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  1. ' I feel so awkward putting those up because I'm like eight years younger than half of you xD
  2. erm. Its been quite a while since I was last on here. A year at least. But I needed to ask a question and I knew this was the one place I could get an answer without being flamed xD So uhh. For those of you who play World of Warcraft. Did the 2.4 patch come out today? I play on private servers, and use a custom launcher so I can easily switch between them. Then today I wanted to make sure my game was updated so I went on with the official launcher and found I had a patch waiting. I have 2.3 so I thought Oh wow 2.4 must be out. So I exited and the background downloader said it was downloading 2.4 But when I was in game, I asked if 2.4 would work on the server, and a few people thought I was insane, as 2.4 isnt out yet. Heres a pic as proof it downloaded: http://s259.photobucket.com/albums/hh320/JakeCannibal/?action=view&current=Untitled-1.jpg >.<
  3. OS: XP Media Center Card: GeForce 6150 =p RAM : 1GB Games: Not much. Just TES 4: Oblivion and BFME2: Rise of the Witch King expansion. Rez: 1024 x768 for Oblivion. Though I could be running at 1280x960 it wouldnt be the best idea because I can barely get 15 FPS out of 1024x768 >.< I have a pretty good ATI card from my old computer, but I dont really care for ATI and plus it doesnt fit in this computer.
  4. I think we all know how it is. You order a good computer, which unfortunately isnt made specifically for gaming, so you get a crappy graphics card. And of course, I play Oblivion, one of the games that happens to require a high end pc to run smoothly. Well I recieved an onboard Nvidia GeForce 6150 LE with this one. Unfortunately, this card DEFINENTLY was not built for gaming. With Oblivion on Medium graphic settings (with some adjustments: all shadows off, shadow filtering and blood decals off, and distant lands off, and grass view distance at 0) I still only get around 8-15 FPS in the wilderness. I have updated drivers, hell, I even have some mods that are supposed to improve performance (Oblivion Poly-Be-Gone and Streamline 3) so with no where else to turn, (besides buying a new gfx card.. but I don't really like spending money xD) I've decided to try overclocking. I really don't trust this thing much though. I'm sure the cooler is nothing special, so overclocking too much could result in a very short life time. I would like some suggestions on overclocking with this thing before I actually do it. I'm not "ubercomputersmart" so I really wasnt sure what was too much. (I was thinking 40-100 MHZ. But I have no clue whether thats very little or just way too much) I also noticed that whenever I accepted the license agreement for overclocking, the 3D Clock Frquency was already set to 425 MHz. Any suggestions?
  5. I like to play Oblivion and Morrowind on here in my spare time. Oblivion takes quite a toll on my memory. This computer is brand new (Its great and all, but it seems anytime you buy a great computer you get an out dated, low end graphics card with it.) Morrowinds graphics arent very fancy, and I can get about 75-90 FPS on that (with highest resolution and pixel shading) versus the 10-15 FPS I get on Oblivion before my game crashes (This is on Low graphical settings.) So I can see why they would have outdated graphics for WoW. And for the social part, I used to skateboard with a good friend of mine named Ben. He bought World of Warcraft last year and I barely talk to him anymore. Kind of sad how games can affect people's social lives. =[ {snip} Off topic part removed. If you are wondering where the rules are RA, here you go... Forum Rules. -RH
  6. Yeah I've seen some videos and pictures and IMO the graphics look.. eh... decent. Well I don't think I'm going to buy it in the end, really hate paying so much money, and I don't care for breaking laws either XD I might try the trial if I get the time though. Thanks all, Anthem
  7. Hey all, I was thinking about grabbing myself a copy of World of Warcraft (Hear its highly addictive... had some bad experiences with addictive games in the past XD). So I was wondering, is this JUST an MMO or can is there a free Single Player Campaign kind of thing I can play? I mean, the online thing is cool and all, but I REALLY don't wanna have to pay large amounts of money every month just to play a video game when I could spend my money elsewhere... Edit One more question: Are the private servers free? Thanks, RA
  8. Star Wars: The Last Feast! Da Vinci would be proud.
  9. I figured it out. I went to the Internet Logs, where the Zone Alarm logs were and deleted them. I guess the password must've been there, because the password is gone. Woot.
  10. I have a bit of a problem here. My dad can't remember the password to the damned Zone Alarm program and every time we try to delete or uninstall it, it gives us an Access Denied error because the password needs entered. Any ideas? We've already tried safe mode and we still get error. We've also tried Windows Commands and they won't work either. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I was watching the Clerks II today and noticed something a little odd about a song in there. One of the songs (I know the song, I've heard it before, I just can't remember the name.) is in the movie, but I couldn't find it on the soundtrack. The song starts around 1:06:30 into the movie, after Kelly and Randal discuss the party. Maybe it is on the soundtrack, but I listened to all the samples on iTunes and didn't think any of them even sounded close to this song. EDIT Ah. I figured it out. It's 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins. Why wasnt it on the soundtrack?
  12. Alright. I'm downloading the trial to try it now. I guess I could just record what's on screen though (with audio recording) and then just rip the audio via Blaze Media Pro if this doesnt work.
  13. I think it looks very good. I always have had a fascination with ancient Rome and Greece. Go figure. Maybe its just because Global Studies is the only class I've never gotten lower than a 95 percent in. I do have quite an imagination too. So anything medieval seems cool to me.
  14. Yes, I do see quite a bit of a difference. I agree COD 2 in full HD is amazing. Older Xbox games like Halo1 and Halo2 get very pixely. But they still look very nice. I would buy if you're really into sports too. I love hockey and football. Which were the main reason we got comcast and HD. Well, that and the kickass music channels =)
  15. Sounds quite interesting. Always have been a LOTR fan. I doubt anyone can reproduce Tolkein's amazing creativity and imagination though.
  16. Post often. I've been here awhile too. I remember getting a birthday thread once though =) Its very nice here. My new second home. So yeah. Post often and make sure people know you. And wala.
  17. Hey all, I could use a little bit of help here... Lets say, that instead of recording audio from a mic or something of the sort, I wanted to record an audio file playing on the computer. My scenario is a song on a friend's mysapce that I wanted to record to put on my iPod. I just want to record the song on the computer, Simple enough. Yet I can't find a solution. I have Blaze Media Pro. Which offers Audio Recording. But I'm not sure if it lets me record it straight from my computer. Thanks in advance, RA
  18. I have to agree and say that Cage was an odd choiice for Johny Blaze, but I still want to see the movie. And how has nobody heard of Blood and Chocolate???? http://www.mgm.com/bloodandchocolate/
  19. So... My girlfriend and I go to the movies alot, and next Saturday (February 10th I think) we're going to see Blood and Chocolate with some friends. None of us has ever read the book so I'm pretty sure we'd like it, I'd like s second opinion though. Then, on February 16th (the release of Ghost Rider, a Friday night, AND our one month... cool, huh?) we're going to see Ghost Rider, which I can't wait for because I've been waiting for this since like.. last July. Anyways, just wanted some second opinions on these.... Much appreciation!
  20. Eh, just like the damn myspace scams XD they scam you, take your account, scam your friends, take their accounts... >.<
  21. I know I started this thread quite a while ago, but its probably lost now, and plus I hate to bump very old threads. We have all probably seen the online rewards center and free gift ads, but I don't think I've ever actually met someone brave enough to even bother trying it, so I figured what the hey, what not check? so, I went to the most popular, online rewards center, and gave it a try. I gave fake info of course, and tried to skip as many of the surveys an other junk they show you. I eventually got to the final page, where they wanted my address, phone number, etc. I didn't go any further as they don't accept fake addresses XD So my question is: has anyone ACTUALLY tried this and had one work?
  22. Eh nice guitar! If I can find the camera I'll get some pics of my Charvelle and other random guitars I own
  23. Well i got quite a few things this year... 72 inch Widescreen TV New Compaq computer 19 inch widescreen monitor BFME 2 Rise of the Witch King Xbox Live 12 month card A girlfriend that absoulutely loves me New cologne that drives my gf crazy ; ) Life is good. I'll get pics when I find the damn camera
  24. XD I'm cracking up. Man LucasForums rocks! Well anyways I'll post some stuff about me because I haven't in a while... Name: Jake Old Usernames: Chains Age: 13 Interests: Music, Guitar, Debates and discussions that make you really think (yes, I'm serious), Women (duh), computers, some art here and there Location: Irwin, Pennsylvania Sports: Football, Basketball, some baseball too
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