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  1. Seems like an issue with the domain or the web service.
  2. As i was saying something always seems to sidetrack even the best of us.
  3. No offense MJ but we all know that's not gonna happen just look at what happened to Beneath Monkey Island you lost a voice actor and didn't continue it until you found a new one, let's face it something always comes up.
  4. I have kept the faith, i wouldn't still be here lurking the forums if i wasn't! Though how many years from now do you want me to jot ya down for to finish Lost Cause III?
  5. Yeah me too, but i'd also like Lost Cause III to finish first! xD
  6. Well so far the site's looking good now, sad to say i guess i'm the only one trolling the forums. >.>
  7. So yeah i haven't been around awhile and this post is almost 2 months after the creation of the thread, but hey guys nice to see you still alive and well. I'd certainly like to help out or show support but i doubt i'd be of any help other than holding a sign up saying "Go Team!"
  8. Darn it MJ don't delete those forums they're where i sleep!
  9. I won't spoil it for you but it can be pretty off at times.
  10. Playing it right now actually, stumped on this one puzzle though. Playing the full game not the demo.
  11. B00


    I'm trying man i'm trying it's just hard.
  12. B00


    Awhile without updates...we're off track again...
  13. B00


    I can see that, perhaps you should scout out those of us who frequent the site and forums we might be able to help more often.
  14. B00


    Looks like it's finally back on track woohoo!
  15. Wish i could've helped out but eh i guess that's why most of us are on the sidelines cheering on.
  16. Thank you MJ for taking my advice and pressing on!
  17. That would require money and time though...
  18. Seriously this is me talking your buddy B00 talking you need to either kick that guys ass or find a new man for the job. We really would like to hear more BMI and if one man isn't making good on his promises he needs to be either kicked into submission or axed.
  19. Do your best dude we know it'll be great. But i have to ask what happened to Beneath Monkey Island? XD
  20. B00


    Yes i do mind damn it! And as far as that all is concerned there's a reason i download Anime and Doctor Who and Torchwood and whatever else that interests me off the Internet. Cause in all honesty United States Television SUCKS WANG these days. I just hope China doesn't block me for saying that....they probably will saying "Me No Rikey!" Seriously though if you don't have Cable or Satellite here in the USA it really sucks most of the time the only thing good on tv is like the food channel, history channel, or Sci-Fi Channel. Even then it's alot of crap. *shrugs* I may just be a picky bastard but tv these days has gone down the crapper.
  21. Ok first off, FIRST POST OF 2008! Second off more discussion!
  22. I'm starting to feel sorry for Number 2 i know he usually follows the evil bad guy in lost cause and in beneath monkey island. But i mean c'mon hasn't he had enough abuse. Force Choked alot, shot out of a Star Destroyer, and now thrown into a pit of Lava...i seriously feel sorry for him.
  23. Ok so i got bored the other night and possibly a little drunk and listened to all of the Lost Cause parts that i downloaded *coughs* yes i even have part 1 of Lost Cause 3 so anyways i got really bored and i might've been intoxicated too but just thought i'd share with everyone on the reason why the Daleks are wearing construction hats and singing on the Second Dudstar.
  24. yeah, it doesn't look like they'll bring torchwood back either. Although i'm waiting for the new Robin Hood episodes to come out soon they're supposed to air new episodes in October. That's something to be occupied with until the Doctor comes back on the air. But seriously Utopia why did it have to be "him!!!!"
  25. Ok how many of you have been keeping up so far and who saw the latest episode? I'd say it's gotten interesting than just Dalek's all the time.
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