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    Curtis Taylor I'm suprised there hasn't been a thread about this earlier.
  2. Name: Luther Magnus Species: Human Age: 38 Gender: Male Description: Luther is a tall man with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He has icy blue eyes and short light brown hair. His face looks to be chizled out of stone with a scar going from his temple curving around to his chin. Background: Luther Magnus was born into a high class family heaviliy involved in the Military. His older brother is in the army, his younger brother just joined the Navy, he himself in the Navy. He was instilled with good morals, a sense of honour and duty and a passion for doing what is right. Weapons: Blaster pistol which is always seen strapped to his hip. and Blaster rifle, which is rarely seen on him, but if the need is there he can and will use it. Ship: The Wolverine, Corvette class battleship. Alliance: Galactic Alliance Navy Rank: Captain
  3. KDangerA80 i'm using my month of free online, so in early november I shan't be on.
  4. Your Body is Producing 392 Watts! This is 57% MORE wattage than the average person You could light up 4 light bulbs You could power 98 iPods You could power 2 Xbox 360s 3 of you would be needed to keep a refrigerator running Just call me Electro.
  5. I guess like does attract like, y'know with the whole disease carryingness. Soon they shall create some new uber disease. Oh, and maybe their babies will serve an evil witch...
  6. Age of Conan looks 100 percent amazing, though I don't know when it comes out, soon I think.
  7. Not necessarily a bad thing, it prevents people form bashing linux as well.
  8. So, I just rented Stuntman: Ignition for my brand new 360. I thought that game was fantastic. The idea of it is cool, plus the fact its a car game yet not necessarily racing. I'm not sure if there were previous stuntman games, but this one rocked. Which lead me to ask myself, what other games have taken something and changed it, like stuntman did with car games. I couldn't think of any actually, any thoughts?
  9. Very nice Wally. I'm sure you'll woo sed lady friend in no time.
  10. I hope he starts off looking like that and they don't try and make up a dumb backstory to him. He's a lot cooler when there is no story to him. But those pictures are awesome.
  11. Too lazy to mod=no problems . but I agree modding isn't illegal, the only pirates that are cool are those that sail the seas.
  12. "Dantooine. I have some contacts there, we can stay for a bit then move on." Gordon piped up suggesting a destination as it was requested.
  13. Trayen was in the Inn as usual. Drinking his usual drink, and greeting the usual people. He'd finally stayed in a place long enough to do such a thing. But tonight was different, mianly because a barbarian walked in, which was the only thing out of place. But it was out of place and it sparked His curiosity. "Watch him will you Trayen?" The innkeepr mumbled ot him. Trayen merely nodded. He'd been tagged as a protector simply for standing up to big fools who needed to be put in thier place. But He knew this was not the case with the barbarian. Something was different.
  14. Name: Trayen Kovel Race: Human Age: 35 Class: Rogue/Assassin Weapons: Assortments of knives/daggers Appearance: http://www.whatdvd.net/WhatDVD-Graphics/main/95.jpg Personality: Quiet and withdrawn, is respectful and polite, but not necessarily friendly. Short Bio: Was once a powerful wizard who dabbled in too muhc magic of light and dark. He got cocky and tried to merge both magics together and ended up destroying his magic powers almost entirely. Instead it did something so unexpected. His only magic ability is to summon a knife or daggar in any shape and size he desires in any quantity. He then studied the art of stealth and now is one of the best assassins on the planet, though you wouldn't know that. Other: Has a sister that he is no longer in contact with.
  15. Gordon smiled. "And here I thought I was here to help you." He said with laughter in his voice. "Yeah I'm in." He stood up. "I have many contact in many places, so i'm not wihtout my uses."
  16. "if you guys don't need me I'll be off then, but if you need a smooth talker or a sharp shooter, you know where to contact me." Gordon said as he retruend to the bar and ordered another ale.
  17. ((If I did I wasn't aware of such a thing, I simply was speaking about anyone who was currently in the cafe, seeing as my character doesn't know which jedi is which yet, he can only assume those who are there are the ones he's looking for.))
  18. ((Sorry I Haven't been posting, the thread keeps telling em there has only been two posts, which is why I haven't been checking it)) Gordon finally realizing that the jedi had come in got up and walked over to them. "My table is over there, I'll join you guys in a sec." Gordon said as he went to the men's room. Apon his return he sat down comfortably in his booth. "Sorry 'bout that, didn't realize you guys came in until you started drawing a crowd." Gordon said to all of them. "I'm Gordon as you know, so I'm suprised you guys wanted to meet with me, so what's up? Galaxy saving quest?" Gordon said then detected a look fo confusion on their faces. "Did you want to meet with me or were we both set up...?" He suggested, being the step ahead thinker he was, on occasion.
  19. The Black Eye Cafe. It was quite the place, always full of loud music and louder patrons. But Gordon stayed mostly quiet. He was there for two purposes, get a drink and meet some jedi. He couldn't believe He'd been able to connect with the, but he did. He was glad he found them though, because he knew if he hung around jedi, than he'd finally find some opponents that would be a challenge. He shifted his wieght and ordered another pint.
  20. Number: Echo-09 Codename: Gears Team: Red Rank: Master Corperal Specialty: Explosives and Vehicles -------------------------- As soon as the LAAT was hit. Gears went through exactly what the projectile was, how it was shot and what shot it. Old habit. He heard the Lt. ask where they were going to start. Honestly he didn't care, he just couldn't wait to use some of the new equipment he acquired. But he would do what he was told and not get ambitious.
  21. Great movie. it had humor, action and a hot chick, which is all a good movie needs
  22. http://www.lordoftherings.net/media/desktops/characters_eomer_1280.jpg Tis mine. Why? because he's so badass.
  23. "Yes please, whiskey will be fine." Jonathan said as he took a seat.
  24. Jonathan breathed a breath and began. "Its not complicated, I owed them a favour because they bailed me out of bad situation, when the time came for me to pay my debts, I refused to do it. So I ran, they caught up with me it seems." Jonathan said. "And now I got william caught up in this mess too." He said with sadness and anger.
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