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  1. (MORROWIND VAMPIRES SUCK!!!) Wow, guess we should get started here. Photobucket is being gay right now, so I'm trying to get pics up of Vallen in all his awesomeness. The Bruma guard barracks had been much warmer and cozier after the past year or so, after the city was attacked by Necromancers, most things had to be rebuilt, and luckily, they refurnished the barracks, with a fireplace and everything. Vallen sat eating the Venison he had got from his hunting today. He hadn't eating much in the last few days, as the guard captain, he was always on duty and there was rarely any time for breaks. Two new recruits where sitting across from him, and on his right was a veteran much like himself. One of the recruits, a young woman named Beatrix, spoke up. "That sword." She started, referring to the sabre in Vallen's scabbard. "It's... interesting... what is it exactly." Suddenly, Vallen looked up and noticed all the once sleeping guards where leaning over the railing above, eager to hear the story again. Almost every week someone asked him about the sabre. "Hand Fang. It's a powerful ayleid sabre I found in my adventures. It was in an ayleid ruin I found, but... I'm really tired right now, I'll tell you all the story tommorow morning before we go on duty."
  2. I thought Morrowind and Battlespire where great, I always was an RPG kind of guy, so when Oblivion came out I was suprised to find that it surpassed Morrowind by ALOT. The graphics are amazing, the replay value is off the scales, (I feel the need to start a new game like every other day) The only thing I don't really like is the realism. Theres not enough! How do foresters all the way across Tamriel hear me kill Rufio!? Luckily Bethesda was nice enough to let us solve that for ourselves, because people created mods for those things. Oh and did anyone notice that if you go to like TESSource or Planet Elder Scrolls all the savegames are girls except for like 4 or 5 out of 100 something? I always role play while playing Oblivion. (Call me crazy, but most of you have to remember that I created RPGs every like month when I first joined the forums.) It's fun to extend the Dark Brotherhood quest line by role playing. Hey, if anyone needs help or tips with Oblivion, msg me!
  3. Yup, I know what ya mean, I myself have been forgetting about the whole site sadly, its just that with all the girls- errr.... homework lately... With school, guitar, friends, girls, etc etc its kinda hard to keep up with things..
  4. As you probably figured out, I am OBSESSED with the Elder Scrolls, so I'm gonna start an RPG! I'm not sure where to start though... so... RULES You can be pretty much anything! Commoner, Imperial Guard, Assassin, Vampire, Thief, whatever! NO CLIFFRACERS!!!!!!! Sure you can mention them, but no maaculous stories about them coming back! This takes place after Oblivion All General RPG Rules apply (No charr controlling, no charrie killing, etc) And heres the character form: Name: Race: Gender: Class: Birthsign: Factions: Apperance: Bio: (Optional) theres nothing about "equipment" because I doubt peopel are going to fill this out then use the same stuff the whole rpg, just no uber items or artifacts please! Alright, theres no "plot" right now, just let your charries go about there duties and everything, I will start a plot after some more people join and we get into this more. ----------------- Name: Vallen Rosethorne Race: Dark Elf Gender: Male Class: Freelancer (They use pretty much anything they can find) Birthsign: The Warrior Factions: Imperial Watch (Captain of the Bruma guard) Apperance: (Will post pic in a minute) Bio: Vallen was an orphan for as long as he could remember. He escaped from his foster home one night ins earch of a new life. He was only 11 years old at the time, and he had no idea where he was going to go. He lived in a small camp near Lake Rumare with a friendly wolf he had found and named "Eldrac" for about a month until his camp was found by a group of bandits. He was taken as a prisoner to an underground hideout, but the bandits were suprisingly kind. They fed him, gave him clothes, and two even helped him harness his skills with a bow. When he turned 14, the bandits allowed him to leave. He decided to return to his camp in the wilderness with his new skills with a bow, and his improved senses, he lived at that camp until he was 17, at the point, he traveled Tamriel in search for a new home. He decided to stop in Bruma one day when he was confronted by two guards. They thought he would be perfect guard material, so he agreed to get a job as a guard. He was even payed for it. But the most unexpected thing happened. Instead of him remaining as a minor guard for bruma, he quickly climbed the ranks, fending off necromancers and bandits who tried to invade the town, stopping thieves... the guard was impressed, and after their guard retired, Vallen took the position at the age of 20. That was 9 years ago, and he now lives in his cabin home in Bruma, still defending the citizens tot his day. Sorry for the long bio! After we get some more ppl, we'll start.
  5. Wow! I've been gone for awhile... OMG FISTO KIT! AND JEDI! AND NEW PEOPLE! SOOOOO COOL! I have no idea where we left off though, so I feel like starting a new RPG... (Ever notice I NEVER finish RPGs? Weird...)
  6. Anyone else an addict- err... fan of the Elder Scrolls series? I was just downloading some mods for Oblivion and ended up finding about three or four people I remember really well from here are modders of the game.
  7. Hey guys n gals and Elder Scrolls fans. After hours of searching, testing, and having my 360 crash, I finally figured out how to duplicate items WITH the patch donloaded! 1. Equip a set of arrows (have around... 35-40) 2. Make sure you have your hands out (no weapons) 3. Punch at the ground 4. Press "B" before the punch makes contact with the ground 5. Go to the equipped set of arrows and press "A" so you get the "Cannot unequip item while attacking" message 6. Find the item you wanna duplicate and press "X" to drop it. 7. Now exit the inventory and collect your booty! NOTES This will only work with small items (IE No Swords or Shields) It APPEARS that stolen goods wont work (my stolen Grand Soul Gem wont work) DO NOT have a ton of arrows, remember that the number of arrows you have equipped determine how many duplications you get (IE 45 arrows and a lockpick is gonna freeze your game, so try maybe 20 arrows at a time) You cannot have more than ONE of the item you want to duplicate in your inventory. (Just store the others somewhere else) If this does not work for you and you're really desperate to duplicate, you can remove the auto update by clearing your Xbox cache and signing off XBL when you start the game Hope This Helps!! RA
  8. Actually I was Yoda and a Snail Tank was like right in front of me and it started driving and Yoda fell through the map. It was weird.
  9. Hey, speaking of the bible Ztalker... Did anyone else here see the episode of Unsolved Mysteries where they found that the bible predicted 9/11... "The Bible Code" They called it. Apparently it predicted lots of major events. Creepy.
  10. Well Jae, In your example, it'd be more the kid htan anything, its the kid's fault for going out with someone over the internet that could be a 40 year old petiphile.
  11. Emos are creepy **** who go around saying that life sucks and they wanna die. Scientifically known as the "Whynius Bitchus" Unless you're talking about cigarettes, drop the "terminology". You've been warned. ~ ChAiNz.2da
  12. http://www.forbes.com/home/feeds/ap/2006/07/12/ap2873691.html My dad told my mom about it and I overheard, then I was watching Glenn Beck and he was talking about it. (He also mentioned a pattern in three major bombing dates: 9/11 7/11 3/11) Seriously, who in the right ****ing mind would go and bomb the hell out of some inoccent men and women just for fun. I sort of have a feeling that it was AL QAEDA I mean really, what other bastard would kill 200 innocent people like that? Then it hit me. Remember how we had no clue where Bin Laden was, but he sent us those two terror tapes? I wonder... could he be in India? This world has gone completely insane...
  13. When I was 12 (RIGHT NOW!) Preppy girls have 5 boys all over them, wanting to go out with them, Then the little groups of friends are busy talking about what theyre gonna go do after school, Then there's me, Charlie, and Kevin, we sit there listening to our iPods while talking about the most random things. Then sometimes I talk to my gf and her little friends. So ya, call our school messed up, but my 9 year old cousin has a bf, so I think I can say this: WTF ARE SOME PEOPLE THINKING!!!! I dont even know what I'm saying anymore...
  14. Coool guys, I'll try them out ... but Zone Alarm is also Anti AViru I thought, if you open it uip it jas program control, arental control, etc. AND Anti virus and virus scans. But maybe I'm just crazy... well okay, thanks for the help.
  15. Interesting. I'll have to do some research *Grabs coffee, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew* Here we go again.
  16. I like MySpace, it's a nice place to chat, but seriously, I dont think it's MySpace's fault, sure it provides a way to put up slutty pics etc, but its not like they intended kids to do that, I've seen numerous kids with slutty pics of themselves, and saying they're 20 when they're really 13. It's pretty common.
  17. Anyone who got 5th level send me a PM. RA no like Emos. Emos go BOOM! I got level 8. I am quite the hypocrite... Don't masturbate, porno is wrong, swearing is evil... Heh heh... the usual...
  18. You have it all wrong, okay. Myspace isnt to blame, myspace is perfectly safe. It's the 13 year old girls who have pictures of them in slutty, revealing outfits, with captions that read: "*Cum* And Get Some" (Yes I really have seen this...) Why do people have to bitch saying OMG MYSPACE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN! SOMEONE KIDNAPPED MY DAUGHTER. Well I'd show the parent their daughter's Myspace page, then maybe she'd change her attitude about them. I mean really, think about this guys, if kids wouldnt put their pics up, or fake their age and bypass the "Private Profile" for under certain ages, maybe people would see that it's not Myspace. Discuss.
  19. HELLS YEAH! They really should! That'd be LMAO funny. Imagine Halo... with bitchy Cortona, midget grunts, and of course my main man: the steroid enhanced, combat bred, super weapon: the MC. And who knows, maybe Yao Ming could play an elite.
  20. I wanted to see this, unfortunatley I can't, but I might sometime next week! No movie is complete without Johnny Depp dressed up as a pirate. Oh, and apparently they're making a third movie. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0449088/
  21. I couldnt find a general tech forum (or maybe I just didnt look) so I'm gonna post this here for some help. I have about 10 viruses on my computer, so I'm using my dad's. Both are protected by Zone Alarm, but the thing is, Zone Alarm isnt detecting the viruses, and I know for sure they're some type of viruses, as everytime I open up AIM or Windows Messenger, some program sends messages to my friends, like it was me, telling them to download this program, which is obviously a virus. The thing is, I found some suspicious files that keep trying to access trusted zones and the internet. I deleted some, cleared my cache and checked Zone Alarm's Program Control list. And the files were still there. They were the same files, I checked. So does Zone Alarm show the history of access attempts or what? And I just realized where the viruses came from. Those of you with IM programs probably know of the virus going around that takes control over IM programs and sends messages saying: How would this Pic of us look on myspace? Or something like that, then it gives a link to the supposed picture, which is actually an exe saying its a screensaver. Well out of major curiosity and boredom, I installed the file and nothing happened. Now just recently, I had to shut down Zone Alarm to use Xbox Connect, and my computer locked up. I restarted and put up Zone Alarm again, but I just realized Zone Alarm must've been holding back the virus and when I shut it down. Okay this post is turning into a big mumbo jumbo of words and stuff... Anyways, is there any way I can get Zone Alarm to stop the virus, because it doesnt say it detects anytihng when I do a virus scan, and deleting the hundreds of suspicious files manually could take forever.
  22. LMAO I was looking at people's awesome new computers with their awesome RAM and all that and I realized my copmuter... (This is my dad's I'm on now, my computer has about 10 viruses, and Zone Alarm isnt detecting them...) has a grand total- PREPARE TO BE STUPIFIED- OF 245 MB OF RAM! OMG! BOW DOWN TO MY CRAPPY COMPUTER OF CRAPINESS!!!!! I just recently bought an Xbox 360 though, and Call of Duty 2 (Love it) So basically the only awesome things I own that I havent posted are my lovely and awesome gf, and my even lovlier and awesomer hair. (Dont tell her I said that...)
  23. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Holy crap, how is that possible!?
  24. I was gonna go rent Republic Commando (God I love this game...) but I dont know if it works on the 360. Anyone know?
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