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  1. Name: Zoric Age: 23 Speices: Zabrak Sex: Male Power's: Normal powers. Greatest fear: Fighting a dark side version of himself Lightsaber: Dual. One silver one orange. I get out of my ship and see a few other jedi. I looked at the test area and saw a barren wasteland. "Wow this looks easy" I said aloud.
  2. Hell yeah. You had the warthog parked right outside in the doorway when I went to get the flag. That made us win. That one on Headlong wasnt so sweet though.
  3. No not another thread about complaining. All I can say it isnt laggy on Xbox. And it has great graphics on Xbox. Since it is a console game that was ported to PC. EDIT: I suggest you make a search before making a new thread.
  4. Ahhhh. You have extra reinforcments when you start. It is 250 instead of 200.
  5. I know that first glitch. You can do it with the banshee if it is still there aswell. EDIT: I can grab the flag easily using that glitch. EDIT again: Had 2 games with Rogue just a few minutes ago. Won one lost one.
  6. You were on today though. I was on aswell. There are a ton of glitches in the game. The devs must of put them in.
  7. Majoras Mask was fun. Though when you look at that moon it scared me when I looked at it really close. Though I liked when you had to get the tear out of it.
  8. They just ruined the end of the game for me. Anyway that is stupid. Who cares about a demon who is fully flat. And those so called mystics are fortune tellers. And in Halo 2 you dont have to kill each other senseless to win. Thats only in MP.
  9. Your lucky your ok. Thankgod for seatbelts.
  10. And more. The summer isnt that hot this year. Which is good. It was hotter earlier though. Anyway seeya.
  11. There is a huge glitch going on at Bungie.net and Xbox Live. EDIT: It is all fixed now. Thanks god.
  12. Well in Australia they didnt show any advertisments.
  13. I loved OOT. I got stuck on getting the boomerang Though I did get it eventually. Then I became Adult Link and went to the forest temple. I loved the things that patrolled the maze. Too easy to kill. One shot with your hookshot and they die. Then I vsed the the boss. God he was annoying. Then when I reached the water temple it took over a year to finish.
  14. 20. The Goonies 19. Indiana Jones 18. The Mummy 17. Se7en 16. Stargate 15. Clerks X 14. Akira 13. Escape from New York 12. Star Trek Movies 11. Star Wars Trilogy 10. Ghostbusters 9. Dawn of the Dead 8. Men in Black 7. Fight Club 6. Terminator 2 5. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 4. Evil Dead 3. The Ultimate Matrix Collection 2. Alien Quadrilogy 1. The Lord of the Rings (I had to type them as the words and the pic are links. )
  15. Yeah like a campaign for each hero. That would be good.
  16. Na it says women who have that type of hand not men.
  17. I never got to see the third one. It was in theatres with no advertisments what so ever and out of the theather in about 15 days. Musta been bad then.
  18. Well I havent played head to head yet. And the stats are back up. I agree I have been playin big team battle alot. It seems funner than skirmish cause there is more people. BTW, I am a specialist at assult.
  19. Fixed. Yeah the godfather shouldnt even be on the list. It should be in the top 100 list in the place 100.
  20. EDJ pulls out his dictionary and throws it at Nairb. Nairb gets hit in the head with it and is out for 1 post.
  21. Yeah but someone once said 'Quality is indeed better than Quantity'. I dont really know who said that. I see your point though. (w00t 2000 posts. )
  22. ^^ Capn nice av. Oh yeah notice rules after the first no.1? So there is 1 instruction and 2 rules.
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