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  1. remember this thread?




    Thanks to you and others like you on lucasforums, I have seen the light!


    I was raised by a catholic family that did not know better. now I have seen a different view point. I have since came to read and watch people like Richard Dawkins and I have been enlightened.


    If you ever read this, Thank you for helping me find the way to the world of critical thinking!



  2. I made this thread. I think it is important enough to move it to a more heavily populated discussion forum, but I don't know if I am allowed to repost the same thread elsewhere in these forums.




    can you move this to another forum or link to this thread from a more populated forum?


    Thank you.

  3. well if you ever see this, you made great posts!

  4. goodbye skinwalker. you have really opened my eyes.

  5. I haven't seen you post since 2009. where have you been?

  6. Most people don't seem to realise what's going on under their very noses...

  7. how is everything in Australia? are most people unhappy with the censorship?

  8. Nothing to apologize for. It's a debate forum! :)

  9. I'm sorry about before.

  10. hi! are you alive?

  11. I know. but I get free housing and free transportation. small price to pay for all the benefeits. i get to save my money up and go to college. i got it pretty good.

  12. "My mom makes me go to church"


    you're 28

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