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  1. (Yes my return to RP's) Name: Zoric Age: 25 Gender: Male Weaponry: Two daggers, Large axe, Bow with magical arrows. Armour/Clothing: Light assasian clothes. Appearance: Black messy hair, brown eyes. He also has a small scar on the left side of his face. Bio: Zoric is a human. But he is an assasian. He hunts other humans, orcs and trolls for money.
  2. This is has increased my hype to max. Cant wait to see this movie.
  3. Its average length to me. Not short. Now a game such as BF is short.
  4. Nice. And too think you wrote it in the middle of the night!
  5. Me I Just love blowing people up and watching them fly.....................Then land. Then kill some more with a normal gun.
  6. I would not like to know someone like that! I hope they get to sent to jail too.
  7. I'm not against she is trying to save them. Dont get me wrong I love tigers. But I thought only humans should feed off breast milk. And tigers should of their mother but since their mother is lost... Anyway I am not against it but if I were in her position I would have started to feed them out of a bottle from the start.
  8. Voted Gamecube cause it has awesome games like Rouge Squardron. But I like Xbox to cause of Fable(The god of RPG's) and Halo/Halo2. Dont like PS2 that much.
  9. Outstanding vid. Just like your other one.
  10. Heh funny and entertaining. Nice vid man.
  11. That is so wrong in many ways. *Leaves thread, vowing never to come back*
  12. I have been hit by ewoks. A group of them just spawned and threw spears at me. I had alot of holes in me after that. But of course I got my revenge.
  13. True. I wish it would show what speed it was before it actually hit the fence. But that would be kinda hard to work out. Unless the driver actually looked at the speed before hitting the fence.
  14. Freaky. How could a car fly through the top of a house? From the pics there looks like no ramps anywhere. Except maybe the fence but that would of collapsed under the weight.
  15. Amen to that. The other anonymous comics are great to.
  16. Woah there was a thread like this when the game first came out. Anywho good graphics but not perfect. Fun gameplay. As a matter fact I just got my highest kill count today. 105-0.
  17. Meh. Havent played a wrestling game of my own since 1999. Forgot what it was called though. I have played this game at a friends house it sucks. Dont know how my friend can play it.
  18. Some of them are funny and some are just plain stupid.
  19. 11506. Cool game. Very amusing too.
  20. ??? They should keep that. Something I would not like to see is the pilot being an engineer/medic/pilot all in one. Seperate it I say!
  21. I am uberly excited to see this film. Best Star Wars movie it will be.
  22. Never seen this before but will look out for it.
  23. \ Yes. Yes it would. But I guess the Jedi would be like the damn SBD's in RC.
  24. Me I am only going to ROTS. But it'll be almost winter then not summer.
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