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  1. I am a day ahead like you. So Merry Xmas everyone.
  2. Probably not since it is a script in the game. So the devs wanted you to find it.
  3. That is true. It is just stupid that they block out balls and not bastard. Totally stupid.
  4. Zoric pulled out his electrobinoculars and looked down the sewer tunnel. He saw about 50 stormtroopers coming their way. "50" said Zoric. He pulled out his DC-17. It was one of the ones used by the clone army. He aimed down the tunnel. He had attached a sniper scope to it when he had first got it. He fired at the leader of the stormtroopers. The stormtroopers started to fire down the tunnel. Zoric jumped behind a pillar and watched the red blaster bolts fly down the tunnel. He looked at the jedi, which he knew they were jedi as he had been a jedi once himself, yelled" Get down" said Zoric. The blaster bolts narrowly missed Caitlins leg. Zoric kept firing at the stormtroopers.
  5. I use the default controls for everything. Infantary. Fighters and Transports.
  6. Depends what type of mood I am in- When I am feeling truly light: Lightsaber or lightsaber If I am feeling nuetral: Lightsaber If I am feeling truly dark: Lightsaber
  7. Nice pic. Though the point of this thread is...
  8. He looks way weird. I mean he has two hats combined into one. I have a request. Could someone get one of Vader with a Santa hat on him?
  9. Wasnt that long. It has been released before the 26th it seems. Gonna see it sometime. Sometime...
  10. Ok too get this thread back on track... I also want to get this game. I cant remember what it is called.
  11. The only war footage I like is the one in movies.
  12. Zoric was walking around the sewers of Naboo. He glanced at all the surviviors which had made it out of the Imperial invasion. As he turned he saw a jedi walking the other way. "Hello. Havent seen a jedi around here in along time. Whats your name?" said Zoric.
  13. So am I. Cool friends you got there RP.
  14. All I can say is it better be good.
  15. As was said spend your 50 bucks on somethings else.
  16. Yes it would be much better to play. But sadly I have an Xbox.
  17. Name: Zoric Bastar Sex: Male Race: Human Height: 5'6" Weight: 188 lb. Alignment: Dark Appearance: White Skin, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes and a Tatoo of a red dragon on his right face cheek. Equipment: A vibrosword with a vibration cell A heavy blast rifle Heavy Battle Armour A terminal/door hacking device A battle droid with a blaster rifle and two vibroblades on back Ship: Da'lan Two Seat Fighter 4 ion engines 2 turrets on top 2 turrets on bottom Hyperdrive Engine Backround: Zoric is a freelance mercenary who mostly does things for the dark side of things. He is about to land on Manaan to get hired...
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