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  1. yea. if a president or politician does not take a bribe and decides he wants it done right, wont they resort to threats next?
  2. Ever wonder if the wealthy have a stranglehold on the government? Think about it. why wont our leaders do what is obviously right for the economy or environment or make jobs or alternative fuel? Perhaps the wealthy and the oil people want things to be the way they are. They want to make oil the main source of energy. They want the rich to get ricer and the poor poorer. Maybe they don't care what happens to earth generations from now because they want to cash in now and they won't be around then. I imagined becoming president promising to "cut our dependence on oil" and "create jobs and decent wages for workers." One day a threat came by phone from an oil company person. They don't want these things because they are benefiting from oil and exploiting the poor. They said they would snuff me like Kennedy if I didn't do what the rich wanted. They also said they had people on the inside etc. But this is a hypothetical scenario of "what if i became president and discovered the real reason for government corruption." You think its possible that they have our leaders under their leash?
  3. I'm glad there are people out there who want to protect our science and advancement from organized ignorance.
  4. I recently had a Muslim teacher visit my culture class. she didn't believe in evolution because the Koran says "Allah made us from scratch." I pointed out the larcge amounts of evidence to support it, but she kinda trailed off on me saying "there is a lot of debate" and stuff about "faith".
  5. This is good news! I think its is sad how little people are taught about evolution as it is.
  6. http://travel.msn.com/Guides/article.aspx?cp-documentid=395367&GT1=10142 An Article about Answers in Genisis Creation Museum. it happens to be located near me. Suposivly Adam and Eve was in the Garden of Eden with dinosours. and that the earth is 6000 years old. And its targeted to children. Educaters say its scientifficlt inacurite, yet Ken Ham, the founder says he uses the same science as thay do. I wonder what "science" they used to declare anyting about Adam and Eve and Noah's ark? This is the same group that was found in this video i posted a while back: It led me to thinking: Darwin and Galileo Both made discoveries and people thought they were contrary to the Bible so they wouldnt believe it! What if they spoke out aginst Galileo as well as Darwin? "I dont beleive the earth revolves around the sun! I Believe what the bible says is true! that the Sun Orbits the Earth! That God put the earth on its foundations and it can never be moved" The kids would probably believe it! sad indeed.
  7. Looks like Dawkins isn't the only one! Thank goodness we have more people to help!
  8. glad you agree! Nancy, This in NOT about removing religeon. its about defending seperation of church and state, keep creationism out of science classes, prevent theocracy etc. people can still be free to believe what they like. They just want to defend people's right to be different. so they cant force their religeon on other faiths or the non religous.
  9. Here people are complaining about the lack of reason in this country. Religios brainwashing videos on kids etc. I dont know if people know if this orginization exists, but here is a place to donate to if we want to do something about it. promote education, seperation church and state, etc... richarddawkins.net his in troductory video is gone, but you can find it on youtube.(at least part of it.) http://youtube.com/watch?v=bTbdvy5jIQw All in all, spread the word. There is little chance he can be successfull, but we have to try.
  10. If you think this one was fun, wait till you see this one. (warning: Disturbing Image involving a cardboard cutout of Presedent Bu$h!) Edit:
  11. I think I found a similar video on Youtube! in the begining, we see a guy who needs to go back to school! Clicky
  12. http://youtube.com/watch?v=shXRVP_w150 I thought the comments on this one was funny. mark fox sang in his "child character" voice. Remember, this was NOT done with pitch software. if you look at the other videos, you can see him speack without his child character voice. the sound is low, turn your volume up and brace yourself! http://youtube.com/watch?v=y9hGdu_wbp8 i love this one too. the best music video i seen!
  13. Thanks gang! I really like that documentary! I would show it to my Parents, but they are too religuis.
  14. Richard Dawins as alful brave. He went around confronting all those religous poeple.. I would be afraid to say stuff like that to fundimentalist beleivers. wasn't he afraid people will smack him? how did he do this without worry that the people he interviewed would take away his film?
  15. Clicky! http://objection.4camp.net/go.php?n=386135
  16. the scariest thing i ever played was one level in "Theif- Deadly Shadows". It was the Shalbridge Cradle if you are patient enough to get to it.... This link shows a picture of it and a description! Shalebridge Cradle (twards the bottom of the page)
  17. Thank you all! I apretiate the support from my fellow posters!
  18. I looked here, but didn't see a Bithday thread for me... ... So i did my own. Happy birthday me...
  19. well i just thought i recovered a lost tread and i do rather like it. Im sorry guys.
  20. I think i brought back this thread! I found it in my User CP! ...or have they found a backup and fixed it?
  21. If only the Fundementalist would focus on real issues, their influence and media attention would greatle benefit our country. Im not talking about the issues about what entertainment people should have, but the American dependance on oil, our failing economy the things that actualy matter.
  22. Clicky We might as well say "Guys! Take everything we own! We are nothing and you are our masters!" The wey we're going.
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