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  1. The game is called this or that. Here are the directions. I give two options, such as peanut butter or jelly. the next poster says which one he/she prefers, then makes gives two more options. the options should be connected in OME way, even if it is a minor one. heres an example. Poster1- Peanut Butter or Jelly? Poster 2- Jelly, Apples or Bananas? get it? Now the game starts. (to be fair, I'll wait for someone else to make the first selection)
  2. he gave u a figure just for reserving it? good job.
  3. my copy broke a few years ago, but the other week or so, I found another copy at EB Games and bought it for like, 7 bucks. I hate Escape from Fest, with those at pts and you have to protect them. Some times, I play first person mode on my pc, but its not as good, IMO, as third person. I wish there was more Y-wing levels. and why whenever there is an At At, you are a snow speeder, most of the levels where you are a snowspeeder, you could do the job more effiecntly as an Xwing or whatever. I didnt like how they make it the only way to blow the at ats was how they did in the movies. I want them to come out with rs2 and rs3 for pc.
  4. do they get it the exact day it comes out?
  5. waitasec, theres two player in the demo? if so, thats awesome.
  6. Here's some do nots I have learned in my experience. 1. Do not ask if you can bring weapons to work. 2. Do not answer 'Dead Serious' to anything, especially after asking number one. 3. Do not bang thier window while playing football in the parking lot. (Thats a big one) 4. Do not sing 'Space Oddity' wherever you go 5. Do not Let them overhear you say what you are going to spend the moeny you get from the job on. 6. Do not play tag inside the store. 7. Do not play football inside the store. 8. Do not take a walking stick to the store unless you absolutely need it. 9. Do not use said walking stick as a ninja fighting staff.
  7. I am homeschooled so HAA! I'll just do my workload for that day the day b4, then spend the whole day playing battlefront.
  8. then its worth nothing. Come to FL and I can show you an old lady with her hair died blue, but its worth nothing unless I got a pic or link.
  9. well, zdawg, I just got warned for flaming. Get this, not for sometyhing I said. Because skinwalker edited that post of mine, darth groovy saw it and said I was flaming, even though he has no clue to what I said. If skin didnt warn me, and he knew what I said, why should darth groovy? I am positive I didnt flame anyone, either. and he siad, ''I suggest you stay out of the senate if you are going to flame' 1. He moves my stuff to the senate. The pipe debate was made in the tauntaun, and so were most of my threads. I think this thread was broken off another, because I cant remember making this one. 2. Others flame way more than me, and get off with nothing.
  10. arent u Jewish? thats a religion, too.
  11. Tolkien outlived alot of people, Einstein outlived alot of people. Just replace peppermints with pipe tobacco. and diabetes with cancer. Its the same thing. if you overdo it, its bad for you. if you smoke a regular amount its fine. and insanesith, do you have any proof to back up that most people dont? zbomber- my definition of theory is an educated guess, a hypothesis.
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