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  1. *looks at upper right hand corner of my profile*... 56 I am not

  2. I am not a kid, the rest... I cannot deny :xp: j/k

  3. Tell her that I said, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!" :xp:


    Didn't wanna derail the Feedback Forum too much XD

  4. XD As long as it is a semi-sarcastic thing and not like an actual AA type deal, I'll join for the lulz

  5. How dare you come on LF yesterday and not say hi to me... >:[

  6. Occasionally, not very often, I've found I'm not the most cheerful drunk, so I try to avoid putting people in a situation where they'd have to deal with me XD

  7. If you want safe fun, stick a bar of soap in the microwave...

  8. Moar FIERCE faces!!! Don't beeeee ridiculous, your version of the song was clearly better than the original o_Q Hrmmm yes, most definitely better. Oh yea, my avatar, Kookee made me do it, took me like 2 or 3 hours :wornout:
  9. Awww c'mon Beeeee don't be mad, I loved it :D

  10. You know what you should do CAD?.... You should join Lynk's forums so that Lynk will stop nagging me to shamelessly advertise his forums... :(

  11. Yea it's definitely up there for me, Chrono Trigger will most likely always be my favorite, but I'm a rather large JRPG so I've got a lot of other favorites, but Golden Sun is definitely in my top 10. I need to play it again, cause I was a lot younger when I played it, so I probably missed some stuff XD

  12. Sabretooth says: You're like the only person I've seen on LF who has played what Golden Sun. ^_^


    That should be a crime punishable by Rainbow Brite :carms:

  13. Mav

    there... happy? :xp:

  14. Mav

    wait, you mean, make my own animated .gif, similar to that one of the.. I sleep, I eat, I climb tiger/cat, just with this cat? man that's a lot of work XD

  15. Mav

    this cat have a name?... must find animated version of cat... X_x

  16. Mav

    dear god,

    how long did that list take you? it reads like santa's list of naughties.


    love, jebus XD

  17. Mav

    I don't even know what that is... gimme a picture and I'll do it :)

  18. But I don't want to make you cry... :heart3:

  19. :rofl: epic fail Lynk and I would play the RE5 demo but my ****in' PSN wont log in, been that way for a while now I doubt it's something wrong with my PS3 as my PSP wont login to the PSN either so either my ISP is messing with their DNS servers/other stuff or the router secretly updated itself to piss me off. I'm currently looking into the matter :xp: btw we need a better way to communicate, get xfire :p
  20. I'm bored entertain me... :stick:

  21. Yea, I'm in my last semester of college right now, so I'm sort of in a crunch for time right now, but I actually just started playing SMT: Nocturne this weekend, it will probably take me a while to finish since I hardly have time to play engrossing RPG type games though. Other than that I've been playing the Phoenix Wright games on my DS, that's about it.

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