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  1. I have been recentley playing MI from the beggining and I finally got to start on CMI the other day. CMI refuses to play properly. It plays fine but at random times during a conversation, the sound starts looping. I can still hit alt x and then y to exit. What bothers me is that I know CMI runs fine on this computer. I had recently reinstalled windows and I know all my drivers and such our back to the way I had them before. Yet CMI has devolped this problem and I have no idea how to fix it. I installed the game and then moved all the files to the harddrive so I could play it without
  2. mi 1 has only a few sfx but mi 2 only has midi sfx and i real sfx and I want them to intergrate it with speech and music and not in midi. Too bad lec will never do it infact never do probaly another adventure game as long as I live.
  3. I would like them to put some sound effects in the first 2 mi games to. I have always been a real big fan of mi3. I would really like to see mi 1 and 2 with full speech. Hey if you know of tierra interactive maby it would be an idea to drop them a word to do a remake of mi 1 and 2. note:Tierra interactive well I think thats the name they have done remakes of a few sierra games with full speech and they are just a small team of people who are fans and like the sierra games so they would probaly do remakes for lucas games.
  4. This is just a wish. I wish Lucasarts would remake mi 1 and 2 to the same graphics in mi3 In fact I would like to see all the old adventure games remade like with talkie versions of mi 1 - 2. How many feel the same and how many of you liked the graphics from monkey island 3 better than monkey island 4. I got the dig the other day and beat it with only a few hints yeah.
  5. Well when I said cancel MI5 I was speaking in the terms of cancel the project before it even got started. What will lucasarts do after episode 3 in the star wars saga ,make a series. If they keep making star wars games soon we will see games like ,Star Wars Yoda Fashion Designer or Star Wars the game based on star wars where you get to play a game based on star wars where in that game you play star wars game based on star wars game based on Star wars or Star Wars hail lucasarts star wars games or star wars the fall of sam and max and the rise of star wars. and finally star wars: ga
  6. You know what I am more worried about is if they cancel the next monkey island. If they do cancel mokey island 5 I will vaporizez them from orbit in one of there to many games based on star wars x-wing.
  7. I have just registered but thats not important. I have read through this post and I just want to Add my oppinon. Ok I want you to compare Disney and Lucasarts. When you compare them what do you find that is similar. Ok for starters both companys were known for taking risks. Disney were famouse for making great animated films. Then they took one BIG Risk they made 20.000 leagues under the sea. If that movie did not payoff back then and wasn't any good and people hated it then we would not have disney to day. Now in this day and age Disney puts out crappy movies. Now no offense I
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