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  1. It's nothing like the stock one. Even the bits of the vanilla model that were re-used got entirely new mapping. As to the software, it's one guy coding it, and it's a Java plugin for Photoshop. Hardly surprising it is buggy as hell. It ran a couple of months past the original beta period, then Xmas/New Year hit. Doesn't look like any miracles have happened in the last couple of weeks, so the wait continues. I've got plenty of other things to occupy myself with in the meantime. If people are that hard up for a new HK that they can't wait, they can always model their own or retexture the original.
  2. No, I just delay it by 6 months every time someone bumps the thread.
  3. Are you using Mantle or DX11? Have you tried switching between the two? Also, switch it to fullscreen/borderless windowed mode. That apparently helps stop crashes.
  4. God, some of the hair already looks like straw wigs. I shudder to think how bad actual wigs would look.
  5. Yeah you'll end up with loads of excess power if you do everything. You can basically farm unlimited power, presumably to allow people to progress the main quest without doing side-missions.
  6. Bioware have always been terrible at hair, but the weird thing is how terrible Inquisition's hair is in relation to Origins and DA2. The first attempts at modding have show it is possible to get modified content back into the game by altering the patch data files, so let's hope that custom models for hair, armour, etc. are eventually possible.
  7. You don't use KTool. It requires MDLOps and GMax with the NWMax script. The short version: decompile the original and custom models with MDLOps, import the custom model into GMax with NWMax, delete everything except the hilt mesh, import the original model into the same scene, link the blade planes to the custom hilt mesh and the hilt to the dummy, then delete the original hilt mesh. Export as a new ASCII model, then you'll have to do the replacer trick in MDLOps to get your binary model for the game. Creating custom lightsabers is probably the most documented type of mod. You should find plenty of info in the tutorial section.
  8. That's because that's what the original model/s use. What I supplied is merely an alternative way to utilise them. You'd need to decompile and then re-export the models from scratch using one of the normal sabers as a base. You'd have to do that yourself though - it's against the site's rules to distribute other people's work without their express permission (hence the convoluted nature of the files I supplied).
  9. Yeah, you might want to edit all that out. No need to dump all that. Just the first bit is sufficient. If you have 32bit Windows, you're out of luck, regardless of hardware specs. It's 64bit only. For anyone else, try this - http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/dragon-age-inquisition/12360/ Edit: By the way, a warning for anyone planning on installing this on a SSD. The new protection they are employing, Denuvo, apparently performs an extreme amount of drive writes as part of its obfuscation routine. I would advise installing the game on a mechanical drive instead, as an 80-100 hour game is likely to entail a shedload of writes, which is not fantastic for an SSD's life.
  10. Yeah, those old ImageHost links are long dead (not overly surprising, 5 years later). Try this: K1 - http://dpmods.wheb,org/files/kotor/k1/[K1]_Count_Dooku_Standalone_Installer.7z TSL - http://dpmods.wheb.org/files/kotor/tsl/[TSL]_Count_Dooku_Standalone_Installer.7z
  11. It seems like Frostbite runs pretty well even on low spec hardware. Check out this comparison of low vs ultra: [youtube=hd]R58l7trgMbE It seems like the main difference is no AA, AO, DOF and reduced particle effects and draw distance on low, as well as (even more) terrible hair. There's also some weird shiny thing going on, that is even more pronounced in the Xbone streams I have seen. I'm guessing there is some difference in the way PBR works on low. I presume they reduced the shader complexity, with some fairly undesirable side-effects. Otherwise, low doesn't look half bad. It seems like they utilise the same texture res, so it's pretty damn playable.
  12. So I watched a video of the sparring scene on Youtube and there were no sparks. So I'm just senile I guess? I was thinking it would be more interesting to give Bastila and the player a different training saber. I had a poke through the scripts and discovered k_pdan_cut01.ncs and k_pdan_cut01.ncs is where the training weapon (dan13_practice.uti) is added and equipped for the two different sparring sequences. So I swapped out the UTI references, recompiled, and voilà! Scripts are available here: https://dpmods.wheb.org/files/kotor/misc/DP_Training_Sabers_K1_Sparring_CS.7z For any scripting gurus, it would be interesting to add an alignment check and give the Sith Warblade instead if the player is DS. Btw, I forgot to mention it before, the type 1 training saber has a slightly greenish glow in the pics because the self-illumination is set to white, so the colour of the glow will be determined by the texture colour (which is currently white with a green UV map). The type 2 has a yellow glow because its self-illumination is yellow, as the TOR version has white "emitters".
  13. For K1, I'd suggest having Bastila and the player use them in the training cutscene instead of vibroswords, and having some in the enclave and the Sith academy. For TSL, have some in the hidden academy on Telos, the ruined enclave, and the ruined Sith academy. Btw, the variation IDs used were: K1 - Sith training saber 147, Sith Warblade 148, Jedi training saber 149 TSL - Sith training saber 174, Sith Warblade 175, Jedi training saber 176 I'm not sure if there will be ID clashes with other mods, but if there are problems with testing that is one thing to check (if you use my UTIs). EDIT - OK, I reinstalled K1 and ran a quick test, seems to work fine. Here's Mullet Man in action (click for bigger): I also tried a quick and dirty test for the training scene at the Enclave, which seemed to work out OK, although Bastila seems to have the familiar gimped hand helper thing going on (click for bigger): I did it simply by editing dan13_practice.uti and changing the type to "Vibro Sword" and the variation ID to "149". The only thing is there are no sparks on impact, as I seem to recall the original had. I'm not seeing any emitters or anything in the original models though. You do get the glows and such from Power Attack, etc. (or at least I did when testing in TSL), so maybe it is something to do with the class, using vibrosword as the class instead of longsword (which the original training blade is), although I though vanilla vibroswords sparked on impact as well. I guess I'll leave that for others to experiment with. EDIT 2 - Just checked the vanilla scene, and no sparks. Either I was imagining it being there originally, or I have something going on with frame buffer effects. Also, Bastila's hands are gimped with the vanilla longsword as well, so it's not a specific issue with my models.
  14. OK, I'm releasing these untextured as a modder's resource. They are all set up ready to go with basic UTIs if you want to add them to a game with a save editor for testing purposes. Download here: https://dpmods.wheb.org/files/kotor/misc/DP_Training_Sabers.7z Notes: Included texture files are the UV maps. There is some tiling and overlaps for optimal space utilisation. Due to MDLOps' ever persistent mangling of shared edges/boundaries between UV islands, I had to detach certain polys in an undesirable manner, breaking smoothing. Unfortunate, but unavoidable. I tried to hide it as best as possible, so hopefully it isn't too noticeable. The Sith Warblade's glow opacity can be adjusted by altering the brightness of DP_SithWarbladeG.tga. It uses the same additive blend mode as lightsaber blades. The darker you make the texture, the more transparent it becomes, and vice-versa. It also uses self-illumination, but note that this becomes progressively less effective/noticeable the more transparent you go. I have only tested these in-game in TSL. I've provided files for K1 which should work, theoretically, but you'll have to test/confirm yourself. Worse case scenario, the models may need to be recompiled. If you make a public release using these, make sure to credit me for the models.
  15. Got the second training saber variant and the Sith warblade done, sans textures (click for bigger): The warblade looks pinkish because I was trying out a method to get a glow on it similar to the TOR version, but trying to find a good compromise between level of glow and level of transparency didn't really work out, so I might have to try a different approach. I've also scaled down the first training saber to make it about the same size as the second one.
  16. I had a poke around the GTN and noticed there's another training saber variant. Comes with either 2 strips of glowy bits or 4 (click for bigger): I think that's the one that Sith classes start with. There's also the Sith Warblade you get as the first quest for the Sith Warrior, which is kind of like an épée or foil:
  17. No textures yet, aside from some basic glowy bits, but how about this (click for bigger): I modelled it after the TOR version, with some minor alterations, but I kind of forgot about the whole Pringle can hilt thing, so I may need to scale that down a bit. Haven't tested it in K1 yet, as my install is apparently completely borked (can start a new game, but loading any save game results in a freeze).
  18. If not, shouldn't be too hard to whip up some new ones. That screenshot looks like it might be using the same rotating texture trick as the stun stick. Another option would be trying self-illumination for more of a glowing look like TOR: Although KOTOR's self-illumination is pretty limited.
  19. From what I have heard from the beta, Sawyer has made a game that doesn't bear much resemblance to an IE game, except in the most superficial manner (i.e. fixed iso, RTwP, etc.). By all means play the IE games for their own merits, but don't expect PoE to be overly similar.
  20. No, it's a texture issue. It ended up a lot darker than the first one. Technically it's not even an "issue" as such, just a matter of personal preference. Yes, the HK-51s only show up in the restored HK factory section of TSLRCM (and possibly the end game section, depending on your choices). If you have only played the vanilla game, you'd only have seen HK-50s.
  21. Yes there will be a K1 release, as I said earlier in the thread.
  22. The texture ended up a little dark with all the weathering. Still tweaking, as I said.
  23. So here's the "classic" HK-47 textured up and in action: Still need to make a few tweaks to the texture and the envmap mask. I did switch to mycube though, as Kainzorus suggested, which is what Bioware used in K1.
  24. Interesting tangent: I just realised that the early cybernetic (Series 505, etc.) Adaptive Armours in SWTOR use HK-51's pelvis.
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