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  1. My answers to the quiz - apparently I'm drawing a blank on a few questions... 1. What is the Portable Car-Bomb Game based on and where can you find it? 2. Hal Barwood has only made three games at LucasArts. a) True b) False 3. There are how many Indiana Jones videogames? a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 7 e) 9 4. Which character from Day of the Tentacle made an appearance in Sam & Max Hit The Road, and where? 5. Which LucasArts Adventures that were once released text-only have had CD-Rom Talkie versions? a) Indy Fate of Atlantis b) Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge c) The Secret of Monkey Island d) Full Throttle e) Loom f) Sam & Max Hit The Road g) Day of the Tentacle 6. How many LucasArts Adventures have been turned into a TV Series? 7. What connects The Curse of Monkey Island and Postal 2? 8. What connects The Curse of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis? 9. What connects Indy Fate of Atlantis and Sam & Max Hit The Road (CLUE: Possibly also The Secret of Monkey Island & Psychonauts)? 10. What connects Indiana Jones and The Dig? 11. Which is the odd one out? (CLUE: Nothing to do with licenses) a) Loom b) Sam & Max Hit The Road c) Full Throttle d) Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis 12. LucasArts are famous for Star Wars and Adventure Games, yet there has never been a Star Wars Adventure Game. a) True b) False 13. How many PC LA Adventures have made it to Consoles? a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3 14. Where can you find Sushi in an LA Adventure? 15. LucasArts Coffee Mug, Pancakes, Syrup, Fabergé Egg, Naturalist. What game and where would you find this meal? 16. How many LA Adventures have multiple endings? a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3
  2. I think this post over at Telltale Forums just solved it. Seen in context, it makes sense if you change two of the words around. Assuming it's an anagram, it can be read as: which really sounds encouraging. Of course, alternative interpretations are welcome.
  3. Can't be bothered to post in that thread, but I did post a thread of my own.
  4. Monkey Island 1 from the MI Madness compilation does indeed use CD Audio tracks for background music (and background sounds such as bird song in the forest and at the docks). As far as I remember, Monkey Island Madness runs smoothly under Windows XP without ScummVM, but I could be wrong. Been a long time since I played it.
  5. Having just recently read up on Loom history and finding out that there were indeed two more games planned, I just had to say this: With fantasy being the current height of fashion in Hollywood and computer gaming (in which it has always been the height of fashion btw), I really think LucasArts could do worse than doing a remake of Loom (with high-res graphics, quality digital music and speech) as well as finally get the two sequels into production and released. Or maybe this is something that should be better done by Telltale Games, considering their team members (who also worked on Loom and The Forge, right?). Personally I would be thrilled to finally be able to see and play the whole story from beginning to resolution, and not only to a "temporary", not very satisfying ending like the one in Loom. Yes I know it's not going to happen, but I just had to say it.
  6. And I suggest... <drums> that you stop running two virus scanners simultaneously. That's exactly the kind of situation that will cause false positives like that. I'll shut up now.
  7. How about B5 (that's "Babylon 5" for those who've been away from Earth for the last ten or so years)? That universe could acommodate a whole host of different adventure games, detective games, RPGs, action games and flight games. It's full of interesting stories, sideplots that would benefit from being explored in more detail and all the other stuff that makes a good foundation for all sorts of computer games. Also it'd be interesting to see how a Marvel / DC character or group (who are mostly action heroes) would translate into adventure games. DC tried it with Batman, but I'd like to see some Marvel hero in an adventure game too.
  8. ... what's up with covers.mixnmojo.com? Is anything happening or will it be vaporware? Is there anywhere else I might get these good (custom) DVD covers for my LucasArts collection like we've seen in this thread?
  9. Well, James Bond has already had an adventure game, though it was only labelled "James Bond: The Stealth Affair" in some countries. It's better known as "Operation Stealth" and I believe it was made by Delphine.
  10. I might have said something like "you might be able to get them if you contact LucasArts". No guarantees though, so "you *might*" is the key phrase here. But try it and tell us what they said, it might help some other fans on the board. As for me, I won't be able to even try since I'm overseas and LucasArts promptly redirects me, whenever I ask, to Activision who are certainly way less than friendly when it comes to end-users ordering items directly.
  11. Just had a thought the other day: "Timmy the Monkey" could very well be a nod to ThinkGeek's mascot (as seen here). Sure rings true with the inflatable Timmy the Monkey found at LucasArts HQ (displayed at WorldOfMI). Has anyone else seen possible "undocumented" or obscure in-jokes in LucasArts' games (i.e. not commonly known, and not displayed at LucasFans old site)? Or good references to LucasArts in other companies' games? Just curious....
  12. The ironic strangeness is that if George Lucas himself was in charge of LucasArts, I think we'd definitely see both Sam & Max and Monkey 5 being done. But as things stand now, I would agree with your analysis that "now is not the appropriate time" may mean they've decided to freeze development until after they're done with the current batch of Ep III games that are sure to be in development somewhere deep inside LucasArts.
  13. Same context as a movie? What ARE you talking about - I did no such thing. The "one man's work" of course does not exclude that fact that there were many talented people working on it. I'm pointing out that Grim was way above and beyond anything LucasArts has churned out since Curse of Monkey Island. At the time Grim was released, the average LucasArts title was already crap. Grim was better than the rest, and so it was not representative of the rest of the concurrent LucasArts lineup. When Curse of Monkey Island was released, LEC at least still had a decent number of good titles in their lineup, but after that, Grim and (depending on your opinion) EFMI have been the only two REALLY good games to depart from the LucasArts production line. Again, this is IMHO, of course.
  14. Oops - my bad. Of course, Grim is really great, both in concept and execution. But as LucasTones points out, it was basically one man's labor of love, and not representative of the concurrent LucasArts titles. At that time, LEC had already outsourced most of their development. The only really good games developed out-of-house at that time (IMHO) are the ones from Factor 5 (Rogue Squadron). Even though not really simulators, the Rogue games are still the best LEC flight-"sims" to have been released post-TIE-Fighter.
  15. Yes and no. Because you can't play DOTT under XP. Not with the real, original engine anyway. Of course, if you have ScummVM and DOTT, you can load up Maniac Mansion from the folder within the DOTT folder and play MM separately, but not from within DOTT (ScummVM doesn't support that game-in-game feature yet). For those who care about the original gameplay and nostalgia in general, the original MM and Zak not being sold anymore is VERY sad. Maniac Mansion and Zak represents the very beginning of the greatness which LucasArts had up to around the Curse of Monkey Island, and then rapidly lost as they turned into the not quite infinite bunch of monkeys churning out half-baked Star Wars license games by the hundreds (well, it feels like it). And that's coming from a Star Wars fan, so don't get the idea that I'm some anything-but-adventures-suck type of gamer. As for Monkey Island, I'm not counting COMI and EMI as true sequels, but more of spin-offs. Until Ron Gilbert completes the trilogy (that he has stated it was supposed to be, and it rings true with MI2 having a somewhat darker ending than the first one, along the lines of George Lucas' trilogies (Indy, Star Wars)) we won't know the real Secret of Monkey Island. But that's outside the topic of this thread. Oh well.
  16. No kidding. I was proud to say to people who looked with disdain on classic games: "Hey, look - LucasArts are still selling even Maniac Mansion, so it HAS to be good!". Now it seems I can't even cite LucasArts as a good example anymore... Yeah. Once, they said they'd use ScummVM as a sort of "authorized" engine (Ender, please confirm) but somehow it never came to pass. Another nail in the coffin for humorous adventure games in general, and LucasArts adventures in particular. I don't think LEC has been in touch with Aaron since he left them to work for Connectix. I think the Windows engines was purely an idea of Activision's and not really checked with LucasArts (if they had, these versions would sure be for sale in LucasArts online store as well, since J. Random Gamer these days don't know how to optimize a DOS environment. A sad state of affairs, really.
  17. Now *I*'m puzzled. The Windows versions of Full Throttle and Sam & Max don't require a 3D accelerator. They're just Windows-natively compiled versions of the Scumm interpreter with some fancy-shmancy addons like interpolated graphics and (thank goodness) aspect ratio correction. The new engines are very good. ScummVM is still miles better, though. Most likely because the Scumm 2.0 engines were the work of one man mostly used to Mac programming, while ScummVM is a continuing team effort. After checking, I can tell you that you are correct. The Windows versions created by MAME coder Aaron Giles are only available in Europe (even says so on Aaron's website) and yes, the US preview disc of Armed & Dangerous IS messed up from the factory (also says so on Aaron's website). So after careful consideration, I've also come to the conclusion that LucasArts are simply too lazy to code new engines. The decision to add Windows engines to the EU versions was probably made by Activision. But I'm disturbed to see that Maniac Mansion is no longer available from LucasArts. It was available in the original LucasArts Archives compilation as late as last December, I think, along with Zak, Monkey 1 and Loom. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  18. By the way, and digressing slightly from what has been heard this far in this thread, I wonder if anyone has any information on why the LucasArts Archives with Sam & Max, Full Throttle, The Dig and Grim was withdrawn and replaced with a smaller, DOS-only "Archive" compilation? Was LucasArts unhappy with the 2.0 series Scumm engine? Were they unhappy with Aaron Giles' involvement in the MAME project? Or did they simply admit their defeat and concede that ScummVM was a better engine? Let the speculation commence...
  19. Nope, that's no good. Thanks for trying, though. Reason: LucasArts are still selling their old adventure games, so they're not abandoned. Without even looking very hard, I can find at least the following in their online store: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Escape from Monkey Island and Curse of Monkey Island. I think it's safe to say the others are available to those who actually ask (I did once and was promptly given the answer that yes, they were available even though they were not listed, but only within the US / Canada). So given LucasArts history of fiercely defending their adventures from the "abandonware" label, I think it's safe to say anyone attempting such a thing would be sued before he could say "I'm Guybrush Threepwood". They're NOT abandoned, and that, as they say, is that. Strangely enough, the Sam & Max / Full Throttle available now are NOT the Windows versions. The LucasArts Archives with the Windows versions has been replaced by the older DOS versions. Odd. Very odd. Anyone got more info on that?
  20. Plus, if MS really did intend to do what the fake news said, they'd have to first port the 80% complete code to XBox and then finish it, then turn the engine around to whatever they needed for the action parts.... all in all, major work while the game is already 80% completed for the Windows platform, so why not release it on that... nope, this news doesn't make sense, therefore it must be an April Fools joke. And I can only agree on the "I'm not getting an XBox for this" part, Brushguy. I still hope against hope that LucasArts will un-cancel the game. Even though it's pretty clear to me that the cancellation was not a joke, by now they may have heard enough to be inclined to try and please the many disgruntled fans. We'll have to wait and see.
  21. Sooo... what's up? Any progress being made on this project?
  22. An obvious April Fools. Firstly, Sam & Max: Freelance Police is developed on and for the Windows platform. Secondly, there is no information about this on Microsoft's site, hence the news is false since it says "Microsoft announced today...". They didn't.
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