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  1. "Okay, Viper, lets roll!" he yelled, jumping into his ARC.
  2. "Sure thing, tiger!" He yelled and ran beside him. That other droid had gotten away, but it was no big deal. Gus's voice rang over the comm. "Nice job guys!" He yelled cheerfully. "im off guard duty and im coming to help." Chazz replied. "Sure thing, we'll be right there." "Nice job, Viper, we did it." he said. He knew Gus was hiding something... but what...
  3. gsu used the remainder of his energy to jump up and catch Jax. "Polara..." he said "You just saved the galaxy, again." He smiled and lifted Jax up, still trying to keep his own balance with the fact that he was growing weak from the violene and darkness that was still deep in him. the lights grew dim on the ship until they finally went out. "But... it looks like the republic doesn't know we're here..." He said, still holding Jax and heading for the huge, bulk metal door. the ship shook and lurched to the right. it stopped. the ship's engines and the power generator were out, and the oxygen was probably running low, and now, the ship was starting to lurch and turn, and Gus knew it'd blow soon.
  4. Oh wait, forgot a few.... The Used system of a Down Papa Roach Coheed and Cambria
  5. "I'm... out..." More static. 'Oh god!' he thought, he was dead! Then he felt the ship rock and he fell on his face. He smiled weakly, he was still alive... Chazz jumped up and fired at the droid.
  6. He knew this wasn't the life he needed, nor wanted, for that matter, to live. He remembered to retire after this. when Gus arrived, no one had fought yet, just talekd and conversed, How odd. He ignited his green saber and decided why he'd fight. Honor, destiny, and pure out cold reasons he wouldn't admit. When this was all over... he'd habve to relive his life up until the time they left. He figured it didn't matter if he was still alive... He shot a glance at Jax. he jumped and hit Zion as hard as possible. Then, it happened again. His heart stopped beating and he stumbled back and rose again.
  7. why not Force Why-the-heck-are-we-renaming-some-cool-move-like-this-the-naem-rocks-anyways
  8. Chazz rolled and the crate exploded, killing the droidekas. 'Idiots.' he tohught. They had just blown themselves up. He took out his comm. "Viper, they're shutting downt hte ventialtions! Get outta there!" he yelled, but only static cqame back. His comm. must not have been working for some reason. He withdrew his blaster and slowly crept after the droid that had shut down the shafts.
  9. Hand signals? A bit ''Military'' but... He shot down the droideka and noticed more and more were coming up. "Crud." He dodged a rocket and dropped a time bomb, running up through the door and into the shaft. He turned on his comm. "when you finish, Ill be waiting by the shaft entrance, got it?" he said, hiding behind an explosive crate.
  10. 'You'll go wrong kid... trust me..' He thought to himself. His best soldier was as arrogant and as pushy as him, but he had left and joined the CIS, Chazz was forced to kill him... He continued to make his way to the generator, firing at super Battle Droids and Marine droids on the way. "Viper, we're almost there." he said, firing at a pilot droid. "But we've got droidekas..." He said, looking at his radar and throwing a theraml detonator.
  11. "Darnit Viper, waht are you doing!? Okay Delta, change of plans! stay back, take out the auto turrets until the shields are down! Im going after Viper." Chazz heard Gus start to say something. "Yes private?" Gus was silent. "Err.... Nothing sir." He dived through the hangar shields and jumped out. He saw Viper. He shot a few droids before catching up with him. "I'm here to help." He knew what Viper would say, so he stopped him. "and I wont take any of that ''I work alone'' bounty hunter crap, either." he said.
  12. Sweet, Rouge, you have the same car my parents have!
  13. im sure there was a topic on this before, but I didn't want to revive it, so here we are! Eevryone loves music, so, what are some of your favorite bands? My friends say like the weirdest combonations of music... Click Five (Power pop) Goo Goo Dolls (Rock) Fall Out Boy (Alternative) My Chemical Romance (Alternative) Coldplay (''Old school" Alternative)
  14. Oh, is that what its caleld? I heard of it before, didn't know what it was called though. Cool.
  15. We''l start now I guess. Chazz jumped into his ARC and took off. if they were going to fight off three capitals, they'd need all the help they could get. The fighter went through the hangar bay shield and he headed towards the first frigate. "Vertigo to All fighters: All fighters target frigates before Capitals." "Understood." came a deep voice from his comm. He fired a rocket at the single auto turret mounted on the frigate's bow. It caugth fire but was still blasting away at the millions of fighters. "Delta 829, can you spare a shot?" "Sure thing Chazz!" came a lighter, friendlier voice. 829's rocket was a direct hit and the turret exploded. "Fire at the underbelly of the frigates." Yelled Gus. "Delta 728, what the hell do you think you're doing!?" Yelled Chazz over the comm. Sure enough, Gus was firing at the frigate's underbelly. "I'm takin' this thing down!" came the young boy's voice. "You're firing at the-" He stopped and laughed. "Target the underbelly boys!" Yelled Chazz. The genrators on the inside of the ship were there. Perfect. "Your training payed off, didn't it 728?" Static filled the comm. "728? Delta 155 to Delta 728. Over?" Nothing. "Delta 728? answer me, over!" Teh frigate exploded and Gus's fighter flew past him. "Nice shot, private." said Chazz and they moved on the first capital. "Republic Capital 472's shields are down." came another deep voice. that was quick. thought Chazz. "Gus Kenobi, you read me?" "Yes, sir!" "Pull back and help protect the command bridge." came the admiral's voice. "yes sir!" Gus pulled up and turned around. It was a shame to loose him so quickly. "Good luck 728." Chazz dodged a proton torpedo. "Target the Main Cannons." "Understood, boss!" The first cannon exploded, followed by the second. "Omni 154 to Delta 155." "Omni? This comm. is for Delta only." lectured Chazz. "yes, but they have reinfirced shields, we'll ned to take out the shield genrators from inside."
  16. Name: Chazz Vertigo (Delta 155 of the 506th Legion) Age: 19 Gender: Male Class: Marine Side: Republic Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Time Bombs Bio: Young for a marine, but a tough one at that. He spent 4 years in military training before joining the Republic. Ship Specs: Type: ARC-170 Shield: Yes (Two Layers of Shielding) Hyperspeed: Yes (Not as fast as most though) Reinforced Hull: No (weak hull) Targeting System: Yes (An enhanced version of the standard) Weapons: 4 Proton Cannons, 2 Homing Rocket Launchers Other: Nothing really....
  17. Mission Briefing: The republic has received a distress call from the wookies of Kashyyk, they're under attack from the CIS. There are two Republic Capital Ships with three frigates to protect the capitals. The capital ships are loaded with pilots, marines, troopers, and other classes of Republic soldiers. There are also three squadron of Starfighters on the two capitol ships and each ship and frigate has auto turrets and shield generators. just in case. :wink: Unfortunately, the CIS have blockaded the space surrounding Kashyyk, and they have three capitols and two frigates. The republic must destroy the blockade to get down to Kashyyk to aid the wookie defenses. You are either a Republic or CIS pilot or marine attacking or protecting the blockade. Character Information sheet Name: (Required) Age: (Optional) Gender: (not required by CIS) Class: (Pilot or Marine) Side: (Republic or CIS) Weapons: (Two Primary, and two Secondary) Bio: (Optional) Ship Specs: Type: (Such as Jedi Starfighter, V-Wing, Droid Tri-Fighter, etc.) Shield: (Yes or No) Hyperspeed: (Yes or No) Reinforced Hull: (Yes or No) Targeting System: (Yes or No) Weapons: (Your ships weapons) Other: (Anything else I didn't cover or any notes about the ship) I'll fill in my info when we have at least two othe memebers. Enjoy! RA
  18. k, I admit it. I only picked Grerivous cause he has 4 lightsabers.
  19. I just recently rented the game, and I LOVE it already! I always play Assault on mos Eisley, and I like the Villians, but I can't decide who's best. What do you think? (My vote is for greivous)
  20. wait a second.... *checks rules* *checks R and S Shrine's rules* Uhh.... Oopsies.... My mistake. Other board, im a member of another board so I get confused from time to time. Heehee. My bad, carry on.
  21. No one is amused by your retarted joke on Xbox. And the rules state No Petitions, and btw, there are no petitions anyways. if you want the update so bad, go e-mail LucasArts.
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