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  1. I used Docterdivx to turn a 280 MB file into a 15 MB, the quality was worse but still nice.
  2. Sorry, I have no shader skills
  3. I don't know, it looks like he is made out of plastic. That new shader isn't that correct, I think.
  4. I hope I died at the age of 100 when they announce that they are gonna make that game.
  5. You're a fast worker How is the middle leg going to be animated?
  6. Neon

    Midgar v3.0

    That's one big (great looking) map
  7. You need to activate the machine gun, then shoot with it on the door if I remember.
  8. Lol, nice evolution in skinning and in modeling
  9. You are a very talented skinner Can you fix that black line when the head goes over to the body?
  10. Neon

    Jango VM

    Jango has had two jetpacks, are you going to include both?
  11. Again? Well, the plx-1 definately should be the merr son
  12. Will that rocket launcher be animated so it rests on the shoulder?
  13. Bah, I was already thinking when I saw this post being a sticky, that you did it because there would be real rumours
  14. Are you still making models?
  15. Neon

    Magna Guard VM

    Oh well, but they got classes, so they can do it ...
  16. Neon

    Magna Guard VM

    The thing is that most of the modelers and animators are very busy, and a lot have left jedi academy editing the last year.
  17. Neon

    Magna Guard VM

    So moviebattles could use it because they would only grievous make it able to use, right?
  18. Yeah, I would also like to do a beta test
  19. Yeah, I would also like to finally do a beta test
  20. Neon

    Magna Guard VM

    Looks ok. But that cape is wrong indeed
  21. Yeah, playing MP can make you play the game some extra years
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