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    I like to study math, physics, science and discuss philosophy.
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    Getting revenge on that traito
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    mathematics, physics, tv and video games sword fight and martial arts.Also Roswell events and UFOs!
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    Jedi Knight/Jedi Sentinel
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  1. You are saying that sales of the game mean people like the dice combat in the game, you're placing value on that. Ok, Mr or Mrs, or whatever you are; you don't know nothing about what I understand, so you can assume what you want. I know the world is greedy and corrupt. You're not informing me with nothing new, RedHawke. Because you enjoy throwing dice to win a fight in a game, that's what is funny to me. Oh, you got to go calling people names, now. Huh! Who is more mature here? I see you're really piss off with me. You know I can get really angry with you now, but forget it. I'm going to go cool off.
  2. Toys I really would have fun playing with. You judge twi'leks to harshly, I don't think all them are good for sex only. I think you can have them for lovers, too, they just would be good in the bed all the time. You probably won't get tired of them, as wives.
  3. First of all girl, the Nazis aren't around no more, they are all but extinct. But tell that to the people who entire families was wipe out in the death camps, they would want to kill the evil who murder their families at the death camps, no doubt about that. Well, that's your opinion, JediMaster12. I'm not going to argue with you, you already accusing me of being a bad person. So, forget it! Evil must be destroyed, that's all I got to say about it. If you think I'm a bad person then I don't care, girl, I can't prove to you I'm a good person, so oh well.
  4. Yes, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing was unecepetable, and nuclear bombs in war is unecepetable, because that can lead to extinction of our species.
  5. A lot of people in this world would want Nazis around, especially the neo-Nazis, how stupid they are, the real Nazis, wouldn't give a damn about them, they would be slaves or perish in the death camps, if the Nazis was still around, now.
  6. Left wing ideology! What the hell is that? How the hell do people politicized Mathematics in classes? Mathematics is about: quantifying, analysing structure; through algebra, measurement of space and shapes; through geometry and the change of motion and the motions of physical objects in the universe; through calculus. It is understood through the use of abstraction of ideas through the imagination and logical reasoning, from counting, calculation, the observance of patterns in abstract structures, the relationships in abstract structures and the use of abstract structures to comprehend complex structures, in the universe.
  7. I have fun killing Nazis in World War II games like: Call of Duty series and Brother in Arms, a bloody and gory one. I get a thrill in those games, but Brother in Arms is the best, because it is more realistic. I get a thrill, because I hate Nazis and I would enjoy killing them. If people in the world who would consider me as bad person, then I won't give a damn. Because I'm a damn good person, who really hate evil. If we didn't have games, movies or television, but only plays and books, then plays and books would get criticism for glorifing violence. People need to stop blaming the media, for glorifing violence, the real world is violent and evil, and people shouldn't try to hide from it, but be aware of it and face it. Not, coward behind censorship.
  8. Nazis did a lot of evil things, should be included in this statement. People die in war, some people can't accuse every soldier, pilot and sailer who fought in that war as immoral, innocent blood is going to be spilled; it's just going to happen. Evil must be stop by any means necessary, well people in the world would have to just continue to argue this. Logicians seem to don't factor in evil; only positive right and negative wrong, in terms of morality. Logicians seem to believe that evil don't exist, since some people consider evil supernatural; so not subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material and can't be tested by science, as the skeptics of evil would argue. Evil can use the philosophy of morality, to make their evil seem positive good from their perspective. Like the Nazis did with their murdering of the Jews, ethnic minorities, mentally ill and homosexuals, in the death camps. Evil can make evil seem good. People must be aware of this!
  9. You're talking about some freaky stuff, here. I don't think so, ain't no women going to be whipping me with no damn whip, please. Yes, very good women, not a lot of cowardly women in that universe. Women who can kick ass and take names, very appealing.
  10. Well, you're going to continue to be asking. Assuming! I said, when I look at other gaming forums, I see many people having some kind of complaint about the dice combat. And your love for dice combat is just plain laughable. Yeah, whatever, girl/man.
  11. Hell nah! She's old and I don't trust her. I would like a tough mama who can beat up other people; who can fight when the time is right. I don't want to be the only one who can kick butt in a battle. Weak women are a turn off, competely. Aggressive women are sexy, in my opinion. What? HELL NAH ! You must be joking, PoiuyWired.
  12. Well, this issue is going to continue to be argue. But war is going to continue to happen; blood is going to have to continue to be spilled to maintain peace on this rock, or any other rocks in this galaxy, in the future that we occupy. We don't inhabit a utopia, yet.
  13. Nancy are you talking to me, or just talking to everybody here?
  14. I disagree, everything seems to be relative. This relativity of knowledge and information continues to forever change. Also since Quantum Mechanics experiments suggest other universes of alternate histories and other realities, any truth is relative. No, truth of any kind seems to be constant truth. Truth is variable!
  15. Yes, I definitely agree with Nancy, here.
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