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  1. I agree Henz, they are only making an mmo for the subscription fees people will pay.
  2. has the mmo been rumoured about for years? KOTOR 3 has. i'm just holding onto last hope that its that...
  3. if u right click, save picture the image its filename is kotormmo screenie. summet like tht
  4. i would be very disapointed if there was not KOTOR 3. the first 2 were the best games ive played, and i want to know how the series ends, if they didn't leave it on a cliffhanger i would be less bothered. but also, id be disapointed the fact that been waiting years, checking this forum to see if theres been an anouncement, and waiting for the 3rd one.
  5. would be ace if they did announce it. would be the suprise game of e3. and would get attention for xbox 360. would be good if i was announced, and secretly in development for years, *sigh* i can dream right?
  6. i would never be happy with a kotor 3 book in stead of a game i loved both kotor and tsl. though i prefer tsl if im honest. they need to make a 3rd one.
  7. If You Remember A While Back. Lucas Arts Had Already Begun Work On Kotor 3. Whilst Kotor 2 Was In Development. But Had To Stop When Staff Had TO Be Laid Off. Maybe LA Had Already Decided On A Plot For It. Which A Content Patch Would Of Ruined.
  8. the game doesnt work with ATI Radeon Express 200. I Have Same prob. i pass on everything, excepth the card, which sucks, as i just got new pc, after old one breakign and now can't play the gmae.
  9. Iwata: "Nintendo is not working on a next-generation console" Game giant president tells Japanese daily that the Wii is a lower-graphics console by choice, sheds light on online plans. Theres The Article. http://uk.gamespot.com/news/6152265.html
  10. But the Wii is not a next generation console. i makers of the Wii said that is not their goal, but instead to supply a fun console. i think thats quite good idea tbh, but alot of ppl are all about the graphics and how big the game is.
  11. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=139639&skip=yes Theres some screen shots of concept art their, Screen shots show Vader. Looks like the vader game is happening
  12. haha no the xbox 360 is an amaxing console, and will be in november. The Wii and PS3 will struggle against it. Some analysts have even wrote that they predict the PS3 will be 3rd, with the Wii beating it. you're sick of good games going on xbox 360? im sick of people saying the xbox 360 is crap. if kotor 3 is made, ofcourse it will be on pc too, the previous ones were, why alienate a market?
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