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  1. It seems that it is only the PC version that suffers from this. The Xbox version which I have has the bushed looking real. So I dont know what is wrong.
  2. Zoric got up after getting out of the tunnel. I wonder if I should tell those jedi when they come back that I was a jedi though Zoric to himself...
  3. Zoric saw the ground troops of the enemy charging in ghosts, banshees and spectres. There was also some on foot. Zoric fired his gattling gun and tried to take out the ghosts before they could reach the human army...
  4. I do. I am on level 5 in that. I had a few games with Treacherous last night. They were pretty fun. They were energy sword slayer. And I also had a party game with a few of my other friends. We had a non-team slayer with energy swords, rocket launchers and shotguns.
  5. Yeah but at that time I didnt have it fully recharged. EDIT: This is what happens with good teamwork. This is the game Yeah I know I only got 3 kills but my team was owning so much that the other team left. And another good game where I owned with a SMG and a magnum combination. BTW, I am waiting for ET, Groovy and Kain to answer my friend requests. I wanna have a game with all of you guys.
  6. Zoric who was not on vacation like most of the troops saw the Covenant dropships coming throguh his binoculars. He was stationed on a warthog gattling gun. When he saw the dropships he watched them. They then landed...
  7. Well its not exactly I am stuck on the level it is actually that I keep dying. Its in a room were there is a few Covenant and when you walk in some are to your left and your right. I cant fight them all off. EDIT: w00t I am finally on lvl 7 on Team Slayer.
  8. I got everything I wanted except Burnout 3.
  9. It is a clock that looks like a tyre. No really it is. I also got Season 1 of the Stargate series on DVD and the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD.
  10. A guard came too Zoric to say that the jedi was tied up. Zoric went into the chamber and saw the jedi chained up. He looked frightened. Zoric prepared himself and started to do a low shock on Troezon. He then put nearly all of his force power into the lightning...
  11. I havent even beat it on easy yet. I am stuck on the level after The Arbiter. Dont know if that is a spoiler. But oh well. EDIT: I got Groovy's name in. I put two spaces instead of one. EDIT again: Check out this game I had last night. Stats Kills P.v.P Medals Hits Probably my best game yet.
  12. Play games. That is the best thing to do.
  13. My list: Halo 2 Xbox Live Starter Kit Harry Potter 3 DVD Harry Potter 3 game Spider-man 2 DVD Paper Mario 2 $75 (from serperate people ofcourse ) A tyre clock Cant remember the rest.
  14. Yes I did. EDIT: BTW, I will be on in soon. My sis is playing The Sims Bustin' Out at the moment.
  15. So... I finally got Live and Halo 2 yesterday. IMO it is the best game out on the Xbox. My gamertag is Zoric. Add me. BTW, Groovy I tried to add you and it said there was no person that existed by that name. What happened?
  16. Maybe you should join the thread and give suggestions and not just say two words.
  17. Ahemm... Anyway Merry Early Christmas. And I tease all you Americans and other people. I get Christmas tomorrow. While you get it in 2 days.
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