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  1. Assuming that SC follows through on their promise of releasing private servers, there will certainly be Star Wars complete conversions (along with ever other SF franchise ever), and I don't doubt some Old Republic era ships will turn up. The Ebon Hawk is an obvious choice as a player ship. I have no idea what Elite's plans are for official modding support, as I haven't really been following it. However, you should severely curtail your expectations about what this would actually be in practice. It would be a reskin of another game, primarily focused on space combat, with some trading thrown in. It will not, in any way, shape or form, be a KOTOR sequel. Now, that being said, if you wanted to speculate that we will see a true successor to the likes of the X-Wing games, then you might be on the right track, as that is pretty much what the base game is already set up to do.
  2. I remember getting the Criterion Collection version back in the day, and being amazed at seeing all the extra bits that were cut out of the MA15 version I had grown up watching as a kid.
  3. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/escape-to-the-movies/8795-Robocop
  4. Ah, Lucas. He's the poster child for what happens when you have a guy running a company that everyone is too scared to say no to.
  5. It was resolved. The Batarians are all dead.
  6. Shep just takes it all in his stride. So stoic.
  7. I wonder what that party would be like, if they put in any specific dialogue for a high number of deaths. Guess I should browse Youtube.
  8. Plus Ashley/Kaidan are basically absent for half the game, and potentially never play any further part beyond the Mars mission (either being killed or not coming back). Presumably this was the primary reason they gave EDI a body.
  9. That, and to make sure they had enough squad members guaranteed not to be dead.
  10. It's easy to blame EA. I also think it's incorrect. We'll probably never know exactly how much blame to apportion to EA for certain decisions, but I'm pretty sure it's much. much less than the "all of it" that most people seem to favour.
  11. Dear me. So I guess I'll be passing on that. Edit: Yep, avoidance would indeed seem to be a wise course of action -
  12. Whether or not it is cool to hate, both DA2 and ME3 are undeniably flawed games. That doesn't mean you can't like them of course, but I think a good deal of the flak they cop is warranted. Playing DA2 again, you really have to wonder how some of that stuff ever got off the white board, how a room full of developers with experience spanning back a decade or more could look at certain ideas and go "yes, that is something we should include". It's even more puzzling that in the wake of DA2, and all the backlash it generated, that they then proceeded to develop ME3 and make some of the same mistakes again. Granted the two games were made by different development teams, but both teams were at the same studio, Edmonton, under the same middle management, and had a good deal of interplay with each other (and it's not like DA2 was some secret nobody knew about).
  13. Robocop is just like the Matrix. There is only one movie. Are they still using that god-awful looking black suit in this remake? I saw screenshots from some mobile tie-in game not long ago that featured something much more akin to the original steel getup that looked a lot better. Is there a trailer yet?
  14. It wasn't done without a hard look in the mirror. I just finished another playthrough of Dragon Age 2. I should probably consult a medical professional.
  15. Bioware fans have the gaming equivalent of battered wife syndrome. They always come back eventually.
  16. There's now a JE site over at the Nexus - http://www.nexusmods.com/jadeempire/ Don't just go uploading old mods without permission of the original authors though.
  17. Try running Steam with Admin privileges. If that doesn't work, try the XP compatibility mode trick, as per this post in the JE forum: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=31818090&postcount=4
  18. It's Unreal 3, no? Should be easy enough to extract assets from it with the existing tools available.
  19. Saw this over on Reddit. Gave me a laugh.
  20. If you are keen to see the DLC, and still have the stomach for additional playthroughs after your first one, I'd probably hold off until you can pick them up cheap in a sale. There is bound to be one over Xmas/New Year.
  21. I'm all for Bioware abandoning their standard "chosen one hero that saves the world" story template, but DA2's plot is not exactly what I would call an improvement. The basic premise may have had some promise, but they seriously went full retard with it.
  22. I guess that is the core of my problem with the IT theory. You'll get no argument from me that the original ending (in either vanilla or EC flavours) was dire, but I don't see the IT theory as an improvement.
  23. Sure, it has its uses, especially as a piss-take. But when it is played straight, as in IT, it's pretty lame. Might as well end with "rocks fall, everybody dies".
  24. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but in my book you don't fix zany plot elements by adding in even more zany elements, especially when they amount to "it was all a dream".
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