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  1. It's running on XP Service Pack 2. This is starting to get really annoying. I've tried everything: checked directx, updated the video card's driver, run a full file scan, put the game in the exceptions list of both the firewall and av program. What else is there for me to do? I can't think of anything else. Anyone ever experience this before???? This is getting so old....an what's even worse is that my cousin bought the downloadable version thinking it would solve the problem, but apparently not because it's still crashing after clicking play. And it's non-refundable.....
  2. Hey all, long time no talk. I got a question that maybe someone could answer. My cousin just got galaxies and updated it and everything, but he can't play the game itself. The Launchpad comes up and then he clicks play, then the Launchpad disappears and an hour glass pops up, but nothing happens. The game doesn't load after that point and hes left staring at the desktop. Does anyone know what this problem is, and how to solve it? If so, that would be great. He and I really want to play online, but obviously can't if the game won't even start for him. Thanks again
  3. Theres a ton on my server, ranging from 180,000-2,000,000 per deed. All depending on the amount of hitpoints. I'm not on Chalistra, but Ahazi, but at least it's something right. Just go to the bazaar and click entire galaxy under vendors. Click category>ships>chassis>Yt1300. It should give you a list of all the vendors, just make a waypoint. Hope this helped. God Bless
  4. Is that true, cause I heard those were rumors? When is that going to be implemented?
  5. Their is a new expansion, how do you know? And what publish are we on now?
  6. I'd get it, I like it a lot, just don't love it with the new stuff they added, kind of weird. But ya, it's fun to me, others may hate it , but I still enjoy it.
  7. I shoulda known, since when do the devs keep their promises....never, lol.
  8. When is the Smuggler revamp going to occur? Do smugglers still not smuggle?
  9. I just came back and was in the free Yacht thing they gave me, I stepped away from the pilots chair and now I can't get back in, how do I do this? I also can't pick up items I dropped, how is this done and how do you rearrange decorations and stuff? Thanks God Bless
  10. Hey all, I've been away from Galaxies for about half a year now, and when I login , it allows me to play even though I haven't used a game card or given them a credit card number. My game card expired 5 months ago, so I'm clueless as to how I'm able to play, what's up ? If I continue to play, will they warn me or something or do we not have to pay anymore? Thanks God Bless
  11. Why dont we just do that ? I want to come back, but wish that there were less jedi .
  12. Is their a way for us non jedi to dampen the jedi pop. to make the game out to be a little more star warsy?
  13. Hey all, I have been thinking about coming back to Galaxies and was wondering how many jedi there were ? That was the main reason I left, I hated how there were so many Jedi in a time when they weren't even supposed to exist. What should I do? Thanks and God Bless reelguy
  14. Did anyone feel that the hero units were too powerful ?
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