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  1. I think the only EA (dev and published) game I've ever played is The Godfather. The boring, monotonous, ripped-off-from-some-other-franchise gameplay fit nicely with every stereotype I'd ever heard used when discussing EA. ME2 and ME3 were given a pass because ME2 was already mostly done when Bioware was acquired and I couldn't not play ME3. Otherwise, I have enough evidence to support the claim that EA sucks and, as such, avoid their games.

  2. It's difficult to put "melee" in one bucket. One-handed with a shield is pretty monotonous - running charge for a critical and shield bashing to stagger or disarm. Dual wield does a lot of damage and you get some very pretty kill cams, but it's mostly just spamming power attack and hoping that whatever you're fighting will drop quickly. Two-handed seems to be the only one where some skill in involved (see stoffe's last paragraph).


    Personally, I try to mix it up. Two-handed weapons for beasts (including dragons) and draugrs, dual wield vs bandits and mages, sword-and-board for thieves, assassins, falmer, and boss-types. Keep in mind that there are some fun blocking perks to consider in all this as well. Also, Become Ethereal is something of a game-changer once you get it.


    One last thing: the weapon-type specific perks are largely a waste. I take the five base ranks and the charging criticals for both, the decapitation perk for one-handed, and sweep for two-handed (handy against mobs during civil war quests and crowded barrows).

  3. leXX has inadvertently benefited from my new Bethesda rule: I'll buy it after it's been out for 6 months and a fair amount of the game-breaking bugs have been patched. :)


    FWIW, they're up to 1.5 and you'll still need the console to get through some quests, especially at high levels (when Radiant Quest is more likely to send you someplace that has already been cleared). I'm hoping that the reason we've stopped hearing about patches is because they're busy working on the DLC and not because they're finished fixing stuff.

  4. I purchased the CE game guide for FO:NV. I wouldn't say it was completely useless, however those books are written while the game is still in development so frequently some percentage of the info is bad coming out of the gate. This was no exception. Add multiple changes over several patches and...you get the idea.


    The flow charts showing different ways to resolve some of the quests were nice.

  5. In Mask of the Betrayer this is less of an issue as all but one companion can fight well enough without spells.
    In all fairness, MotB is not completely hopeless for spellcasters. It does become necessary to brush up on your scroll/potion/wand crafting though.


    The spellcaster (I believe) being referenced here is amazing so long as she crafts like crazy and has a proper load out of her spellbook (i.e. spells from her school of specialization).


    It also important to learn how to meta-game fast travel/resting (which is why spellcasters struggle in MotB in the first place).

  6. I agree with DI, though I generally didn't have a problem with replay value.


    MotB is great, though not kind if you like playing spellcasters or characters that depend on critical hits or sneak attacks. I tend to play either fighter or monk and don't have any problems. I'll probably get my Obsidian fanboy status revoked when I admit that I never picked up or played SoZ.

  7. EDIT: While on the topic of DLC though, I have seen a 'prediction' (I say prediction, it was more of a rant because people don't seem to want it) that among the DLC we will get, there will be a Take Back Omega DLC. Would anyone be game for such a thing? I know I would!
    Well that would help to provide context for the comic that came with my CE.
  8. I'll buy it so long as it includes an Extended Cut explanation for how "organic life is a genetic mutation" and a CE shot glass for when I feel like playing the Unofficial Mass Effect Drinking Game (drink once if a planet is either tidally locked or a captured object. Drink twice if it's both).

  9. Clear example of the 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' scenario.
    Meh. In all fairness, it probably isn't that bad.


    This sounds optional, so the people that like the game the way it is won't suffer anything other than a delay on DLC that they will probably buy anyway. On the other hand, some percentage of the people who felt the end needed more will get what they want. Granted some percentage won't, but I suspect that Bioware knows this already.


    So they won't lose anything with the people that liked the game and might move a few more people into that category. Whether or not that number is sufficient to justify the odd precedent that they are setting will have to be determined later.


    EDIT: Looks like there's a FAQ up already.

  10. There was ONE thing the ending set up did that I liked;


    When Harbinger hits them all with the beam, and Shep wakes up, looking as bloody and worse for wear as he ever has done. This made me feel a sudden wave of shock and fear, because I realised at this point, that Shep IS human, and that he is mortal.

    It's not just that part though. Shepard is wracked by fear, doubt, and regret throughout the whole game. They went to a lot of effort to paint him with a very human brush this time around. The scene you mentioned is just final part: at the end Shepard is reduced to little more than his will.
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