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  1. nope, I've looked on wikipedia and a few other anime sites and it isn't listed as an anime series
  2. I've never used this since I've always payed for the entire thing but if you don't want to spend upwards of 500 bucks for Visual studio's .Net here is a free version http://www.microsoft.com/express/2005/
  3. ok that warning should have been in BIG BOLD LETTERS but it sorta left leaves one wanting more ;-; in 8 minutes it contains more yuri than Kashimashi girl meets girl and Strawberry panic which are the most yuri based series I've seen yet well that is if they were only 8 minutes long XD
  4. I have to go with DA BADGERS!!!!! XD though they have disappointed me lately ;-;
  5. I've watched it many times over XD Saber and Rin are my favs of that series. I think F/SN is my seconds most rewatched series behind shuffle! I'm currently half way through My-Hime, it is an ok series not great but not bad either.
  6. >.> <.< I knew that though Kana is shaping up to be my least favorite character in that series. she is just to much of an idiot lols Chiaki scares me though >.>
  7. I watched the americanized version of it before I knew what anime was XD how can you tell this with only 3 episodes out? I'll agree the first two eps are good but the Jury is still out as to whether or not it will stay that way.
  8. that depends on what genre your intrested in. fullmetal alchemist ghost in the shell: Stand alone complex and GTS: Second gig. Rouroni Kenshin Claymore Shuffle! chobits fate/stay night. interest specific ones: Strawberry panic! (yuri) Kanazuki no miko (yuri)
  9. you have to give claymore about 6 episodes to actually get anywhere in the series. Claymore is pretty awsome but episode 24 was a major let down from episode 23 . the manga of Claymore actually goes more indepth in the development of Clare's powers
  10. if you wanna go that far, then the cowboys third string was 10+ points better than the colts 3rd string. but then again preseason means nothing. I just use it for data on who to pic for my fantasy team.
  11. pre-season officially started yesterday I was impressed by some of the back up players for the cowboys. not brad johnson though. he is a vet yet fumbled a snap in preseason
  12. so like anything with out an official sub/dub?
  13. My point is, I don't think that is what he meant.
  14. but that pretty much includes all non-licensed series there are a lot of series you have to download in order to watch because they aren't shown outside of japan. I can think of a few that won't make it to the US with out being chewed up and spit out >.<
  15. what do you mean by underground series?
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