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  1. Yeah Jax is here! Hooray! Guess I'd better get Gus back out ^^ Name: Gus Kenobi Age: 20 (i cant remember his original age) Gender: Male Side: Rebels Rank: Jedi Knight, Viper 8 (i cant remember his number either XD) Weapons: Green Lightsaber, Force powers Ships: Custom X-Wing
  2. After all the years of losing wars, battles, dogfights, and even losing lords, the empire has risen again with a plan: Revenge. They have a new leader, Darth Treth, who plans to take put the Rebels, but the Rebels wont go down without a fight. The empire has proceeded with the firsts tep and ambushed the rebellion on Hoth, where they were builiding a command center in place of the former Echo base. Delta Command is much larger and stronger, with more turrets and guards than any rebel facility in history. The empire has brought everything they could: Fighters, troops, Chocken and doggy walkers.... Let the chaos begin.... Name: Age: Gender: Side: Weapons: Ill post my charrie later.
  3. Yeah guys, I was suprised how far the Phantom went. At first it was really small and we werent all that great of RPers and now... we ahd about 6 rps in the Phantom series and weve all improved greatly... Well its been fun guys, bye!
  4. My friend uses Lime Wire and I was going to download it... but... is it legal?
  5. *clears throat* Hade? You mean HAD! Oh no... I'm turning into my language arts teacher!! RA, this post contributes nothing to this topic and is pure off-topic spam. Also not everyones native language is English, and as such you need to be a little more understanding. Consider this a warning. -RH
  6. Phenomenom- Thousand Foot Krutch Absolute- Thousand Foot Krutch Stranger- Thousand Foot Krutch Rawkfist- Thousand Foot Krutch Bat Country- Avenged Sevenfold Burn It Down- Avenged Sevenfold Jump- Van Halen Aint talkin Bout Love- Van Halen Dance The Night Away- Van Halen Panama- Van Halen
  7. lol nah i just havent been on lately. Didnt change my avvie yet.
  8. Less Than Jake- The Science of Selling Yourself Short Goo Goo Dolls- Acoustic #3
  9. Very sorry, my girlfriends got me going over her house 24/7 now... well its not all bad *wink wink* But hey, I'm here now.
  10. oh man, that'd be 1337... I could just see it now... the first fifty seconds of the game and... THE WAMPAS ARE VICTORIOUS!!!!
  11. Trust Company- The War Is Over and next up is... Goo Goo Dolls- What a Scene
  12. Gus chuckled. "Change of course, lets go." whne he landed outside the gate, he was suprised to see the old arena. When he walke din, he spotted Viper. "DIE DAMNIT!"
  13. "Of course it isn't" He smiled and fired another rocket towards where the voice came from.
  14. SEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 sorry guys, I've been talking to Julie alot now. And we went to the movies friday with our friend... and i kissed her...
  15. The bounty hunter's fighter dissapeared. "what the-" started Julie. "Cloaking." Said Chazz, but he didnt know where he was now. "oh..." She said "Careful, dont die on me Julie." He ordered. He thought he ehard he rgiggle before she responded. "Sure thing Chazz."
  16. "Sir, we ahve some trouble, a clone tagegd as "Viper" has wreaked havoc and is escaping." The message burst through Chazz's wrist comm. Before he knew what he was doing, he replied back, "Tail him." "Yes sir" Chazz didnt realize that tailing an ex bounty hunter wouldn't be easy, but his men could do it. When he saw Gus on the ground underneath, he flew down and scooped him up in his arms. "Oh great..." When he arrived back at the command post a few minutes later after fixing Gus's armor, he was suproised to found Master Yoda, lightsbaer ignited, taking on hundreds of clones at a time. "Go you must! Mygeeto, Viper is headed for." Gus nodded and flew to Omni's position. "Chazz, we mangaged to hold it for you, but we-" Chazz cut Julie off. "No time, you're coming with me." He said, looking her in the eyes. "Y- Yes, sir." "and Julie?" "Yes sir?" "Its Chazz." Julie nodded and ran off to her ship, he threw Gus into his own ship and they both took off. "Okay, this guys dangerous, ex bounty hunter, and an upgraded version of Jango's armor." Julie's aknowledgent light winked on his comm. "Got it."
  17. A pistol shot hit Chazz's armor. "Ah!" Gus rolled out of the way and ounched Chazz. Hot blood ran down inti his mouth an dall he could smell was the scarlet bloody drips. He looked up and tripped Gus. He wouldn't kill him. But Viper was different. Chazz fired at him twice before throwing a detonator and running towards the post where Yoda was. "Master Yoda! We have a rebellion!" Yoda looked up at him and frowned. "Know I do already, fight back we must!" Chazz knew what this meant. Chazz shouted at the top of his lungs. "FIRE AT WILL!" Jedi and the troopers still loyal to his command jumped from behind the wooden barriers and charged at top speed, clashing with the traitors one at a time. Gus was no where to be seen. "Master Yoda, we need back up." "Back up I will get..." said Yoda, smiling now. He closed his eyes and concntrated ahrd. before he knew it, hundreds of fighters and gunships came out of nowhere, some firing at the rebellion and some at the Loyalists. As more and more troops were killed, Gus realized he couldn't see Viper. Suddenly, a jet trooper crashed into a healing bot behind him and the droid exploding, killing the jet trooper. Gus detached the jet pack from the dead troop's armor and attached it to his back.
  18. Gus stared down in disbelief at Viper. One second, a republic soldier, the enxt, CIS scum. He knelt down beside him. "Viper? Viper- A-are you okay, what just happned?" But he knew, the CIS had tricked him, cause him to fight for them. "No..." He whispered, shoving his pistol into his belt. "I wont kill you..." Chazz ran over just in time. "I KNEW YOU HUNTERS COULDNT BE TRUSTED!" He yelled, firing a shot at Viper. "NO!" yelled Gus, tackling him to the ground. Chazz couldn't move, he was pinned there. "YOPU CNAT HURT HIM! THEY TRICKED HIM, THEY-" Chazz shoved Gus off him. "GET OVER IT TROOPER, THIS IS WAR!" Gus just gave him a cold look and closed his eyes. "Well it doesnt have to be this way." said Gus, standing now. Chazz fired towards Viper again and looked back ot Gus. "WHAT ARE YOU-" Gus pulled out a pistol, and aimed it at Chazz. "They're... they're.... The CIS is tricking you both!" STOP! ITS A TRI-" but Chazz heard a shot being fired and the last thing he saw was Gus falling over, as he himself fell. Gus was now in shock. he had just shot his own commander. What was he!? INSANE!? HE JUST KILLED HIS COMMANDER! Gus shook his head and looked up at Chazz's body. "he's not dead..." Chazz stood back up and fired at Viper, then he fired a shot towards Gus. Gus jumped out of the way and fired his pistol. All he could hear was the voice in his head. "Kill him.... Kill him.... He's the reason you're an orphan! HES WHY YOURE PARENTS ARE DEAD!" The lie repeated over and over, causing Gus to go insane and fire at Chazz again and again. "YOU KILELD MY PARENTS" He hsouted, firing again. "GET A GRIP!" yelled Chazz, pummeling him in the face with his rifle's barrel. "ITS A TRICK SOLDIER! GET UP!" Chazz was sweating and crying, but trioed niot to show it. Gus nailed Chazz with the barrel of his pistol. "YOU KILLED THEM!" he yelled, charging, his head down, towards Chazz. His head made contact with his chest, causing him to topple over. Chazz just stared up into Gus's eyes. "They're tricking you..." he slapped Gus, which didnt help one bit.
  19. When the team reached Viper squad, the battle had already begun. Chazz and Gus were the only two from Delta here. Omni and the rest of Delta were holding a position north of the beach. When Gus saw Viper, he walked over and shook his hand with his tightest grip. He took of fhis helmet. "Viper, its me, Gus Kenobi" said Gus. Chazz was shocked. What was going on? (Gus and viper were in another RP together, remember?)
  20. "Oh great..." he muttered. "Okay Delta squad, round up!" "The CIS mangaed to make it to Kashyyk, we need to get down there!" Gus lifted his comm. "Omni Squardon, we need you to follow us." "Sure thing, Chazz." Chazz had 8 soldiers: Kataru, Gus, himself, Zea, Bella, Rory, Charlie, and Wes. Theyw ere all well trained, especially Gus. He was the youngest of the eight, but the toughest. Rory, Bella, and Zea were all girls, but oddly enough, this was their first year in the Republic, and they were doing great. Kataru once was a dark jedi, but he turned on his friends and helped kill a sith lord, Charlie was a marksman with great skills with a sniper rifle, and Wes was a jedi. 'This'll be fun.' He tohught, speeding towards the planet with the Delta squad behind him, and the other ten pilots of the Omni squad behind that.
  21. the sound of crashing and screams came closer adn closer until gus thought he'd die from the extreme heat. Gus closed his eyes as jax pushed the button.
  22. "im with ya!" he said, carrying Jax as fast as he could back to the hangar. There were no soldiers around, so by the time he got to the hangar, the shi had just started to blow. He felt the heat rise as the huge cloud of smoke and flames caught up tot hem. He swore unde rhis breath and threw jax into the back of his ship. Oh no! eh thought. His ship wouldn't start, sabotage... he shook Jax. "Jax, wake up! HELP!"
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