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  1. Waitaminnit, you scared away Brushguy? God, have I been away too long. Or not longenough in some people's eyes, I'm sure
  2. Oh, that one. Well, yeah, it has no voices, but that was because it was a simple concept gag as opposed to a full fledged adventure game.
  3. Wait wait wait... let me get this straight... you want us to make a Sam and Max fangame... but Sam and Max don't talk. Hmm... it could work. While we're at it, lets replace Sam and Max altogether with these two characters I just made up: Franklin and Brick. Franklin is a motorcycle accident victim and is in fact dead. He solves puzzles by lying on the floor until they get bored and solve themselves. Brick is a brick and is therefore immobile, but a useful weapon for hoodlums, and is always under the risk of being stolen, so you have to play escort missions where you keep thugs away from Brick by firing Franklin's alien laser beams. And finally, let's set the game underwater. With fish. Zombie fish. Gerbil, seriously. We can't have a Sam and Max game without dialogue. You can't even have a graphic adventure (SCUMM style, not Myst style) without dialogue!
  4. Still the same old Gerbil. Technically, this is the official announcement of the project. Most announcements come without any media at all, and definitely no demos, so don't get all "OMG THERS NO DEMOS THEY DUNT HAV ANYTHN LOL" on us, please.
  5. It's very cool. Three cheers for Woxel1 and the rest of Penguinbros.com for providing webhosting for the site. And we're still looking for talented artists to help with the production of the games.
  6. I'm planning on making these into a Flash file with turnable pages once there are more strips, so they will maintain their original functionality.
  7. Cool plate. Thanks for sharing it, although if you don't want to talk then why do you post :-/
  8. In midi? I dunno. I have four tracks that come with my copy... but they're in Audio CD format (converted to .mp3 by iTunes)
  9. Hmm... can't find a .cbr reader for Mac. Why can't people use .pdf like sane personages.
  10. Once again, Gerbil's insightful and well-composed remarks shed light on a hitherto unnoticed section of the subject of discussion.
  11. What is .cbr format and what do I need to view it??
  12. They say they'll release more info early next year. [Edited because it's hip to change your mind. If John Kerry does it, it's hip]
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