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  1. Hrm, on the one hand, whatever EA's minions produce probably couldn't be any worse than the dross LA themselves have released over the last few years. On the other, urgh, exclusivity. I'd much rather cast the net as wide as possible. Ups the chance that someone might actually produce the first decent Star Wars game in years.
  2. There may be no Shepard in name, but I don't think much will change in terms of the mechanics of the player character (aside from some further streamlining probably). There will presumably still be a binary morality meter, (some) choice in dialogue, light RPG elements, and cover-based shooting. Both Hudson and Walters have moved to Montreal to head up the ME4 team, and I doubt they are going to radically change what they did on the last 3 games. I suspect you'll still be limited to a playing a human. You may not be a Spectre, you may not be military, but I would be surprised if you didn't join some powerful and exclusive organisation, travel to four cities/planets/locations, and turn out to be the next iteration of the chosen one that saves the galaxy. And there will almost certainly be Asari. In fact I would be willing to bet your obviously favourite Asari in particular will show up for a cameo at some point.
  3. The topic has kind of been done to death at this point, so I'll just say that if you thought that the Extended Cut solved anything then you never had an issue with the original endings, seeing as they remained exactly them same. If anything the EC makes it even more nonsensical. The added "Refusal" end was hilarious though. I like to think that was Walter's own petulant cry of "SO BE IT!". And of course even if it had actually fundamentally changed something, the EC only addressed the end. ME3 had problems right from the get-go, the ending was just the icing on the cake. As to DA2, this isn't really the place to discuss it, but the recycled levels was the least of its sins. The awesome-button combat was terribad, but again not the real issue. Its problems go a hell of a lot deeper than that.
  4. How could it be sarcasm? Walters and Gaider are literary giants. Tolstoy would weep in his beard at the magnificence of their work.
  5. Abandon all hope, ye who play a Bioware game.
  6. I would think it highly unlikely they will trend back towards ME1. If anything, I would expect it to be even more streamlined and action-focused than ME3. I would also be unsurprised to see a much larger role for multiplayer as well, especially if the Xbox3 does indeed turn out to be always online.
  7. To be fair, the Drs and various lead devs have said for years that Bioware don't make RPGs as such, they make "story-driven" games. If it has an RPG label on it you can probably attribute that to the PR department.
  8. There are still people only just discovering Bioware's other bastion of quality entertainment, Dragon Age 2, so I suspect ME3's artistic integrity will continue to delight unsuspecting future audiences for a few more years yet.
  9. If you think that's good, wait til you get to the end....
  10. If they didn't do that they might miss out on the opportunity to cash in on the success of the prior games before people realise this is made by a different developer. Where would publishers be if their games had to rely solely on their individual merits instead of hype and PR BS? Answer: Mostly bankrupt, probably.
  11. It would seem that Microsoft's response to your concerns is "#dealwithit".
  12. The PS4 isn't backwards compatible and the 720 isn't likely to be either. It costs too much to include dedicated hardware for it (which is why Sony stripped it out of the PS3).
  13. My point about the 720 was not that you should consider buying one, but that its arrival means there is not much more mileage in 360, so it's a reduced proposition in terms of future value. It will likely still see releases into next year given its massive install base, but it's extremely doubtful that any of them are going to be exclusives. Additionally, as I suggested above, the 360's price will fall as time goes on (within reason obviously). If you are worried about the one you saw being a one-off, it will be widespread soon enough.
  14. RDR is pretty sweet, but is it worth the cost of a 360? Even a discounted one? Dunno, that's a tough call. There are a couple of other 360/console exclusive titles I guess, but at this stage of the game, with the 720 (or whatever it ends up being called) due out at Xmas... I would say even if you are dead set on it, hold off for now. It will surely see a further price reduction to clear stock in the leadup and subsequent to the 720's launch.
  15. Possibly Source can't do a transparency/glow effect that replicates what they did in the Unreal engine. An odd choice though, going with that weird rainbow effect. I would have thought even a simple transparency with a basic white-ish texture would have done the job. But maybe it was just some reference/joke that escaped me.
  16. I'd hardly consider myself highbrow, but I can't say that I've ever understood the attraction in these Garry's mod videos with their ludicrous spastic animation, fart joke-level humour, and obnoxious sound (screaming, etc.).
  17. Sure as hell better than the abortion Walters and Hudson came up with originally.
  18. Yeah you really don't need to bother playing either Omega or Leviathan. Just watch them on Youtube. Citadel is actually pretty good though, as long as you don't mind blatant fan service and the occasional 4th wall breaking comment. I consider it the real end to ME3. Just imagine the game finishes there and forget all the stuff that happens on Earth.
  19. The mission/plot was a stupid premise (but yeah, Walters). It was obvious they felt they must include combat, so they cooked up that. I would have preferred they scrapped that entirely and just focused on the fan service bit to be honest. That being said however, I did like the concept of everyone coming along and actively taking part in the mission, rather than off-screen stuff like in, for example, ME2's suicide mission or ME1's Virmire base infiltration. It always annoys me these days that party-based games are so ridiculously small. You have this large group of maybe a dozen people but only let 2 of them tag along when you are inevitably going up against far superior numbers? Fair enough a combat unit may be most effective at around 5 people, but you would sure as hell be sending out the rest as well in additional squads. For the fan service stuff, there's not much to say. There were some quite funny moments, but I thought the party element probably dragged on too long and the individual hookups were too short.
  20. Shouldn't his phone retract into his wrist or something then?
  21. I wonder if you can get that ATM hacking app on the Play store...
  22. Based on their past ratio (and pretty much the way most of the industry works), this is more likely to be cancelled than see the light of day. I'd be waiting until an official announcement is made, until the money is in the bank as it were, before you get too carried away.
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