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  1. blablabla*I already said I really enjoyed the game, and that's why I didn't bash it more. I payed for it, I have the damn right to critise or praise as I see fit, you don't like it? Tough luck jerk, its a public opinion forum. * edited by Darth333: when you see an inappropriate post, please use the report post button at the bottom of the post.
  2. XD Sorry I just HAD to respond to that. I'm rushed as I write, but simply put, Revan was right, I support him all the way.
  3. EXACTLY Achilles! I used to think KOTOR was dark, but jesus, compared to TSL, it was a load of cute rabbits with glowsticks lol. TSL REALLY felt Dark, Twisted, and savage throughout, and with the story being the way it was, and the characters it used, certainly should've been. Of course that didn't stop the clever use of humour at times, HK47 is yet again my personal god. Though nothing could surpass his classic meatbag speech from KOTOR 1. Great job for really capturing the Dark and evil side of SW devs, I havn't seen such a good job since Return of the Jedi, the first time my mast........er I mean the Emperor talked his Dark side rants.
  4. Well after 37 Hours(Much longer than I would've expected after reading many of the posts here.) I finished TSL, and I am left feeling empty, incomplete, like the rest of this game. KOTOR 1 was a masterpiece, and BOTH endings were outstanding, and left room for a sequel, but also left MORE THAN ENOUGH closure. TSL ending is basically a slap in the face with a sign saying "HAHA! Wait for KOTOR 3 and pay more!" But I won't have too much of a go at the game, as I did(Make NO mistake) enjoy it a lot, but it just felt very empty at times. The story has a lot of plotholes, and causes yet more little annoying niggling clashes with the EU(Probally only annoys me as I love the Old Republis EU era a lot.) And I know this is nothing new, but some of the things they made clash with the EU really irritates me. 1/Darth shouldn't be used for another 3000 years when Bane extablishes the "Rule of 2".(I said the exact same thing about KOTOR 1 BTW.) 2/Naga Sadow was NEVER laid to rest on Korriban, he fled from Korriban after his borked attempt to take over the Galaxy, and was chased away by whoever the new Sith Lord was. He fled to Yavin 4 and died there, until his spirit was awoken by Freedon Nadd, who eventually destroyed Sadow's spirit, once he had grown strong enough in the Dark side of the Force. 3/Small thing that most probally don't know, Ludo Kressh was killed when his flagship was destroyed, I don't think there would've been anything left to entomb, let alone a skeleton. 4/And this is the one that really bugs me, people saying "Revan" went to fight the REAL Sith. That's bull****, and I wish people would get to grips with that. Revan NEVER stole anything, there were no other "Sith" in the Galaxy, there were some in hiding, but they didn't reveal themselves, many were left from the war of Exar Kun, others perhaps desendants of the Sith Empire of Marka Ragnos, that has never been explained in detail what happened to them after Nadd's time(He rose up away from the Empire, as there was a Dark Lord currently ruling over them, this is why he only held power over Onderon, he knew if he tried to branch out, the Sith would destroy him.) Now to be fair, the EU clashes are mostly down to the people who wrote said events on EU, and either not explaining them in more detail, or clashing them with other EU material. Some things have NEVER been explained in ANY EU, like the fate of the Sith Empire(See above) So perhaps it is possible Revan sensed they still lived, and went to find them. Who knows, only the story writers for KOTOR 2. > *Rant off*
  5. Yeah I noticed that in the Movie section, nice touch if I do say so.
  6. I'm near enough the end of TSL, and my thoughts and feelings are very different, which I plan to post about when I finish(Later tonight I thinks.) However I just HAVE to comment, and say bravo, to Obi. for that fantastic cutscene you get by speaking to Kreia about her past. I'm raving so much because its a great cutscene, really dark and twisted(Like the rest of the game, a BIG plus for me.) I mean KOTOR was timid by KOTOR 2's standards, and this scene really helped reflect that.
  7. Kinda. You have to wait a little while, then talk to Ordo, he really opens up to you, and you see him as the tortured soul he is, the quest "ends" somewhat there.
  8. I was just sitting here thinking about TSL(Just over 1 week to go.) and it got be thinking about the characters, how I've already kinda ruined a lot of the game by being on these forums. But in short, I got to thinking about KOTOR 1, and the excellent characters sidequests, however I quest I've never finished and am really bugged about not doing so has to be Juhani, I always get her upto a good level of "friendship"(It doesn't matter I know hehe, but just saying.) And then meet the slaver from her childhood, but after that I CANNOT figure out what to do next, I've tried talking to her and she just repeats the phrase over and over. I've been to just about every location in the game I think, and nothing. Can I run into this guy somewhere and set up a finale for her quest? Kill him or show mercy I'd imagine. A definitive answer would really be appreciated.
  9. *Chuckle* Ok anyways, I THINK I've finally settled on it. Sentinel and then onto Maurauder/Wep Master. This way I get the immunity powers, the VERY useful skills, and more force points than I would as a Guardian. The downsides are the lack of Vitality, however I will try make that back with a very high starting number of Constitution points, and then the feat that gives more constitution(I forgot the name of it.) And also one less feat, however being that the game can let you level up MUCH higher than KOTOR 1, that's no problem at all. By the time I hit Level 15(Prestige time) I will hopefully have enough skill points to get me through the game, I think I'm gonna get repair, security(Don't wanna break loot.) Treat Injury(As a pure darksider Master Healer won't be of great help.) and a bit of persuade.(Though I'm a Sith so I won't be doing much negotiating.) Quick question, is it perhaps worth using Drain Life/Death Field instead of Master Healer? As I AM going Sith first time around, so I will have huge Darkside points to aid the power, heal would cripple my force pool as its a lightside power. The downside is I guess I'm gonna have to sacrifice constitution and Dex points to get Will and Chrisma upto a decent standard so my force powers are at least half decent.(Though in KOTOR 1 they were never higher than 12 as a guardian and I STILL was able to use Force Storm/Death Field to walk the later battles.)
  10. Was there really any need for THAT much sarcasum?
  11. Can I make something clear? True Sith, as in the species, are long dead, they were dead long before the War of Exar Kun, so there is no chance they are still around now.(Though I guess a few could've survived in hiding.) And to everyone who says Revan wasn't a real Sith, infact he was, kinda, let me explain using the EU(If there's someone who's a HARDCORE expert, and by that I mean knows EVERYTHING, then please correct me, but if you don't, then don't pick holes in it.) Exar Kun, a fallen Jedi, becomes nearly the most dominant Sith practicioner in the Galaxy, and seeks out Ulic Qel-Droma, the only other Sith strong enough to stand against him, to claim his rightful place as Sith Lord. It is NOW Marka Ragnos, the great Sith Lord of the Golden Age of the Sith(5000 Years BEFORE Battle of Yavin, and therefore 1000 years before KOTOR.) appears in spirit form and warns the 2 of them they must work together, and proclaims Kun the Dark Lord of the Sith, and Ulic his apprentice. Basically what I mean by this is, Revan wasn't pretending to be anything, there were no other Sith around WHO DARE TRY TO CLAIM the title of Dark Lord, so Revan took it for himself, and took Malak as his apprentice.(To clear another thing up, the "Darth" title should NOT be used in this timeline at all, it was only 3000 years after KOTORs timeline, 1000 years before the Battle of Yavin, did Bane form the NEW Sith, who would come to use the "Rule of 2" and the "Darth" titles. The one thing I can't be sure of in the EU is, after the lengendary battle during the Golden Age of The Sith, where Sadow and Kressh battled for the title of Dark Lord, nothing is made clear of what happened to the Sith empire, its a fact that the Golden Age DID end, but this doesn't suddenly get rid of the thousands of Sith(NOT the species remember, but the followers of the ideals that make one a Sith.) who made the Empire. The Jedi order, who were know aware of the Sith's existence, may well have hunted them all down, or nearly all of them, and they may never have fully recovered, hence why no-one challenged Revan when he took the title of Dark Lord. Many plotholes have Bioware and Obi created, here's hoping when KOTOR 3 eventually roles around they will really make things clearer, or at least limit the numberof new plotholes they form. :/
  12. Then I have a fairly important question, if I go Guardian(Which I probally will.) on the few occasions I can invest in skills, 1 per level, what should I go for? Drazin is near certain about repair not being important as you can get Bao-Dur/T3 to do it. That leaves Persuade(I'm getting Force Persuade as always anyway.) Treat Injury(Helped a LOT in KOTOR without force heal.) or Security(Could get Atton to excell in that I guess.) Anything else? Its good stuff guys, confussing, but good. Keep it coming! Okoru
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