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  1. I once had a terrible experience watching 'Apocalypse Now' very drunk. Thankfully, it's nearly over now, although I've missed most of my favourite o-so-quoteable col.kurtz lines despite straining over my lil' pal's incredulously loud vomiting close by. That aside, I'd simply be happy if they made all the ol' sam and max comics readily available. I say this because of the violently ineffectual results of countless other people pleading (rightly so) for 'surfin' the highway' to be readily available to those who continue to distrust in the vulgarity of buying things via this bizzarre electric interweb thingy. I also say this because I live in britain, and couldn't help but notice the words "hope" and "pointless" in the same sentence being used to describe this collection of confusing, ill-fitting verbal jigsaw pieces which make up the wider, hideously disfigured picture we call society. It's an ugly picture, that somewhat resembles a horse in a suit being chased by a wasp in a train with the words "JUDICIAL TIME-BOMB" spray-painted on the side. h'ohhhhh mercy. I wish my girlfriend hadn't left me. Now I really need a new one. Really.
  2. "I can sit around and tug at my balls too..." Y'mean starting now....?!
  3. Well I guess this is as good as it gets folks. Whoever said that this poll isn't really going to change anything is probably right. These big corps, stubborn as they are, aren't going to change their minds over something as trivial as obvious mass support (!) - Even if they do (finally) realise what a mistake they've made. It doesn't look likely that any of the poll's rivals'll catch up to sam an' max now, which means that it doesn't matter if we get just 1 more vote or a million more; we prove either way that sam and max does indeed have the following it so rightly deserves. On a deeply hateful and unsavoury note though, isn't it annoying how "Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude" - which gets called an adventure game (Hey - just like Freelance police would've been!) - gets to be made into a brand new game. And i'll bet it sells. And Then lucasarts'll have to come up with a better excuse than "because it wouldn't've sold...". The madness....I may weep openly if I wasn't busy twitching my right eye. At any rate, tremendous thanks to all who voted correctly. Even if it doesn't make a difference, at least we'll all know that FOR THE RECORD, the people wanted Freelance Police more than anything else that got canned this year.
  4. Well how about that....! 28.4% last time I checked. I gotta tell you all how pleased I am at this level of response. But we can't stop here - THESE are the things that lucasarts'll sit up an' take notice of; official polls of people LIKE IGN etc. They probably won't uncancel S&M2, but if we can double the figures of it's closest rival before the poll ends (DN:Forever?! I thought they stopped production on that after the cold war ended....), then they won't be able to kid themselves of the fact that they've made an almost impressively massive mistake any longer. Oh an' er PS: to whoever said the following: "Someone also might have votespammed." Well hopefully nobody has, but even if cheating is afoot then who cares! really! Let's not forget that the only reason we're doing this is because those suits at LA Cheated US out of a tremendous game in the first place(!!) Good luck all, an' keep voting! PPS: Apologies for using the word "afoot". Let's hope I never have to again....
  5. http://pc.ign.com IGN asks us the following: "Which of our Missing In Action games would you most like to play?" You all know what to do. Make us heard.
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