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  1. This is not a battlefront related topicyou should have posted it in the sliced tauntaun Sorry for double post and im still with what i said before Im not an idiot
  2. I read you can only carry two weapons and a certain type of grenade or other item. i.e the medical kit that the rebel smuggler(wookie) carries
  3. this thread is not related to battlefront so you should have posted it to the sliced tauntaun
  4. id say jedi and this is not a battlefront topic and you should have put it in the slicedtauntaun
  5. um i think vader will destroy an at-at if your in it.I mean he will sense you and jump up and go through the visor and with a slash of a lightsaber your dead look at the visor of tis at-at it lokks like vader has jumped up andgot his lightsaber out
  6. How do you think the multiplayer will work? I meant what type of modes there will be.So far there is only Galactic Conquest that we know about.
  7. i just watch number 1 and number 4 of the starwars series and i see that everybody is killed with one shotwith the normal blaster
  8. MY choices in order- 1.Droids 2.Clones 3.Imperials 4.Republic
  9. Will droids be killed with one shot? I was wondering if a droid will be killed with on shot It would be better if they didnt because one shot would be really dumb.I mean youre in theed and your a clone and a droid comes running down the street and you fire a single shot and it blows up. I agree GlobalStrike.
  10. Ill be getting it for xbox for two reasons. 1.I dont own a PS2. 2.I have a comp but to many people willmean extra lag. Also even though i dont have xbox live i like playing split with my sis and its always a laugh when i beat her.
  11. I thought it would be like the rogue squadron games but when i watched the trailer it turned out to be on foot and in the air.Finally a game where you can like hijack enemy vehicles. :bdroid2: :atat:
  12. I really want to play on Naboo.In the trailer on naboo it looks mad.Imagine using the jetpack clone and flying over about a dozen droids and using those grenades BLAM! all of them are gone. I also want to get my hands on those AT-AT's your on hoth and all those speeders are flying around and you use your blasters on the speeders and 2 shots and they are gone. Also i want to get onto get onto that speeder bike.Flying around at top speeds and blasting away anyone in your way. and those e-woks.Id love to see them throwing stones on stormtroopers and using those logs to trip over the AT-ST.But i wouldnt want to be in the AT-ST at the time.
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