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  1. This is probably going to be my most well though out RPG. It is set in the Pre-ANH era(or end of Ep 3.) You can be a new rectruit in the Empire or one of the new rebels. The rebels are on a mission to try and stop the Empire from taking the galaxy of Nimroda. There are a few planets in this galaxy and it one of them is Naboo. (If that isnt the right galaxy tell me ok and I will change it.) And also make your characters in this thread and not in the main thread. Format: Name: Age: Alignment: Armour/Clothes: Appearance: Bio: My char: Name: Zoric Bastar Age: 30 Alignment: Rebels Armour/Clothes: Old Republic Battle Armour, Old Republic Battle Helmet Appearance: Brown Hair, Brown Hair and is pretty tall Bio: Zoric was born on Naboo and raised on Naboo. He was trained to be a fighter of the Republic. After the Rise of the Empire he was sent into hiding with a band of people. They called themselves the rebels.
  2. Yeah it is... That article is stupid. Balls censored but not bastard.
  3. Rogue15 is right though. You can't make a thread about another thread.
  4. Its not just you. Why isnt it there? Oh yeah... Congrats Astro!
  5. True my local EB has November up and now it is March. I wish they would make up their mind.
  6. Exactly. Now you cant make a second RPG with the same plot.
  7. Zoric went into the Republic Senate chamber and said "The sith are retreating. We are going to establish a new academy here on Rhen Var."
  8. Zoric was walking around the human underground base. He saw a Rustar skulking around the main tunnel. Zoric pulled out his lazer caster and fired at the Rustar. He killed it. Zoric went to the alarm button and hit it. The alarm sounded...
  9. He said you need to be atleast lvl 15. EDIT: Lol me and you Darth both posted at the same time.
  10. I think that Mods who are doing a good job become a Super Mod. Thats what I think... I dont how exactly.
  11. I meant all non-informative movies.
  12. This is set in the future. There are only a small group of humans left from a great war against evil beings from another galaxy. You can be either humans or the evil beings called Rustar. Max of two chars. Rules- No godmodeing No heavy swearing Talk in proper words. (e.g. No saying some1, etc.) Format- Name: Age: Allegiance: Weapons: Clothing: Appearance: Bio: My first char: Name: Zoric Age: 26 Allegiance: Human Weapons: Laser caster(Like a blaster rifle but stronger lasers), Two long swords. Clothing: Fibre Armour Appearance: Brown hair, Brown eyes pretty tall. Bio: After the great war Zoric lead a group of survivors to the Underground. They are know hunted by the Rustar.
  13. How many shots did it take? Anyway then I have to get KOTOR II for Christmas then.
  14. "Yes we are ok. The sith are retreating. At last we may be able to stay here on Rhen Var and establish a new Jedi Academy" said Zoric to Matt.
  15. Good idea but as the others said there is too many games with Luke and the gang. I have an idea. How about we have a game set in the prequels series were you start as a child and you are training in the Academy on Courascant and there is Yoda and everything and you go up and you can slowly inch to the dark side or go to the light side. Though the catch is that when you are a teen that is when the decisions between light and dark happen. (You start off as neutral.)
  16. ((Damn what happened. This thread is gone. Redwing could you please close this and I will remake the thread and let us try again.))
  17. "Ok" said Zoric as he left the room. He went to the gate to help fix it...
  18. w00t that is my thread. Still reckon this movie is gonna suck. Just like Resident Evil the movie.
  19. Yeah all movies are designed to entertain, nothing more.
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