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  1. Whoa, I didn't know police could teleport...
  2. I mentioned that K3 should take some ideas from Mass Effect in a topic recently, but the combat isn't totally appropriate. It's action based, you actually control your attacks, and can do things that wouldn't make sense in a KOTOR game. Still, BioWare made some big strides in the RPG genre with Mass Effect I think. I wish they would make KOTOR III and take some ideas from ME...it could be amazing...
  3. It was a sort of mini restoration/improvement mod for TSL that fixed lots of little things like having T3 actually show up in the Peragus fuel line camera, fixing some things with the first HK-50 you see, making that maintenance drone in the cutscene where you talk to Atton not look like Bao-Dur's remote...I think there's more but I can't remember much beyond Peragus. Anyone got any idea what I'm talkin about? Or know of any mods like that? Edit: Oh jeez, I think I found it. The Peragus-Harbinger improvement mod. I guess it was just for stuff before Telos. Hmm, now if only the Restoration Project was done...
  4. Man, once I hit Manaan, this game went loopy on me. And now I have a big glitch. When I go to the hangar to kill Ithorak, Vek is invisible and when he finishes his first string of dialogue the game crashes. I have no idea what could be causing it, but if it's any help I have Xor waiting for me at the Ebon Hawk too. I doubt that would be causing it but...I can't think of anything else besides mods, but it doesn't make much sense that a mod would cause this to happen. Edit: Nothing? I tried an earlier save and dealt with Xor and did a bunch of other stuff, but he's still invisible. This is annoying. What could be causing this??
  5. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Republic_Commando;74536 Voila.
  6. Hmm, I've tried downloading KOTOR tool a few times and it won't work. Well...while I'm waiting...are there any mods out there that add something to the game like cut content that you just HAVE to have?
  7. Although I suppose I could just change Jagi myself with the KSE, right?
  8. Man, almost ready but I'm still looking for a few things. Little things that will improve the game like making Jagi not suck, putting that conversation with Deadeye Duncan on Manaan in (didn't Darth333 make that?), just some small improvements. But I can't find them on kotorfiles.
  9. Heh, okay I think I got that. Might as well mention one more thing I'm looking for before I get started. I'd like to spice up the robes a bit, make the Jedi robes a little different but still the same style so that each of the Jedi has some spiffy looking robes. I don't want them to have different stats though, just reskins. Edit: What are some other sites besides the one at filefront? They don't seem to have much, I know there are more difficulty mods out there? Great, now I want to get a bunch of mods before I start the game.
  10. Wow that was fast. Hmm, that guy's install instructions are kind of confusing. Do I have to use the TSL Patcher or can I just drop the "for override" files in the override? My computer is new so I'm not going to go crazy downloading stuff yet.
  11. I need a recommendation for a good saber color mod, one that will make colors like yellow more yellow, add things like an orange crystal in the game, and maybe change the Heart of the Guardian to something different since it's close to orange. What I'm aiming for is to have my character with an orange saber, Bastila with a saber that actually looks yellow, and Jolee and Juhani to have unique colors as well. Anyone got any ideas?
  12. I hate the "larger audience" obsession. It's all about the cash. Just look at Nintendo. They're trying to appeal to old people and it's making the real gamers hate the Wii.
  13. So the story is basically Revan disappeared No mention of any other KOTOR characters Sith come and attack the Republic a few years later (original!) The Sith offer peace terms to the Republic? Are you ****ing serious? This is dumb as hell...
  14. I don't see how the story for this thing can make any sense at all...
  15. Yup. This looks like ****. Star Wars WoW.
  16. These posts are good examples of what I mean. Another example I thought of is incorporating damage from powers like Push and Wave from an enemy being slammed into walls and stuff.
  17. Oh boy, all this talk has me in topic creating mood! Anyway, if any of you have played Mass Effect, you might have an idea of what I'm thinking. Something I've thought about is how fun Force powers are. Isn't it great sending a stormtrooper flying into a TIE Fighter? Yeah, Force Unleashed did some things okay. I'd kinda like to keep doing it in a good Star Wars game, like KOTOR. But when I say action and talk about Mass Effect, I of course don't mean a huge similarity. The main thing I'm thinking about is how, outside of combat, the only thing you can do is walk and talk to people/investigate objects. Oh, and twirl your sabers. It'd be nice if, after I'm finished with an enemy, I can toss his body around a little more. This would require a physics system, and Mass Effect would be a good way to go about it. This topic is turning into "I wish KOTOR was Mass Effect" because I'm thinking of the dialogue in ME now. Bioware did a good job with the faces and animation and responses. I'm sure conversing will improve with the available improvements in technology since KOTOR 2. Hmm...maybe the point of this topic is less "more action" and more...advanced? Can't really think of how to put it. I'd just like to see things like an actual physics system, being able to do more, stuff like that. Couldn't I whip out my sabers and swing them around somehow, just for fun? I guess that wouldn't work because we could just go around and kill everyone...but how about using our force powers in part of a puzzle, instead of making it like a conversation and giving me choices? Anyone else see what I'm saying, or am I blathering?
  18. THE WAIT IS OVER Just wait a few more days. *Sigh* Please be KOTOR 3. Not KOTORMMO (nice acronym). But if it is...I'll look at it, and pray it's good.
  19. Well well well...I've accepted it. They don't know what they're doing. Well, we don't know what they're doing either, yet. But I'm still disappointed.
  20. Wait, is Malak also that Alek Squinquanimisuhuwgesusueiwatever guy or what? If that was his name when he was a Jedi, why is there a separate page for each of them? Revanchist isn't as bad as Squinblahblahblah but it still sounds pretty bad...and what the hell is it? Is it Revan, is it just a silly sounding title? What's going on?!
  21. You're screwed man. The only thing you can do is do everything over again, but I doubt you'd want to.
  22. While I've got a topic for griping about things not working, how the hell do you get Pato Ado on Dantooine to give you those armor components? It's hard enough to beat that ****er, I'd at least like to know what I need to do. Seriously...some of the crap that happened to me in the past ten minutes...pazaak is rigged.
  23. Oh, I'm not gonna worry about that mission anymore until it's fixed by the pros. Right now I just need something that will tack a few more hours onto my game so I can get Mira and Bao-Dur to be useful Jedi...but I've pretty much only got Korriban left.
  24. I've seen this pop up so many times and still don't understand this vein of thinking. Why wouldn't you want to know? He's a main character, he was your character when you first got interested in the series. He's the catalyst for almost everything that happened in that time period, and he should have a part to play in the next game.
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