for my fist. I'm here, just not as much as I used to be able to be. I do keep an eye on the reported posts, so if any get reported and they are bad I will stomp on them.
  2. I like all of the movies, old and new... I retconned my Pnp RPG character up to the prequels and she is far, far more powerful now than before, got a whole slew of new toys to wreak havok upon the universe with. And I know I will lose my SW cred but, I love you midichlorians! (Yes I know the idea sucks but it helped me, so I love it now. ) *Puts on asbestos undies*
  3. Ok, if you believe the world will end then is it ok to ban you as of Dec 22, 2012?
  4. I saw this thread title and got... other thoughts! *Looks around* What?
  5. I'm a Sith... as much as I try to fight it... Wandering the galaxy in a Cool Shadow Battlecruiser phasing out of hyperspace and slicing all your ships in half with a scream then disappearing again.
  6. You aren't a true gaming 'geek' unless you have actually played yourself in D&D (AD&D)! I have... I feel sad now!
  7. I liked KARR... a little software error here and there, nothing a good system patching wouldn't fix, and he has all the bells and whistles KITT has, not to mention a way cooler sounding voice. You have good taste my friend... that's my pick as well. Though I gotta have one in black.
  8. I got your pain trumped... 20+ kidney stones all passing in around a 72 hour period. Sleeping was not an option... moving was not an option. There was only pain. I rested only by passing out. Now it lasted about 12 or so hours and a half dozen stones more but I finally got in to my doctor and she introduced me to some wonderful stuff called oxycontin. I used to drink only soda as a teen, Mountain Dew in particular was my main poison, so let this be a lesson to you all. Drink water instead.
  9. I found that people will buy anything put out by a corperate machine like WotC. Sad really... I hate WotC and what it did to my beloved RPG's... bought them up after running them out of business. Kill the good game system and bring in a new version using their crap D20 System. 4E. is WOW in RPG form... Joy! No wait, I'm feeling Ill again. AD&D 2E all the way... though the myriad of books that TSR put out right before the end made 2E really awesome and really added a large amount of flexibility. All the class, race handbooks, the complete magic item compilation books, and the Skills and Powers book. Only cause its fun to play do I put up with it... but really the fact that Turbine is somewhat leaving the 3.X rules behind in its updates and additional content releases appeals to me as well...
  10. Looks like a post about game help issues to me. Your machine isn't displaying non standard textures (those that are not square) not a game stopping issue (so no Work bench) and if it were related to a particular mod you should have stated such in your OP (because then Holowan Labs or the mods thread in TUCE would have been better). So, due to the contents of your post, looking like a game help issue that your PC is having, it gets moved here. Your ending questions are also more appropriate here. The Padawans Lounge is for strategy discussions and game help, but it ALSO is for technical questions about the game, and to address non game stopping bugs. I cannot help that some admin/SMod changed the text of this forum and the Work bench as well, leading to this confusion, but believe me that is what this forum is for. Read down the thread list here you see bug related threads, and technical questions about the game.
  11. I read this line and it makes me more than a little ill inside... 4th Edition D&D? Acclaimed? In the same sentence?
  12. Been a while for me but if I recall global item changes can be made in baseitems.2da... things like base damage, armor ac's etc. But to add things like extra damage types, etc. you'll likely need to edit all the lightsaber *.uti files. I can't tell you the paths to the files in the editor as I don't have the games or the editor installed on this rig atm. Edit: Since you re-posted this in Holowan Labs I close this one...
  13. Moved to Padawans Lounge... I see nothing here for Holowan Labs.
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