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  1. TFU and jedi knight are 2 different games for me. I just want a recent lightsaber, guns and force power game with maximum modding options.
  2. You think Yoda will make it into TFU:US? If not, I'm gonna model him first
  3. If we get an online MP mode and an SDK to mod, I will definately create next-gen models for this game ...
  4. I did some work on this project today after quite a long time now Here are some updates: 01 02 03 Let me know what you think about it
  5. I'm talking about the Kell dragon ^^ I know I'm not in the Dark Forces team, but I took this request on the filefront forums, and I thought I'll keep you guys updated here at LF. It's a very early wip, but I thought I'll show some screenshots of it already: Front 01 Back 01 Front 02 Back 02 Feel free to comment. Also, does anyone know if I need to put a new skeleton in it, and perhaps also how I get it to work in JA ? Greetz
  6. play the game with a clean base folder. Put the files in a folder somewhere else temp. Keep the JA assets and the mods for DFmod in the base folder
  7. k So the team page isn't updated, I guess I'm just wondering how many people are still working on the mod
  8. The filefront forums seem to be pretty alive :s But I prefer LF a lot more.
  9. Looking great. Is the progress page updated as well?
  10. Goh, I would be glad to help, but I really have no time for it. Sorry :?
  11. Thanks for that, but atm school is closing around me, as I am modeling, programming and drawing almost at the same time. So I haven't made lots of progress lately.
  12. Cmon, don't get to emotional Just post some wip here, and I bet it will get active again.
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