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  1. This would be better suited in the Sliced TaunTaun. Anyway I'd put SWBF, the mod then SWGC.
  2. You know TM left me that same message on Live. And again happy new year.
  3. So do I. Though once in a Team Slayer game my team was getting owned. They all left except me and I got a friend from the other team cause I didnt quit. I ended up getting to 25 to 50. Me getting 10 kills.
  4. OMG. So many people. Lemme go count how many there are. EDIT: God theres so many I miss lines sometimes. I got to 54 last time I counted. And there is one guy in the first row who turned 103.
  5. Thought that would be your gt. Anyway havent been on all day today. Gonna get on in a few minutes though. EDIT: I hate Ivory Tower. It is so repetetive. EDJ
  6. Need I say more? Well I lead whole game anyway.
  7. Guys there is a such thing as an edit button. Use that instead of double posting. Just had an online game and I owned on Dune Sea as a sniper.
  8. Things that you can achieve in the new year. Me I have none. But will have some soon....I think.
  9. I only got sleep from 4am to 11am in the morning. God I'm tired. Oh yeah and Happy New Year!
  10. Nice pics. I have not been to DC for obvious reasons.
  11. As the two made their way to the spaceport Zoric noticed his old house. It was almost at collapsing point. He kept walking as he remembered his parents who had been killed when the Empire invaded...
  12. I play custom mostly now. Though my fav map would have to be Ascension. I am working on getting to lvl 9 in Team Slayer now.
  13. Feb: KOTOR II for Xbox(Comes out then in Australia) Ep 3 game and RC. Whenever they come out.
  14. By dawn of the dead do you mean Zombie? Those the best. Sorta. Rogue last time you were on you were playing Rumble. I joined your party then left cause it was Rumble Pit and there were too many people in the party. I was just playing a Rumle Pit game. I won it by 3 kills. Unlike my other one where I won it by 7 kills. I had 25 kills 18 deaths, on Foundation. I had the shotgun most of the game. Cant post the results as they arent on the site yet.. That is probably cause I just got off playing it. EDIT: ckc whats your gamertag?
  15. I am pretty good at sniping. The only way to kill a unit with a headshot is to hit the very top of their head. Thats the way I kill them.
  16. Zoric spun around with his blaster and pointed it at Kilians neck. "Oh sorry. I thought you were...someone else" said Zoric. He walked down the tunnel and saw a sewer exit. Zoric went through it and they came out in the streets of Naboo. Zoric remembered when Naboo was a beautiful place. Now it was almost in ruins...
  17. ((Yah you made a character didnt you?)) Zoric took down one ghost. He told the driver of the warthog to drive forward a bit. Zoric fired as the warthog moved into an easier position to fire from...
  18. It took me about 10 wins on Team Slayer matches to get to lvl 8. So long. I am now working on skirmish matches. I am on lvl 5 in them.
  19. I think Astro will be happy with FF 2.
  20. I got: Halo 2 Xbox Live Starter Kit Harry Potter 3 DVD Harry Potter 3 game Spider-man 2 DVD Paper Mario 2 $75 (from seperate people of course ) Stargate Season 1 DVD Set Star Wars Trilogy DVD Set
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