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  1. Mine did as well until it exploded. My screen went black while I was playing one evening shortly after release and I had to do a manual hard reboot of the machine - it totally stopped responding. When I tried to reboot, the thing started sparking. Now I have a RADEON PRO 9800, 256MB. Works beautifully on games that are actually worth playing online.
  2. I hardly think the devs are still working on this game.
  3. I'm sure he's talking about one of the console versions since he refers to the 'right thumbstick.' If you're on PC and playing this game with a gamepad then you're just a moron.
  4. - Simply walk over the canisters to pick them up and the bonus will be automatically transferred to your health/ammo cache. Any ammo canister will add to your ammo cache regardless of who dropped it. - Firing in crouched/prone position is not only possible, but it makes your shots a little more accurate. - There is also a secondary weapon toggle key - default is either the F or G key (been a while since I've played...) - To utilize the jet troopers jet ability (this also applies to the dark trooper on the Empire side), you jump once to get in the air and then quickly tap the jump key again to get the jet pack ignited.
  5. At least you consolers got a game tailored for your platform. PCers paid $50 for a CONSOLE PORT. By all means they should be patching the crap outta the PC version at this point.
  6. Please refrain from posting silly form letters on other clan's forums, please. It's not appreciated. There are plenty of other less annoying ways to make contacts in the competetive scene. Thanks.
  7. Research what exactly? As for LA having nothing to do with the production of this game - try reading this thread, it's already been hashed out and I've already refuted that point. LA obviously set the timetable for this game to coincide with the DVDs. Obviously Pandemic didn't have the resources to put out a polished product in that time frame. Obviously LA was just out to make a fast buck or otherwise they would have held at least the PC version back a few months until it was really ready to go 'Gold.' All rather obvious to me...
  8. Hate to say "I told you so" - but I called this one a mile away. As for my initial post for this topic: Battlefront combines most aspects of the SW universe into one package, but does some of them kinda well and others just atrociously. The infantry dynamic is close to what it should be but the guns might as well be Super Soakers for the damage they deal out, and the soldiers can jump and dodge all day like they're freakin Superman. The vehicles are cool and makes it all 'movie-like' but they're pretty overpowered as far as taking out infantry goes. The starfighter dynamic just plain sucks on PC. Good ideas, nice try, but giving PC people a console port and charging them $50 bucks for it is gonna piss some people off. As for my second post here: LA was concerned with one thing - cashing in on the Battlefield market, and that they did, just as I said they would, because this game would have reached and has reached 'top 10' lists regardless of it's quality just because it's Star Wars. (Nod head here.) Now we're left with a game that was released before it was finished and seriously lacks in the area that it was by all means obligated to shine in: multiplayer. I, personally, am going to pick up the Trillogy on DVD (because that was Lucas at his prime), and then am never going to give another penny to the Lucas empire again. I will not see Ep III. I will not buy another SW-related game. I WILL NOT BE HAD AGAIN. You want my cash Mr. Lucas? THEN DONT PUT HALF FINISHED GAMES ON THE F**KING SHELF BECAUSE IT WOULD BE NEAT TO PUSH IT WITH THE DVDS! You lose loyal fans that way - at least you've lost this one.
  9. Ummm...starfighters without basic roll functionality just feel like toys. This needs some MAJOR revision.
  10. If only people cared this much about stuff that actually mattered.
  11. As will you see lots of empty CS servers, and empty BF servers....
  12. Ok look, if one of you fanboys wants to put a team together to make a 'jedi mod' to this game, go right ahead. Don't expect the entire community to embrace it with open arms. If you REALLY feel the need to put jedi in this game - then go to town on it when the mod tools come out. Jedi were not included in this game because it's already been done numerous times and has been done rather well. It's my opinion that jedi don't really have a place in this game - I think even the NPC jedi that are in some game modes and servers wreck the flow of the game. Many people are here playing this game because it's something different from the SW franchise that isn't jedi-centric. So back to my initial point, if you can't live without jedi in this game, then do it yourself, and please, do it quick, so that y'all can have your jedi orgy and leave the rest of us in peace.
  13. *scratches head*...Thanksgiving isn't for a while, are you in the US?
  14. My point is that I excuse Pandemic. They're making their best effort to get this game in the polished state that it should be in. I will concede the point and I have made the point in the past that this game was released unfinished. I don't think it's entirely Pandemic's fault. I really think that the fact that we have a buggy, unfinished game on our hands is the fact that Lucas's marketing department wanted this game to be on the shelves at the same time that the trilogy hit. This obviously didn't give them enough time to even do a small private internet beta. I think we have a right to be a bit angry because we shelled out good money for a beta...they're going to patch it, so that pretty much absolves Pandemic in my mind. If you really need someone to blame, blame Darth Lucas.
  15. Ok folks, we've gotten two, albeit small, but two patches nonetheless, and we're not even a month past the release. The dev team is not intending to leave this game stranded, and is letting us know this by releasing these minor patches. The major patch will come sooner or later...but many of you are taking the stance that these patches to fix the little stuff should just be thrown back in Pandemic's face - FOR SHAME. If they DIDN'T, you guys would griping that they haven't fixed ANYTHING. I consider these patches to be somewhat of a down payment here, just a reassurance that the issues are being addressed...that's all we can ask for at this point. There's no way they can get all the major issues patched out in so little time, and those ARE being worked on. Why can't they release patches for the lesser issues in the meantime?
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