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  1. I dont care how many sides there are. Only as long if the game is good or not. Cant wait for the screenies.
  2. You scare me sometimes. You know that right? You know what else was a bad movie? The second Matrix. (As already said.)
  3. Maybe they painted there helmets? Anyways nice pic.
  4. True. Matrix sucked. And so does the content of it. EDIT: The content on the trilogy is great. Ive watched all of it about twice.
  5. How could they. They are evil. Star Wars is way better than the Matrix.
  6. Wow. According to that I am going to live a long healthy life. About 100 years.
  7. Get the X900. Or I think thats what it is called.
  8. WTF??? Thats all I can say.
  9. I am guessing the dropships will be like transports. But will be able to fire.
  10. Sorry about the double post but some of you may have noticed the Rumble Pit stats being reset. This is because of a glitch. UPDATE: Once again the Rumble pit stats have been updated but the Team Slayer stats have know been deleted. Will post more news as it comes.
  11. Check my sig aswell. I play: Halo 2 Ghost recon 2 SW Battlefront
  12. Let me explain what I meant: Lets go to TPM: Great movie. Good to watch and great saber fights. AOTC: Not as many good saber fights as TPM but the action scenes are great. Basically too much lovey-dovey stuff than I am used to than in the other ones. Basically what Mike Windu said the story is dull. ROTS: ??? ANH: Very good movie. No lovey-dovey stuff as in AOTC. Sure it was not that actiony cause it was the basically the prologue of a book. ESB: Very good movie. Sure Han and Leia were in love but there wasnt as much romance in it. ROTJ: Best one yet. Again Han and Leia were in love but there wasnt as much romance. Basically AOTC was not the same as the rest.
  13. "Obviously" said Zoric. "I guess it would be me, Trent and Luxa going to investigate."
  14. Sometimes when I buy the game for full price it wasnt what I expected and I wasted all the money. But when I buy it for a lower price and it isnt what I expected atleast I didnt waste all that money.
  15. Never played the game but have eyed it alot. May get it soon.
  16. Zoric was standing outside the chamber were Luke, Trent and Luxa were when he heard the word Mandalorians. Zoric rushed in and said "Sorry but did I hear the word Mandalorians?"
  17. I am getting it for sure though I will wait for the price to drop first.
  18. Im Evil Dark Jedi or EDJ for short. I live in the country of Australia.
  19. Nice pic. This games seems alright. May get it as I like RTS games.
  20. 1. AOTC(Sure the battle scenes were great but the rest was too mushy) Thats it. Most of the movies I have seen are alright.
  21. Luke Luke LUKE! *Joins* Well Yoda would pwn both of them. In his prime of course
  22. Name: Zoric Age: 26 Sex: Male Faction: Rebels Rank: Jedi Knight Usual Clothes and Appearance: Jedi Knight robes, brown hair, brown eyes. Ship: The Zistar(One-man Fighter) Weapons: One red lightsaber, One blue lightsaber, blaster pistol and a vibrostaff.
  23. I had a killer game last night on midship. I got nearly 20 kills. So Ill one on one you when you get it. I finally got one: Finish Halo 2 SP.
  24. Not really. They just make the game more exciting.
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