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  1. Please post links to reviews when they are released here. We're four days short of game day, so they should be coming out soon. -Boran
  2. Hello. I have put up a European History forum. This forum consists of boards for all time periods in European history. Everything from politics, religion, economics and social change in history is debated. Please take a look and help me get the bad boy off the ground. The link is... COM CHK OUT MY SIT GUYZ ITS RLY L337! -Boran
  3. I need some volunteers for voice acting via Teamspeak for the next one. Preferably some non-Americans with accents The next one will actually have a story to it. -Boran
  4. See how the Rebel Alliance was really born... ...it may surprise you. http://europe-history.com/aotr.wmv -Boran
  5. Are there any download accelerators out there? I have cable and this download from download.com is going at 18.3 kb/sec
  6. I downloaded it from Gamespot... was only 3.61 MB and the downloaded file didn't work. What's going on? -Boran
  7. hmmmmm.... "One key compenent to Battlefront is rolling. Rolling will save your life...oh, a monkey!" -Boran
  8. THe Battlefront World Clan CHampionship died because there weren't enough clans to fill a 32 clan tournament. The Battlefront skills competition, targeted at every Battlefront player is now being organized. Sign up in the appropriate thread. -Boran
  9. I used footage from all trailers and TV Spots to create this. http://eforceclans.com/Episode%203.wmv Enjoy! -Boran
  10. Solution is simple. These are usually best of three, therefore each person hosts for 1 of the first two rounds and, if there is a tie, then the person who had either the fastest time or killed the other quickest will host the tiebreaker round. Without bots and with only 2-3 people in the server, however, lag shouldn't be a huge problem. -Boran
  11. Cool Phire, I actually have a job for you. Make a Word file which has every participant (When they sign up) and include their email addresses. That way, when the tournament gets started, it's easy for participants to contact each other. -Boran
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