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  1. Another movie I'm putting on my "To watch" list.
  2. I've read the series multiple times in thrid and fourth grade, and then I heard rumors of the movie in 2003. Even though it's a remake of the original, I can't wait to see it.
  3. I haven't played it yet, but I just watched the original King kong in school last week for some Language Arts project. The remake sounds pretty cool.
  4. This is almost as bad as the time they tore down the biggest skating rink (and the only one) in my town. I hope the new show gets less hits. that'll teach em! *makes swift punches at the air*
  5. ^ no, a cow < Staring down the barrel of Johnson's A2 V Holy Crap.
  6. I use Zone Alarm, it works great, it ahs a pop up blocker and anti-spyware protection anda nti-virus. You may have to buy it though. (Or go to google and find Zone ALrm's website, then you can get a free trial.)
  7. Either that, or you and the Hawke have finally gone insane.
  8. (( My character startes off alone, but if you like, you may end up finding him or something )) Gus held his breath and walked as slowly as he could into the cockpit of the small freighter. It had just landed on Coruscant and in it was his number 1 target: Julie Devine. He took a step and the metal underneath him made a loud creeeek So much for suprise. He jumped off the wall and into the entrance way of the cockpit. His bvlaster suddenly dropped from his hands as he saw his target. It was her. Julie was the one from his school. When he was 13, they had a... relationship between the two of them. Julie dropped her own blaster and her face turned white as she saw him standing there.
  9. Nice bust on Microsoft, alrhough I have to admit I like Windows, that was pretty good.
  10. ^ Sorry, but the Master Chief is out on a date with Cortona < Is eagerly awaiting Halo 3, as he stopped playing Xbox and Halo 1 and 2 althogether. V Is that a cow!?
  11. I got over that porno addiction a few months back when I got a life. On Topic: Since I won't be able to see this, the UKers will hopefully fill us in.
  12. Okay, so I exaggerated a bit, but anyone here before the swampies is someone you have to consider legendary.
  13. I agree with REDJOHNNY, I got over that crap when I was 5, but it's still pretty gay of them to go and turn a classic child's show into some computer generated 3D world of gay little girls and fat bears who talk.
  14. Okay guys, we don't need a flame fest started here. Keep on topic.
  15. Coffee... Well, I only drink it to wake me up, but tea helps me relax and somehow seems to remove writer's blocks. Suprised? (Yes, i write stories)
  16. I haven't RP'ed in soo long..... Position/Perfession- Bounty Hunter Name- Gus Species/Droid- Human Sex- male Age- 18 Height- 5'' 2' (I don't know if that's too samll or not) Alliginment- Neutral Weapons- Blaster pistol Equipment- Black Mandalorian Armor, Jet Pack Apperance- Dirty Blond hair (Chin Length) Always has bangs hanging in his eyes, Green eyes, around 107 pounds (So no, he's not fat) Medium Build Bio- Sorry, I'm about to fall asleep, so I can't write one right now...
  17. Yep, Korfredonn's a legend engraved in LF History. Of course, I haven't seen him around fro quite a while... Welcome back. ::
  18. Well actually, during my time away, I started a small mod to make items unrandomized. Putting rare items in hard to reach places and such, but school started and I had to quit.
  19. A saber AND a blaster just seems... un-Star Wars like....
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