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  1. Nope, he's just one sad, strange little man.
  2. This was just scary. I went to school there as well, and I used to live not too far from there. I am truly ashamed to say where I grew up now. I am really glad I moved far away from there. This was dispicable, throwing bricks in to peoples cars, homes, as well as the policemen which I know a few of them who were on duty during this horrific event. And it was exactly what the Neo-Nazi's wanted. Truly shameful.
  3. Eww, a couple of months ago, I found out my old high school math teacher was arrested for molestation. He actually used to scare me because he would come up to me and touch my shoulders.
  4. Those pics are gorgeous. I wanna go there myself.
  5. Thank your friend who called you! I'm glad that you got outta there when you did. I recently found out that 3 unknown child molesters live around my nieces school, and she has to walk home. When ever I can I volunteer to go pick her up myself.
  6. Meh, you never know... Groovey, where'd you get that cool Blade figure?
  7. I only heard rumors about she was thinking about not doing Spidey 2 because she thought all the stunts and stuff was too dangerous, but turns out thats wrong. I dunno...
  8. That is, without a doubt, the craziest **** I've ever heard.
  9. I heard it was a good movie, I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  10. Bull-plop. Is that the word? Anyways... I want proof!!
  11. Good luck to everyone. Hope you and your families will be safe. May you find your way back safe and sound to the swamp.
  12. I think it's nice that people who need it can have this oppurtunity.
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